Wednesday, 13 May 2009

chillaxing with the tunes

Well, I have reached that interesting pace emotionally today where I’m drained, as usual I have no intention of discussing my personal life as such but I have to say, it’s been a hell of a day.

I’ve not really played a game in 3 days, other than about an hour on Plans Vs Zombie’s, and the rhythm game time I’m about to talk about, because of this I have had little to no gaming thoughts to share as a blog but I have been listening to music, allot of music...

Last night I played ‘Rockband 2’ with my wife and another close friend for about 2 hours, it’s always an experience as I get to be reminded how old school my musical tastes are, as you can see from my Last.FM account and when it comes to it I have no idea who half of the currently popular bands are, and even worse when singing in the game, I had no idea how the song was supposed to sound, so I almost failed, allot, and had to resort to ‘squeaking’ my way through the track, a technique that any veteran ‘Rockband’ singer will be familiar with.

I intended to get some serious game time logged today but due to the aforementioned real life issues I have ended up sitting in bed with my wife’s laptop listening to music and reading the suggestions on Last.FM.

Today I have enjoyed some ‘Blondie’/’Iggy Pop’ duets, some songs about trees going to war from ‘Rush’ and some strange electro pop music that Last.FM suggested for some bizarre reason (maybe my love of ‘Freeze Pop’ has cursed me.

Anyway, that’s pretty much all I got to say, I am not really sure why I have even made this post, maybe I’m just bored, maybe I’m a little depressed, either way typing is a great way to relax, the keyboard makes some wonderful sounds.

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