Sunday, 31 May 2009

A Guide to SPYMASTER, well so far anyway.

Spymaster is a twitter based social game, as it has been the number three trending topic on twitter for the last 2 days I’m going to assume everyone is aware of it at least.

In order to begin playing Spymaster you need two things, an active Twitter account in good standing and a Spymaster account, both are free and take literally seconds to set up.

The first thing you will see once you have logged unto spymaster for the first time is a choice of ‘side’ the options are the Russian special services, American CIA and the British MI6, I chose MI6 so this guide if from that point of view but all information other than the currency type should be the same at this time (updates promised according to the Spymaster FAQ)

Screen layout:
The game screen is made up of a top bar and main screen, it’s a simple interface but due to a bug you may need to refresh the page if the numbers don’t match up properly ( that sentence will make sense when you try to perform a task and are told you don’t have enough energy, when your full)

Top Bar:
The top bar has your current countdown timer, when it reaches zero you gain 25 energy (may change at higher levels) this counter resets to 5 minuets every time it reaches zero. You also have your current liquid assets (how much money you have, that’s not banked) current level, health and energy.

The top bar is also home to the navigations bar that is made up of ….

Clicking the dashboard button shows you your current status, that’s the closest thing to a character sheet you have, including your current total assets, spy network size and many other useful little facts about you along with a timeline showing your spy network activity (new members, attacks on you).

Tasks vary depending on your level and some require that you have purchased specific guns or knives, later on they rely on a minimum number of spymasters in your network.

To perform a task you simply click on the task and assuming you have enough energy it will pass or fail instantly, I know this looks dull but each successful task gives you a cash reward as well as some XP, and as any gamer knows XP is god.

There is a proficiency (risk factor) score for each task that you can see when you ‘do’ one, the higher the % score the more likely it is that you will success on a task, and every time you do succeed the % goes up for the next time. Easy game mechanic but it really encourages you to repeat your most profitable task.

Remember the more recently unlocked tasks are the ones that have the most XP reward, so do not focus too much on lower level ones its pretty pointless if your trying to level fast.

You have at any time the option to assassinate anyone else who is playing this game. All you need to know is the twitter name of the player and you can attempt assassination for anything from 30 energy upwards, depending on your opponent’s level. Once you choose to assassinate some one you have a short (10 second) wait then the results are shown.

Your success depends on a great many things, this is called the ‘sum’ the game lore is written to mean that every time you attack some one you are performing an attack with your entire spy network however the ‘sum’ of this is really more mathematical in nature,

I am not sure on the exact detail of this and the help text is pretty vague but basically you receive a bonus for your current level, twitter followers (spies) and twitter followers who are playing the game (Spymasters) then it takes into consideration your equipment.

Now this is where it gets complicated but you should have a weapon and armour for every spymaster in your network, plus one for your self this give you maximum bonus for your network making your success change much greater. The reason you should have one of every time of weapon is because it can only allocate weapons that they are the correct level to use so a level one spymaster can not get the bonus of a level 6 weapon. So unless you know the level of every spymaster in your network then one of everything is most effective (see black market)

I hope my explanation made sense there but it really is the best way to do it.

Convert Spies:
This is simple; it allows you to invite twitter followers to play the game, that’s it. Nice and easy, its how the game self advertises and it makes your network stronger.

Black market:
This is where you buy your equipment, the equipment available increases with your level and its all marked up with the bonus you receive for owning it (keep in mind that you need one of everything for every spymaster in your network for optimal bonus) even though some equipment may not be great it maybe needed for completion of specific tasks.

Save Houses:
This is the really strange part of the game, the documentation for this is terrible but after some Google-fu and playing about with it appears to work like this every time your counter reaches zero you have about a 50% chance of receiving some revenue for every safe house owned. You also have a change of loosing the house depending on the risk factor is has marked on it, how much it helps in assassinations however I have no idea, will update when more documentation becomes available

Swiss bank:
If you have a crap load of cash and you stash it in the bank then it can not be stolen in an assassination. You can also send money to other players. Simple but useful.

Game Play Mechanic:
The game play mechanic is simple and at this time needs fleshing out but if your in a group of people on twitter and/or real life who play the game it seems like there is a lot of fun to be had. Its only in Beta and still has a lot of growing to do but this almost MMO styled game is really a one of a kind on twitter, lets hope that even if it gets boring that it will spur many more twitter based social games.

Saturday, 23 May 2009


i have just seen the best illusion i have ever seen on the internet, its so clever you wont believe it



Sunday, 17 May 2009

wake up EU

Every day I read forums and websites stocked with MMO news and discussions, and one of the things I end up reading every day is how the US based gamers get stuff that EU gamers don’t, or that they get it later than the US player. Well to this I am boldly stating that it’s your own fault guys.

I’m a European player, I live in the county of Warwickshire in the United Kingdom, its pants living here because of unemployment figures and the highest council tax in the country driving us all into madness, however none of this effects my online life, I get to play my favourite MMO’s (Guild Wars and Lord of the Rings Online) and have never felt really cheated on anything.

There are people on the CodeMasters forums (for LotRO at least) complaining that we get everything after the Americans and that EU gets forgotten by many websites when it comes to giveaways and events, we have all read it.

Well, I’m here to slap you in the face with a gauntlet made of truth. You miss out on all these things because your rubbish, yeah you, you sitting there reading this. An example of how rubbish you are is this, myself and Mr Bad Panda do a little podcast called the One True Cast and we do another with our good friend Mr Gh0styUK called 404 Radio and on both cast’s we have asked for people to give us feedback and reviews, other than a select active few we have had no response this maybe due to our audience, or at least I thought so until Bad Panda posted on the CodeMasters forums about an interview we had planned with one of the guys from the Hunt for Gollum fan movie, and you know what we had 2 people reply with questions. Come on, if I had posted the same thing on the US forums there would have been 10 pages of replies before I had refreshed the page.

These examples I have given are just a few of the many I have encountered over the last few months, EU you get ignored because you can’t be arsed to make yourselves known to the world.

The US players are so much more vocal than you that they get everything because developers get a dialogue going with them and know what has worked and what has not, in the EU we have a small minority of people complaining but never participating, so developers just don’t care what we think because its always negative.

Sorry, but its true.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Quake Live on Xfire soon

I have it on good authority that X Fire will be adding Quake like support very soon. see,, i know stuff.... thank god for twitter direct messaging :P

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

chillaxing with the tunes

Well, I have reached that interesting pace emotionally today where I’m drained, as usual I have no intention of discussing my personal life as such but I have to say, it’s been a hell of a day.

I’ve not really played a game in 3 days, other than about an hour on Plans Vs Zombie’s, and the rhythm game time I’m about to talk about, because of this I have had little to no gaming thoughts to share as a blog but I have been listening to music, allot of music...

Last night I played ‘Rockband 2’ with my wife and another close friend for about 2 hours, it’s always an experience as I get to be reminded how old school my musical tastes are, as you can see from my Last.FM account and when it comes to it I have no idea who half of the currently popular bands are, and even worse when singing in the game, I had no idea how the song was supposed to sound, so I almost failed, allot, and had to resort to ‘squeaking’ my way through the track, a technique that any veteran ‘Rockband’ singer will be familiar with.

I intended to get some serious game time logged today but due to the aforementioned real life issues I have ended up sitting in bed with my wife’s laptop listening to music and reading the suggestions on Last.FM.

Today I have enjoyed some ‘Blondie’/’Iggy Pop’ duets, some songs about trees going to war from ‘Rush’ and some strange electro pop music that Last.FM suggested for some bizarre reason (maybe my love of ‘Freeze Pop’ has cursed me.

Anyway, that’s pretty much all I got to say, I am not really sure why I have even made this post, maybe I’m just bored, maybe I’m a little depressed, either way typing is a great way to relax, the keyboard makes some wonderful sounds.

404 Radio #18, 'Bite me Panda'

This week we had the pleasure of Q's company, this was almost as much of a surprise to her as it was to us. The show notes are a little thin as everything we covered is pretty straight forwards, things like playboy magazines new venture some strange news about Richard Garriot, maybe hes not as much of a tosser as we thought we was, oh and then theres the little matter of Darkfall drama.

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Friday, 8 May 2009

An MMO guide for people who don’t play MMO’s

There are, believe it or not a great deal of gamers out there who do not play MMO’s, maybe they have never gotten around to it, maybe they have not found one that appeals to them. I know for certain that there are a lot of misconceptions about them, and this maybe holding people back.

As a public service this is guide to MMO’s for none MMO players fitted with extremely opinionated views, sorry about that but as an MMO player I cant help it so I’m embracing my obsession, that will make sense as we go on…

MMO, a Definition.

People talk about MMO’s as if everyone should understand the term, an MMO is a massively multiplayer online game, usually a role play game (MMORPG to be correct)

Okay, to be specific any game that has persistent characters if an MMO, that’s a character who’s progress and accomplishments are kept by the games publisher on a massive server, then that character has adventures and interactions with other players inside an online world (realm) usually these games have a monthly subscription attached to them as the cost of hosting all this information is huge.

People are mainly attracted to MMO’s for their social aspects as you can encounter and interact with many people while playing via random encounters with other players of via a ‘guild’ (team/club) system that is in place in almost every MMO.


Pretty much all MMO’s around now can trace their inspiration back to a gaming system called MUD’s (Multi User Dungeon), it’s a hard thing to explain properly but in short a MUD is a text based game played with others via a server, I have included the Wikipedia page if you want more information but we have come a long way since the MUD and games tend to be more interactive and fast paced now, but the basics where perfected way back when MUD’s where at their height.

Wikipedia Page (as promised):


Its rare for you to be able to install an MMO and then play straight away, almost always there are ‘updates’ that you will need to download, they are usually massive so done expect to install a new game and play inside of the same day, yes they updates are usually HUGE. But good news is that your game client will usually do all the work for you when you load it up, be warned that if you have limited net usage this maybe a problem.

The options you have:

Okay bellow I have included what I feel to be a good cross section of MMO’s and if you are new to the genre any one of these may peak your interests, but this is in no way a complete list of the titles you could fine, also as much as I try not to, this will be salted with my opinions as I am a veteran MMO gamer and have my own thoughts on these games, where possible ill try and keep to the facts though. (also they are in no real order other than the order I remember them)

Lord of The Rings Online.

Also known as: LotRO

Setting: Classic fantasy

Learning Curve: Small

Price: £8.99 a month + about £14 for the box (that should includes expansion ‘Mines of Moria’)

Needs: Mid Range PC

This game is set inside JRR Tolkien’s Middle Earth setting (Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and many more famous novels) this game has been ‘running’ for 2 years and is very popular. Server population is good so you wont have much problem finding groups. The community is very friendly. The franchise is well known and I don’t think I need go into much more depth here.

Home Page (EU):

World of Warcraft.

Also known as: WoW

Setting: High fantasy

Learning Curve: Small

Price: £8.99 a month + the box will cost anything from £6 (I got mine for that price) but saying that there are also 2 expansions that you may need if you become a serious player

Needs: Mid Range PC (but will run on a low end PC for original content) or Mac

Home Page (EU):

Based on the Warcraft real time strategy universe. This game is probably the most well known of all the MMO’s out there due to its massive player numbers and superb advertising scheme, the game is easy to pickup and play and many players find the gameplay addictive, the game is ‘loot’/’gear’ based. The community ‘can’ be unforgiving of new players.

Eve Online

Also known as: Eve

Setting: Space scifi

Learning Curve: large

Price: £8.99 a month + free account

Needs: Mid Range PC, or Linux (support halted)

Eve online is some what of an enigma in the MMO genre as its one of the only games without the ‘level’ system and servers are run in a manner that allowed everyone to play together. The game is mostly based on player interaction and if the mechanics of the interface do not baffle you then there is lot of fun to be had, that said this game has a niche market

Home Page:

Warhammer online

Also known as: WAR

Setting: High fantasy

Learning Curve: small

Price: £8.99 a month + £15 for box (Asda)

Needs: High end PC (minimum specification on box is optimistic as best)

Warhammer online is based on the popular Warhammer tabletop game, this game has a heavy focus on PvP (Player Vs Player combat) and the none PvP (PvE, Player Vs Enviroment) content is consumed fast and without stress, it’s a great game for those who really do enjoy arena style game play.

Home Page:

Age of Conan

Also known as: AoC

Setting: Brutal High fantasy

Learning Curve: medium to high (so I am told)

Price: £8.99 a month + £20 for box

Needs: High end PC

This game is based on the writings of Robert E Howard, it has an adult theme and has a lot of PvE interaction. The actual combat of the game has been described as ‘hard to get used to’ and this is no understatement, the game makes good use of instancing and has little high end content, also its worth mentioning that while it looks great it also has one of the largest install sizes of any MMO I have encountered.

Home Page:

City Of Heroes

Also known as: CoH, CoX

Setting: Comic book Super Heroes

Learning Curve: medium

Price: £8.99 a month + £10 for box (include City of Villains)

Needs: Low end PC or Mac

Although this game is 5 years old it’s a fantastic comic book adventure with the best character creation tools I have ever seen, the game play is nice and straight forward good vs evil and the quests are all well laid out. Its getting over shadowed by upcoming super hero games but is still a solid game, also has tools for creating your own missions that really adds to the games longevity.

Home Page (EU):

Guild Wars

Also known as: GW

Setting: High Fantasy

Learning Curve: Low

Price: about £10 per campaign (3 available + 1 expansion) then its 100% free to play.

Needs: Low end PC

It has been argues that guild wars is not a ‘proper’ MMO as it relies on instanced combat area’s and only the town (hub area’s) are ‘really’ MMO areas but the game is a great skill based experience and being free to play once you have brought it, that’s a good pull for any game.

Home Page (EU):

Runes of Magic

Also known as: RoM

Setting: High Fantasy

Learning Curve: Low

Price: Free but uses optional micro transactions.

Needs: Mid range PC

It has been said that this game is an amalgamation of all the good things from every successful MMO ever made, I’m not disagreeing but in my opinion there are better games out there. This game plays like WoW and it’s the outright kind of the F2P (free to Play) games at this time.

Home Page (EU):

Free Realms

Also known as: FR

Setting: child friendly Fantasy

Learning Curve: Low

Price: Free but uses optional micro transactions.

Needs: Mid range PC (launched from web browser)

This is a free to play game but is supported by the use of the Sony Cash system of micro transactions. The game is aimed at younger gamers and is heavily mini game focused. It’s a solid game but offers little to more seasoned gamers.

Home Page:

Fusion Fall

Also known as: FF, FFall

Setting: child friendly cartoon/sci-fi

Learning Curve: Low

Price: Free / optional subscription

Needs: Mid range PC (launched from web browser)

This game has an optional paid membership that not really necessary to play but is really useful for serious players

Home Page:

Now what?

That was a short list of the MMO’s available to you, I have tried to get a good cross section of games, there should be at least one game on that list to interest everyone, there are a lot more games out there, and if anyone has a game that they want added please make a comment using my format and I will paste it into the list as soon as I see it.


There are things in MMO’s that are considered good manners, if you follow this advice or not is up to you but this is MY list of polite rules to follow in any MMO.

1. If some one is in trouble (loosing a fight) and you CAN help then DO, believe me is good karma and people DO appreciate it.

2. Don’t shout N00b at people who don’t know something, we where ALL n00bs once, n00b means ‘new’ and there’s no shame in coming to a game fresh.

3. polite manner. You don’t know who is on the other end of a character on your screen, it maybe a nun, it maybe your next door neighbour (really that does happen) so don’t say things to them that you may have to apologise for.

4. same as 3 but its about perverts….. nuff’ said.

5. if some one is annoying you use the ignore list, every game has one, ignoring people is easy and no one want to hear your moan forever about another player.

6. get a GOOD mic, most MMO players will use some kind of voice interaction, keep Ventrillo and teamspeak installed as well as skype but if your mic is rubbish then just listen in, no one wants to hear your air conditioning for a whole evening or even the strange erroneous whistling that some people seem to have for no reason.

Terms and other words.

There’s loads of words that are common inside the multiplayer games that you may not have heard on the internet usually.

Loot: stuff you get when you kill an enemy

Woot: joy, comes from the phrase ‘wow, loot’ but you already know that, right?

Mob: a group of enemy’s (some times a single enemy that has no friends)

Mana: most MMO’s use some form of magical energy, this is always called Mana or energy because game designers lack imagination.

Mount: a form of transportation, usually a type of animal that you can summon to ride on (faster than walking)

Aggro: short for aggravate, it’s a term used to describe how much an enemy wants you dead, low aggro means that enemy’s perceive you as less of a threat… and its only goes up form there.

Toon: another word for character

Avatar: another word for character

N00b: and insulting term to describe a new player or an idiot.

****: if you see that a lot then turn off profanity filter, people use bad language a lot in an MMO. Saying that, a lot of chat filters are too strict and the word may not have been naughty at all

Lag (lag spike or ping): a slow connection to the game server, usually makes MMO’s behave strange, this term is some times used in error tot describe a low frame rate

End game: anything game content that is designed for ‘maximum level’ characters.

Max Level: a character who has reached the top of the ‘level’ system.

Client: the game you installed. Its called a client because the server does most the work when you play the game.

Again, its work mentioning that there are lots more strange MMO unique words but those are the really important ones you should know before you load up for the first time.

Anything else to know?

Yes, MMO gaming is all consuming and there are many podcasts dedicated to the various games, its strange but the type of community that these games have built around them is second to none. If you really like a game then you will definitely be able to find podcasts, Wiki’s and fan fiction dedicated to it. It’s great really but remember two things

1 Your first MMO will always hold a special place in your heart, and in your mind none will be as good, so don’t compare.

2 log off. Something about these games makes people want to play for hours and hour on end, its not healthy, I should know, real life is out there remember game addiction is BAD.

On last thing.

Thanks for reading, I hope that this post has helped some one find MMO’s or at least filled in the new players. All feed back is welcome.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

404 Radio #17, “defending Penguins with a tomb of idiots'



with the launch of Free Realms this week and Hex's Obsession with web based games its no shock that we talked a lot about penguin defence, reading to kids and why Fusion fall is cooler. We also talk about a rather special WoW Player with a one shot awesome and some lame LotRO guides written by people who should know better.

Links of Relevance.

Tomb of knowledge guide:

WoW GM Shirts:

LotRO Housing Guide:

Our RSS:

If you cant find Free Realms without our links then you live in a place I don't want to know about.

Monday, 4 May 2009


Plants Vs Zombies goes Live in a few hours (about 18 i think) and at this point im pretty psyched, i get to use plants to kill zomies, and some of them will have bobsleds, that is pretty awesome.

i was only linked to PvZ the other day by my good friend Mr.Hangman but since learning of the joy it will hold i have pre-ordered it via the Steam service (£6.99) and received the rather crappy heavy weapon as a bonus, whatever, its free, but PvZ will be awesome and its just a few hours away. for now anyone who does not know of the joy it will bring i give you links, and a Zombie version of me….

PvZ on Twitter:

PvZ Home Page:

anyway enjoy ;P

Sell out blogging

As I listen to this weeks episode of ‘Shut Up we are talking’ and hear all those well knows bloggers and podcasters record a cast while playing LotRO I have to wonder is all that game chatter is sponsored by Turbine, I mean, really LotRO talk is making its way into many high profile podcasts, yeah its a great game that I love but when I hear the Virgin worlds episodes and the Massively Speaking podcast and now ShutUp I have to wonder if some one is doing this on purpose, and with Karen (from ShutUp and A View from the top) now installing LotRO I have to wonder if the deal involves talking about it for free sub’s, especially since Karen has been playing EQ ever since I have heard her podcast.

I know its paranoid but come on, all these large, high profile and pretty influential podcasters playing LotRO WHILE recording, its a great strategy, I hope that I am wrong, its pretty cheap if I’m not.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

The Hunt for Gollum.

The Hunt for Gollum is at its most basic level a fan made movie based on the Lord of the Rings books. However the level of writing, acting and general production quality of this work is second to none.

As some what of an internet geek I have seen many independent/Fan Movies and this one is by far the best one I have ever seen.

It is the story of Strider hunting Gollum before the first book really gets going. At this point I can tell you little about the people involved but believe me after seeing the movie I will be looking into the people a lot more and if all goes well get some one on One True Cast.

I really can not stress enough how superb this movie is, granted the 3D effects lack the polish of a Hollywood production but in terms of story and direction is at least as good as its more mainstream cousin.

This movie should not be missed and I will write more about the production organisation and people involved within a few days when I a better informed.

For now though I stress that you should visit the site and take the time to watch the HD version as soon as possible!

The video can be found here:

Testing Live Writer

Just a quick post to make sure my blogs/live writer link  is working. as this has appeared I’m assuming its just fine :P

First Impressions: Sony’s Free Realms.

Free Realms is the new game from those reliable blokes over at Sony, I say blokes there are probably more blokettes over at Sony if the chick friendliness of Free Realms is anything to go by.

What is free realms?
It’s one of those new styled web based games that’s not really web based at all as you basically download it all via a web browser plug-in and streaming content.

I am not going to use this as a forum for the pro’s and con’s of the web based lie, I am however going to say that when it launched last week I was dubious as the beta that I was lucky enough to take part in was less than reliable.

Once the streamed update, err, streamed. I was left a little surprised that it loaded properly, I had no freezing or crashing or even just locking up that I had to endure in the brief Beta trial.

Free Realms is a kids game, its aimed at younger gamers and in this it succeeds, it has all the kookiness and bright sunshine of the 1990’s Mario games with the refined controls and general polish that we have come to expect from Sony Online Entertainment (SOE)

The premise of the game is that you take on the role of a human or fairy avatar and then travel around in a wonderfully stylised world performing tasks based on professions.

The first tutorial teaches you the basics of moving around in this world (controls much like any other MMO WSAD or mouse move) you then learn brawling as part of the tutorial before moving on (or at least I did)

Every player seems to be able to learn all the available profession fairly quickly, the profession range from exploring to mining with cooking and anything else you can think of in between.

It works like this, if I have a mining based task (quest) to perform then I go to a mining area and select the mining option from the relevant rocks. The mining option then opens a mining new window that is something of a puzzle style mini game.

For racing car drivers there is a basic ‘kart’ style racing game (much like a basic Mario kart with less random buffs) for brawlers there is a click to hit style combat that is more like traditional MMO’s

That was a very brief description of a full and rounded game play and please do not take that a complete review, each profession could be talked about in great detail but as this game is free to download and play I see no reason to explain in great detail something everyone can experience.

Now what?
Now we have covered what free realms IS then its only fair to talk about what I think of it. Please remember that I am a father and as such may/will have a different outlook on this game than a lot of the target audience.

The world they have crafted is both large and beautiful in its own charming way. In this SOE have excelled themselves. It’s truly marvellous what they have done with what is at the end of the day a small footprint application.

The profession are also fantastically well implemented as each ‘job’ is unique feeling and appealed to separate gaming styles this means that some one who likes action games will level up racing and brawling really fast while a more relaxed gamer will enjoy exploring the world and the puzzle games.

SOE have done the both these things well but for the gamer who is not interested in the social aspect and just wants to level say, cooking, then the actual world wil be of no interest and may even become somewhat of an inconvenience, maybe there will be a way to quick access mini games as I level up but I think its more likely that SOE want to push this social/exploratory aspect.

Its great, really though, the game is fantastic for the age groups that its aimed at. I have no doubt that it will do well and go far. Im not sure how existing fusion fall players will take to the game but that’s a whole different post :P

As with every game I play I had a nose around the options and found that I could switch on arrows that mark locations on my map, this was helpful for finding my way out of the showy area and back to a more friendly one.

As for graphics and sound you can choose volume and resolution but looking at the age its aimed at all this is good news the last think you want is to have to explain to a 12 year old that 99X AA and 30xAF is going to make the fun show down., also I doubt that many kids would benefit from EAX or 3D sound.

Payment model.
Free Realms is a free to play game but items and memberships can be brought from the in game station cash system. I have not jet felt that I am playing an advertisement though and other from the odd quest being restricted to members I have seen nothing particularly game breaking in this system, to be honest when I look at the prices I find it confusing as to what I get for what amount of money but I’m sure these teething problem will fade.

As for the rest, I’m sure that if I was to play this game a lot (I wont, I’m a little old for this) then I think that it would cost less than I pay now for a monthly subscription.

A great game that does what is says on the tin, but I think its needs to mature a little bit in its method but not its style, its aimed at the younger players and this should not change.

All in all, if you don’t try this game no matter what your age your missing out.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Whats with the BlogSpot account then?

As many of you know I post blog’s over at the One True Cast website, Tamworth Gamers (the 404 radio home page), Gax Onine, and I am active on a stack of other forums, so as I know a lot of my readers/listeners don’t check ALL those sites I have decided to start posting here as well, think of it as an all in one Hex fix so you don’t have to travel, I will however still be posting on all those other places, this is just an all in one version.

Pirate of the Caribean


Another Random Though.

Female toons

Just a random thought, gotta love those.

404 Radio #16, 'Now with added Peggle'


This week we are back, a little late though, with the replacement episode 16 (as we may have lost a week) wit ha stack of news about Guild Wars, some JumpGate Evolution love and panda does a little Bartle bashing, in the end no one has a Peggle Frenzy so everything is well in the world. That yellow brick road just keeps on going.

Links Of Relevance

Our Home:

JGE ships classes and screens revealed:

GW on Steam:

Peggle in WoW:

Bartle wrote this and its fantastic:

thanks all folks thanks for your time and hope you enjoy the show, more next week, and on time too, I promise. Remember WE WANT those itunes reviews!

we are also available via our RSS (see bottom left) and iTunes.