Thursday, 27 August 2009

OMG The Chronicles of Spellborn is Great!!!

When TCoS was released I committed the crime of ignoring it, I ignored it because it struck me that it was another average and uninspired fantasy MMO.

So, before I go any further into this article I would like to make clear that I was very wrong. Spellborn is quirky, unusual, well written and exciting. It’s a fantastic game, and I don’t get sucked in easy.

And this is how my new love affair began…

I was at a loose end, discovering that I didn’t like Champions online hurt me, I wanted to love it but the game didn’t scratch any of my itches (sorry, please don’t flame me, its not the game, its me honest) so I pocked about the web for something new to try and eventually I tripped over the Spellborn site.

I was shocked to see that it has become a 100% no strings attached free game, while it’s being redeveloped, and that, for our less jaded readers means in no uncertain terms that it’s getting re-released with an item shop (just like Runes of Magic)

For now however its free to play, totally unrestricted, there’s no talk about when that will change but its implied on the forums that they will not be wiping the servers, its not certain but its looking like the shop will be added the existing servers in about six months.

Now that I have covered the obvious questions (that maybe only I ever wanted answers to) lets talk about the game.

The game at its core is as far from the monster that is World of Warcraft as any fantasy game could be. It borrows almost no game play elements from it, I know, how strange, an MMO that does not want to be WoW!

The combat is very interactive and real time, no clicking on an adversary and walking away to make coffee, a click is a single attack; every attack spins this large skill roller thingy. So the next attack is from a new skill ‘bar’ it’s all very different from the usual skill bar system.

The games levelling system is unusual too, you have a ‘fame’ level (that’s what’s usually called a level) and the oddly named PEP (personal Experience Points) that’s a temporary level you get to keep until you get killed, so there’s no death penalty, There’s a life reward.

I could ramble on for ages about how there are things I like in the game but the point of this post is that you should all give it a try. Maybe its me, maybe it’s a crappy game and it just caters to my tastes, or maybe is a hidden gem, let me know what the majority thinks.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

404 Radio #26. “About Time”

I know, I know, its been a while since our last show, we are back, sorry about the wait and all but Hex was on board an alien mother ship with a mechanical banana (probably best not to say much more)

we are back on track, I promise, we will be back to our usual schedule again with no more interruptions of service, you can get us at our home page as linked bellow, other than that you can have one link, the only link you need. Guild Wars 2, that's all.

Our Home:

oh yeah, this week we talk about GW2, a lot, and sparkly vampires.

Our RSS Feed is:

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Runes of Magic an error

The following is a copy of the message sent to Customer support over at Froggster entertainment.


I had this problem a while back but then it went away, now its back and I don’t know why.

The game loads up, I log in and when I hit enter it stalls just before server selection and i get an "upload" error message saying "We established an error report you to be possible to send for us. This report form is the security and anonymous". Occasionally the game loads up but most the time I get this message.

It went away last time I had it, I didn’t play for a while, and now its back. I have reinstalled the game twice.

My video card is an Nvidia Geforce 9500GT with drivers that I downloaded last night, version 190.38 (also my GFX bios has been updated to the latest one provided by the manufacturer)

My soundcard is a Creative Labs Audigy 2. With drivers I downloaded last night (not sure what version, but I assure you they are current I assure you of that)

My processor is an Intel Q6600, that’s a Quad Core running at 2.40Ghz.

I have 4Gb of ram, but as I am running Windows XP 32Bit it registers a a little over 3Gb.

I am running Kaspersky Internet security (with all updates) my Hub is a BT Home Hub 2.

I am aware that there are port requirements for this game and as such have set my PC to DMZ, I have also tried using my PC as a none DMZ computer with all ports forwarded for this game.

I have tried with and without my firewall turned on.

All the games I play work fine and without issue including Lord of the rings online, Team Fortress 2, Guild Wars. Those games all have similar bandwidth needs as this one and work perfectly.

The game loads very occasionally but more often than not I get this problem, I want to spend money on this game but cannot as I do not get reliable play.

I have searched the forums and this error seams to be quite common however no one has provided a working solution to it.

Dx Diag Provided. (i sent it to them but i dont see the use in posting it here)

so, if i solve the problem i'll let you all know.

Guild Wars 2: There be Dragons.

Today after a long afternoon, I turned on my monitor and clicked to open Fire Fox, my home page is Google, the iGoogle variant to be exact, and on that page I have many RSS feeds showing different news feeds from around the web. One of the news feeds I have is the Guild Wars RSS.

As I read my page I put my coffee cup to my lips, as I saw the words ‘Guild Wars 2 Trailer’ and sprayed my drink all over the wall behind my desk.

Yes, that’s wasn't an error or a joke, it seams that the good people at ArenaNet are sick of being accused of housing Vapour ware. There is a Guild Wars 2 Trailer, and it is as fantastic as you would expect.

The trailer starts off in wonderfully drawn 2D, just as I begin to think it’s a teaser it switched into even more wonderful in-game video.

I assume that you will watch the trailer and like me be very excited about the incorporation of Asuran Technology, the new races and the idea of the Cotenant of Ore returning to the surface.

Its pretty amazing, and I think you will agree that no matter how you feel about the original Guild Wars this new game looks to be fantastic.

If your not already a GW player its worth knowing that achievements from the original game an be passed to your new characters via the Hall of Monuments (play Eye Of the North, its all in there) so its still worth playing even with the squeal now 'really' on the way.

Anyway, as I more information is released I will update this blog with as much as I can.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

I’ve just visited a website, and was offended by it.

* I posted the following on my other blog but felt it was relevant here too *

After listening to an episode of CoMutany (Scottish Gaming Podcast) last night I was shown the following link, and it offended me.

The campaign is ‘Think b 4 you speak’ oddly enough using a ‘4’ not a ‘before’ maybe they should have had a long think before registering that URL.

I am NOT homophobic or racist and when I really think about it I have no hate directed to any single group. As far as I am concerned ‘it’s all good’ I just don’t care about some ones religion, skin colour, culture or sexual preference.

When I say I don’t care, that’s not right. I am interested in people, and would love to learn more about people’s lives and beliefs. Ignoring people differences is in many cases just rude. It is good to learn, talk, share, cooperate.

So when I visited the above link I was confused, because the site seams to want people to hate gamers, cheerleaders and Jocks. I assume from the wording that the site has an American origin, and maybe there is a cultural difference I am unaware of, but this seams wrong on many levels.

Their posters make little sense and as far as I can tell ignore the real issue. It seams to say that its okay to hate Gamers, Jocks, Cheerleaders as long as you are leaving gay people alone.

Maybe they should rethink their posters and replace it with something that discourages hate no matter who it is directed to.

Don’t fall for this its social engineering at its finest. They defend one persecuted minority by highlighting others as potential targets. Its not right.

Monday, 10 August 2009


I have had a pretty crappy few weeks for reasons that I wont go into, and the worst day is tomorrow, its not a fun time in my little universe at the moment.

So, to cheer myself up I present to you this mighty blog, when reading please do in the style of a ‘Carry on’ film.

Ways of saying that you have farted and/or how to shift the blame

“Cut the cheese”
“Dropped a bat”
“Mowed the lawn”
“Burn the toast”
“Aired my Lunch”
“Dyed my Pants”
“Bum whistled”
“Opened the basement window”
“Bottom Burped”
“Felt the Force”
“Tested the ass valve”
“It wasn’t me, it was you, you smelly Git”
“Trust the Monkey!”
“Oooo, New shoes!”
“Be thankful I didn’t finish”
“Nappy/Diaper change time”
“Found Religion!”
“Sharted! – a combination of shit and fart… want to see?”
“I Had beans for lunch”

And my Personal favourite…
“Agh! A little bit of blood came out!”

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Fishy Wishy

Some times some one shows you something thats so darn good you just have to share it with the world. and some times it jsut happens to be Batman Related.

(Click the image for larger view)

Thanks Mr Fish, cheered me up just on queue.