Friday, 24 July 2009

Sailor Moon - Animated Awesome?

Today, I finally got around to watching some Sailor Moon, now, I know it came out in 1995 and I’m pretty far behind the trend here but as most people who read my blogs will know I am a farther of a 4 year old little girl. Being 4 I have been subjected to more Disney princess crap than you could ever imagine.

This morning I decided to fight back with the power of anime. i have the tame and watered down English edits of Sailor Moon season one, with all that inappropriate stuff taken out, I stuck the disk into the player and by the time the introduction music (and pretty moon lady dance intro) had faded my four year old was mesmerised, and three episodes later we where both hooked.

I know that its not the sort of thing that you usually show to kids but seriously, one more Disney story and I may snap.

The plot of sailor moon is as follows.

An immortal cat that talks (Lunar) spent thousands of years hunting for the reincarnated souls of the sailor warriors who once ruled the planets.

She finds one soul (Sailor Moon) and returned her power to her, but Moon is a teenaged girl…. Amusing yes, original no (you got a Buffy vibe? me too)

Then there’s an evil force that seams to want to power a galactic take over and to do it they need power, and guess what they use as power, I bet you cant. Well bizarrely enough its emotion…. I don’t get why either.

I know, it don’t sound too good, but it is and the English edits at least seam to be kiddie friendly (depends how your kids feel about semi-animated monsters, mine is fine with monsters) its all very intense and often amusing.

I can’t believe that I have gotten to 29 years old and never seen this, I thin the fact that I had a rather nice time watching it is a testament to the story.

All this said though, I have it on good authority that the English edits are in fact, shite. And the subtitled versions are much more involving stories, unfortunately season one alone is over £90 on Amazon so I’ll never know.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Blake's 7 Returning to TV.

According to B7 Media the organisation that holds all the cards when it comes to Blake's 7 the hit 70's TV series will be returning to screens thanks to the monolith known as Sky TV.

Looks like they think that with the success of Battlestar Galactica the time is right to recreate the epic scifi masterwork.
BLAKE'S 7 originally ran for four seasons between 1978 and 1981 and recently topped a British Film Institute poll to find the UK public's favourite television show. The series has inspired the creators of such seminal series as Babylon 5 and Buffy The Vampire Slayer , and was sold in over 40 countries worldwide.
-B7 Media website.

All the information is here

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Valve TF2 wallpaper of Awesome!

looking for a new desktop wallpaper? love Team Fortress 2? problem solved

they are available in just about every size you could need over at the Valve Forums, here

Monday, 20 July 2009

RHE Presents: Episode 1 'Question everything'

[Episode 1]

Rabbit Hole Express #1, ‘Question everything’

In our first episode we are discussing the debate surrounding Apollo 11 and the conspiracies that shadow it. Does not get that heated as myself nor my cohost actually have any massive issues with the official story. My cohost thinks that its 99% true and I tend to this that we did go to the moon but we used more advanced technology. Anyway in this hour long show we talk about all the major arguments against the official version of events, more information available on the accompanying blog bellow.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Roonast Legend

yeah, i agree with the comments about my buddy Roonast being a lazy douche.... hell so does he!

anyway he wanted me to show you this:


The Followup: check out time 1min 44seconds in.

anyway thats what he did with his time off college. ;)

strange thing is that a dude who lives over hte road from me in Real Life ACCIDENTALLY ended up on fox news! WTF right!

CoH Thoughts


Due to a series of chance events I began playing City Of Heroes 10 days ago. I know, I'm late, its been out four years. I have put together some thoughts on the game that I will now share with you. Please remember I am only level 16 (ish) and by no means speaking as a veteran.

First impressions:
I loaded the game for the first time logged in and selected a server. Then I was presented with the most complete character creation tool I had ever seen, granted it never let me fiddle with thousands of options that change the way the game is played but if I wanted to make a pirate character with a distinct love of the 70's the options are all there (I don't really like pirates OR the 70's it was just something random I thought of, sorry if your a pirate or a disco dancer I don't mean to offend)

I know when creating a character in Eve online I get to choose from things that appear to be very relevant and complex (I've not played much of Eve so I don't know how relevant those choices are in the long run) but in the end I get a pretty generic avatar. In this respect CoH (thats what the hip kids are calling it) impressed me, I really got to choose my own style and make something that at the very least 'feels' unique.

Okay, so I had made my super buff character and began the tutorial. I must say although it was fun and appeared to be very imersive from the start, the tutorial did not tutor me well, I ended up reading the help pages a few times before I understood some of the more unique points of the interface. I know I know, your thinking 'dumb ass' but you have to remember I've come in fresh knowing nothing about this game and not being able to see a 'character sheet' page or an inventory threw me more than you may think. Those things ARE there, they are just hidden in a different form.

Within a few hours I was running about saving old lady's from large numbers of muggings. (you would think the crime rate would be low in a city of super powered crime fighters)

About 2 hours into the game I was feeling impressed and was having a great time.

The Hollows:
Soon and without warning I had a mission that was sending me to a new area, great I thought, something new.

Well, YES it was new and looked vastly different from 'Atlas park' (love that place) but at a puny level 5 (or there abouts) I was not just under powered in this area, I felt like a level one Mesmer trying to get into the tomb of primeval kings (trust me if you play Guild Wars that makes sense)

Within an hour I was sick of dying and decided to go and play Mario Kart then go to bed.

The next day I was joined by a friend who had started the game at the same time as me, he was playing a character with the handy ability to confuse the enemy (strangely when CoH baddies get confused they start hitting their friends) we managed with minimal struggling to make it through the 'Hollows' main story missions in 2 play sessions and moved on to another area.

I have since found out that 'the hollows' is an area that was added after the game was launched and a lot of people tend to skip it because of the difficulty. In the next patch (issue 12) its getting rebalanced and a hospital (resurrection point) is being added to it. So I feel more like a man now that I have finished it.

I did however find that because of this 'additional zone' I got to the crafting tutorials far later than would have been expected.

Damn I started ranting:
After a few days of playing and fiddling with the interface I FINALLY found a way to turn on the bandwidth statistics and frame rate monitor, I know a lot of people don't care about this information but my computer is a little long in the tooth and I find it best to check these things. It seems odd to me that this game does not have this information on screen as standard. The statistics do show up okay once you map the key to the command in options. But they are not windowed in any way and look a little 'raw' on the screen, (not an insult here, just something I noticed.)

The next thing that began to annoy me was the fact that I can't seem to make my character face the camera, making my screen shot slide show a little harder than usual (yes I know its sad but I like to see how my character changes as I level up)

the final thing that bothered me was the chat window, maybe its just me, but I can't get the damn thing to work in a way that I find easy to manage. I know this is a personal preference thing but I like my chat box to be quick to access, so I can be in battle, type a message then get back to the game FAST. I just can't seem to make this chat system work for me in a way that feels fluid and easy to read as well as interact with. I love the Guild Wars chat system (yes fan boy alert, I'm sorry) I think its because the chat box in GW and most other MMO's I have played has a thin or transparent border around it and does not have party info or friends lists 'hanging' off it. The Tabula-Rasa chat system is similar to the CoH one (with the customizable tabs) but worked far better for my style of playing.

Anyway with all the moaning out of the way you may think I have developed a dislike for the game. This is not true at all, I really am having a great time cleaning up those streets.

The Likes, to make up for the ranting:
one of the first things that is keeping me playing this game is the leveling system, you level up, then go and get training (a new power or enhancement slot among other things) I find it strange (in a good way) that you receive no instant or noticeable effect from leveling up until you see this trainer. So if you are in an instance and get a level up you are no better off until its over and you have time to see this trainer. I also find it strange that (at least at my point in the game) I do not have to distribute points upon gaining a new level. Its different but it works for the style of game.

The simple fact that I get to be a comic book style super hero is a pleasure and will hold my attention far far longer than you may expect. For instance I got to choose a title as part of one of the level up rewards and my character now has the name prefix 'The legendary' these simple bite sized bits of 'nerd joy' really add the feeling of depth to the game for me.

Interesting zones and powers are also making me stick with the game. As I level up and move through the zones I am seeing more strange and unusual things happening and although the community are not as chatty as I would like (I'm on the defiant server) its still great see the random super hero fall from the sky in front of me or the super criminal get thrown across the street by a big brick looking man.

How long will it hold me?:

at the moment I am having a great time with the game but (and please remember this is an uninformed n00b statement) from what I can see there is not a massive amount of content, I am progressing through the zones at a reasonable speed and I think it will probably only hold my interest for a few months, I don't think it will keep me for over a year like Guild Wars has, but saying that maybe theres more love to be found and this could be my next game of choice.

I think I am going to stop typing now:
I know this little rant has not been filled with insight but I just wanted to share my thoughts on the game while I am still fresh to it.

Thanks for reading my ramblings and as its 2AM here and I have stack to do tomorrow I will be posting this without a proof read, so I'll say sorry now for the errors before the comments start rolling in.

Lost Winds, a gem


Well folks. I just finished Lost Winds.

For the one person on earth who doesn't know Lost Winds is a WiiWare game by Frontier Development, that there was a link for your pleasure.

Basically the point of the game is to guide a little fella who has little to no personality through a descent sized game world using the awesome power of nuclear weapons... no wait I meant wind, yeah thats right wind.

Sounds crappy right? Well NOPE its one of the most 'interesting' games I have ever played. Although its simple, you move the Wii Remote to lift, push or interact with objects in the world. The puzzles are just challenging enough to keep you playing without being a 'pain in the rear' and its bloody brilliant to look at. Not photo realistic graphics or anything but just pretty in its own charming cartoon way (no I'm not a girl)

The only downfall of the game is being short as hell. According to the game timer on the save file I finished it in just under 4 hours. Now I have a feeling with restarts after falling to my doom its probably closer to 5 hours but its left open for a sequel and its a great opening to a potentially brilliant new franchise.

If you got 1000 Wii points spare (£7 GBP) then I can't think of a better thing to spend them on. Seriously it kept me away from MMO's for like 5 hours, and thats a personal record I think.

MArio Galaxy, finished


As usual I have finished a game at a silly time in the morning (02:30 GMT) and find myself alone and gently reflecting on the experience while slurping on my 'good night' coffee (yes I know caffeine will keep me awake but I like the warm cozy feelings before I go to bed)

Well this evening I have finally finished Super Mario Galaxy and thought I would tell you my thoughts (I know, I'm pretty boring but I can't sleep so I'll inflict it upon you all) its mostly a fantastic retro feeling experience reminiscent of the early 3D plat formers, however the use of gravity in small planet settings makes it very modern and in some ways reminded me of the 2K game Prey (I know it strange but it really did)

I loved the way that every area of the game has a unique look and feel. Nintendo did a great job of keeping you interested however in the last few areas I was beginning to feel like the game was dragging on a little bit and for the first time in years I have found a game that I think should be a little shorter. I don't want to sound like I am moaning because I really did enjoy the game but it really is just a hair too long for my tastes.

All in all its a game well worth playing I would mention that in places you may (as I did) find it a little headache educing due to the camera's shifting position around the little planets, stick with it, it passed for me and I began to enjoy the game far more as I went on.

The ending it a good chunk of that Nintendo magic making you feel like you really saved the universe and at the same time satisfied that its over. A positive experience 8/10 if I had to score it. Not that scores are really that helpful.

Also, I don't know what the perseption of Mario is at the moment but if it helps, I'm 28 and a father, I didn't think it was too childish at any point. So don't let that put you off.

Well, coffee mug is empty so I think this blog is over.

i played L4D today


I got up at 7am this morning and drove 30 miles to a place called Stonleigh park, its at the south end of Coventry (I know that that means nothing to the none UK residents but I like setting the scene)

I showed my ticket at the door and was let into a massive hall with more consoles and computers than you can shake a stick at, even If you have the best stick ever and a black belt in stick waving.

Unfortunately due to a bit of a problem with my wife's digital camera (okay, phone camera) I don't have any pictures but it was truly a great sight to behold.

The event was called 'PC Gamer Showdown' and was primarily a LAN tournament but also there to be played by anyone who had time was, Left 4 Dead, Mirrors Edge, Dead Space and bizarrely Tiger woods '09 (6 consoles dedicated to it actually)

I feel that its my responsibility to tell you that Left 4 Dead is not only one of the best looking games I have ever played but has the most atmospheric setting/environment I have ever encountered in a multiplayer game, Valve have done a great job (And the Rep was a nice chap too) I played the PC version and although the game does not appeal to me as a console title I'm sure it will be just as good. Go and pre-order it, right now!

I'm not sure who won the LAN event but I got massive bag of free stuff and played some great games so thanks PC Gamer and if anyone it within travelling distance to the event its on tomorrow too ;)

(thanks for the tickets Hangman)

mythic made Other games?

saved from Gax

So after many an hour spent inside the wonderful Warhammer Online I began to read the manual while dragging (to make it work better) as I open the box out falls the disk for Dark Age of Camelot (included with WAR and a little ticket for a 14 day trial)

After looking blankly at the paper for a few seconds I began to focus on the screen shot’s that live in the little corner of the sleeve… I looked closer and closer until It dawned on me ‘hey, this game looks pretty good’ so right now I am installing the client and intend to activate my trial at the slightest sign on some down time with the WAR servers.

As I can get a duel subscription (see the Warhammer subscription page on the website) it maybe a little gem that I will just about have to find time for…

It’s odd really because I have been interested in MMO’s for a while now and Dark Age of Camelot has never blipped up on my radar. So has anyone played it? Is it any good? And most of all, what’s the server population like in the EU?

EA praise?

An old blog saved from GAx

Over the last few days I have played two games published by EA, and you know what shocked me, both where excellent.

Before I go on you have to know the specification of my computer:
Intel Pentium 4. 3.0 GHz (that’s a single core, just so we know)
2GB of DDR 2.
Nvidia 9500 GT (with only 256 MB of GDDR3)

The resolution that I played both these games at was 1440*900 both set to medium graphics with absolutely no tweaking at all

Now I think we can all agree that although my machine is not ready for the trash compacter just yet, its still quite long in the tooth.

So when I loaded ‘Dead Space’ a modern game with lots of fancy effects, I was shocked when it was not only playable but excellent, I don’t know what the exact frame rate was but it was smooth and even the whole time and ‘felt’ like my machine was handling it really well.

I was totally bemused by it, I mean, I know I can run most thing but usually I have to turn stuff off and mess with settings. But it just worked, out the box, no problems.

Now, I’m not writing a review of the game but damn, it scared me and I don’t think I am man enough to play it.

The next game that I encountered was Mirrors edge now this game officially comes out tomorrow, so modern is an under statement.

Again I installed it, id detected my graphics settings as 800*600 at minimum prettiness. I ignored this and set it to medium at my preferred resolution. It worked great, a little stuttering at first then once it was all loaded up I had absolutely no tweaking needed, and other than a crash that may have been created by skype more than the game I had a great time.

So, congratulations EA, I don’t know what your doing but its working, thanks. Looking forwards to the PC release of Burnout Paradise next month.

Also, don’t be mean about my machine, I don’t have spare cash for upgrades.

achievement boar


I have written a great many comments over the last few years bashing the achievement system on X Box 360 but never have I made the effort to day exactly why.

My ‘issue’ is not with the achievement’s on their own it’s the way they are totalled up. You see with the act of totalling achievements up you turn a very interesting system into an obsession.

If I play for instance Warhammer online then gaining achievements in that game is fun and can help me experience the game fully without missing anything. Great, I am in favour of it.

As soon as you add a number that can be accumulated to the whole idea becomes a n obsession, but still I got no issue.

My problem comes when you play multiple games and the ‘number’ of points is added up. You see, with the system of gamer cards used on X Box 360’s ‘Live’ system, your progress is shown off like a great big digital ‘wang’ and getting a bigger ‘wang’ is very important, for some reason.

The basic problems are the obvious ones, a bad game can have easy to get achievements making it sell more copies, and more importantly it prompts obsessed gamers to play terrible games for points that are, err… pointless.

The next problem is that while chasing achievements they the gamers will miss a lot of the content while they are skipping stuff that does not unlock anything.

Once all the achievements have been squeezed out the game the gamer will trade it because a game on the shelf devaluating will not help that score grow. Making games that would usually be worth a second play though missed and online games that should remain popular for an age are barren within weeks.

Lets play games for the joy of playing.

I hope I have made my point without rambling on and that I am not alone in this.

Tibia and thne modern man


After recording 404 Radio #6 and the ramble about the joys of text based MMO's I decided to take a look at Tibia, the ancient MMO, that yes, is still running strong... apparently...

I visited the website where I was pleasantly surprised, its well polished, informative and easy on the eyes, I clicked 'crate a free account' and entered my details, after clicking the retro titled 'Submit' button I was offered the client and to my surprise and joy I was able to select 'Linux Client' from the list.

I'm not sure if the site was smart and only offered me this option because it saw that I was not using windows or if its a standard feature to offer Linux AND Windows clients but I was happy to have the option of a native client. Makes any game more appealing if I can install and play with zero 'fiddling'

once in the game I instantly felt 'retro' and began to investigate the way it is played. The interface allows you to direct your avatar with mouse move but its obviously happier if you just use the arrow keys to move. The way you interact with the environment is not hugely intuitive. It relies on context menu's (right click pop pups) for interacting and in the Linux based client at least those context menu's don't work properly so you have to rely on the 'power key' click system, for example to USE an object I simple CTRL+Click the trade-with-NPC window was a little baffling as well.

I am still playing the game as I write this and am having fun, however I am not sure if its a good game or if its just scratching my 'Retro-Itch' I intend to play with it for a few sessions at least just so I can get a feel for it.

I am not sure exactly what I would get extra if I upgraded to a paid account but for almost £8 a month I doubt I will every try the premium content, it seams really steam when you can play Dungeon Runners as a member for just £3.50... maybe I will fall in love with the game though, you never know :P

Anyway ill play some more and edit this post with a final verdict when I have made one.


RoM 11 horus in


After a late start with Runes of Magic I have played as much as I have been able to over the last few days. In fact in the three days that I have played I have played for 11 hours.

For those who live with their head in a bucket I will endeavour to explain what it is as fast as possible:
its a World of Warcraft inspired free to play MMO with dual class options and micro transactions. See, that was easy.

As a PvE Game.
A lot of people have quite rightly pointed out that Runes of Magic has borrowed a lot from WoW in art style and lets be honest, you can not really argue the contrary.

If you have played WoW or any other WoW-like MMO then RoM (that's what the cool kids are calling it) will not be a difficult game to pick-up and play. That being said, I hated the game-play style of WoW but am enjoying RoM.

Where RoM shines through is that its simple, the quest text is easy to follow, the actual tasks involved in completion of the quests it very straight forward and tracked well (could be better but we are in week one of release still) you almost never find yourself wondering what to do next.

From the point of view of a story telling medium the game has a lack of identity, I am not sure if this is because its a new and not very well established IP or if its because the game does not narrate its self very well but if you do take the time to read quests text and dialogue pop ups there is a rich lore available to those who look for it.

All in all, its entertained me for the last 11 hours of game and im not finding my interest levels dropping yet.

The Micro Transactions.

The game is free to download and free to play but is supported and funded solely by the use of a currency referred to as Diamonds. You go to the website, buy Diamonds for your character then log into the game.

The diamonds are reasonably priced at 100 for just under £5, there are discounts available for buying in bulk. I have not brought any as of yet but the process appears to be stress free.

Once you have your Diamonds you can bring up an in-game shop interface that can be accessed at any time at all, no special vendor or specific location to worry about, you just hit the icon and boom, your shopping.

The store offers everything from mounts to XP doubling potions that make you level faster for an hour (adds rested XP for lack of better explanation) you can Rent a mount for varying amounts of days for just a few Diamonds or buy one outright for anything from 199 to 350 diamonds. You can also rent extra bag slots for anything up to 180 days but the prices are very reasonable, an extra page of storage for 30 days costs 22 Diamonds.

When you work out the necessity items for a serious and long term player you would easily be able to spend less than 100 diamonds am month and still be 'fully functional' in the game, that being said, the essential outlay of 199 Diamonds for a permanent mound makes good sense if you plan on playing for a while.
Another thing you can spend in the store are coins that you get as rewards for daily quests (you can do 10 daily quests a day, resulting in about 100 coins, I'm not sure is every quest rewards with 10 coins or its level related)

these coins can be used to purchase drasticly over priced XP enhancement potions of over priced transportation runes. I have the feeling that this system is only in place to encourage people to get familiar with the Diamond shop and see what good value that system is compared to the daily rewards.

As I have said you can purchase a mound from the Diamond store but you can rent them using game gold for 12 minuets or 2 hours, they are drasticly over priced (to encourage use of real money transactions no doubt) but if you wish to 'try' a mount its worth doing.

There is a system of transportation skills and items in place that reminds me of Lord of the Rings Online but when you use any one of these there is a global transportation cool down of 1 hour.

The other way to travel is by using a 'map book' with this you can mark any location and then teleport between them instantly with no cool down period BUT you have to fund your travel with Travel runes that you can only buy using diamonds (saying that, you do get a stack for free with a new account)

once again they have taken the wise option and not overly restricted the game for free users, like me walking is always an option that remains free as there are no 'pay to play' areas or items.

The actual game client is not as it could be, my computer can run Lord of the Rings Online using ULTRA HIGH settings and remain playable with little effort at 1440x900 but this game seams to have greatly variable frame rates and the bloom effect is 'buggy' at best.

With minimal tweaking the game looks great and play well (but could beg better) the mouse tracking at higher resolutions is a little bit 'off' and I have had many 'issues' trying to select objects that are close together, I am not sure if this is due to the large pointer is uses or bad code but its annoying.

Other than that I have seen people in game complaining about Windows Vista bugs with disappearing chat box's and suchlike but as a windows XP user I have not seen any of this.

This is the outright king of free to play games, while RoM has server running people will be playing and spending money, because its a good game with a very new but solid fan base. GREAT STUFF! I don't like attaching a numeric amount to my thoughts but if I where grading out of 10 I would give it a B+ (I know, WTF)

404 Radio #10-B talked alot about RoM

A Comic book Review: Promethea.

The other week I was in Birmingham and just happened to park the car over the road from ‘nostalgia’ a rather well stocked comic book store.

My wife and I took at long browse and picked up a 5 issue story arch of GeNext (a dire x-men spin off, really do not read it, its pants) but that’s not the point of this blog.

We also picked up the first book in a series of six Promethea collections. I’m just at the end of it now, but being book one of six I doubt that those last few precious pages will reveal much more story.

I’m going to be careful not to spoil the story for anyone who has not read it so ill be vague.

Promethea was written by Alan Moore (of Watchmen and V for vendetta fame) he is hailed to be the best comic book writer of all time by many, I haven’t read enough to comment on that with any insight but I do like his work.

The artist is J.H Williams the third, honestly I am not familiar with his work but am suitably impressed with the artwork in this book, its crisp clear and has a wonderful feel to it that matches the story perfectly.

Promethea is a story about the power of ideas and how the can impact us if we view them without irony. It’s a truly wonderful book that puts its main character in the most unusual positions, then she does a wonderful job of narrating herself without coming across to the reader as honest and well written. Often in other books that do this you wonder who the character is talking to and its nothing more than a spoon feeding mechanic for the audience.

The character Promethea is an idea, like a demi-god, that is fused with troubled people to create a whole person. She is powerful and interesting and the story maintains an epic tone.

here is the more clinical Wikipedia entry for the book.

Like I have said I am only on the first book but I would highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in comics that are not tripe superhero fist fest’s.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

A message to podcasters.

As many of the Gax refugees will know, Gax was a place for bloggers, podcasters, gamers and readers.

Everyone is welcome here at Tamworthgamers, we have blogging, we have forums and we podcasts, but just to make it easier for you guys, here is how you get your cast pushed on this site.

Make a new blog with the title of your Podcast (this can be done using the buddy bar at the top of the page) you can make as many different blogs as you like. Then post your podcast episodes onto the blog every episode.

Now let Gh0styUK (da’ boss) know that its there and he will add it to the PODCAST/FEATURED section that he is setting up. We just need a little graphic (size to be confirmed)

You can get Gh0styUK on the site here or on twitter (@Gh0styUK) hes the overlord. I’m on twitter as well (@HexDSL) I don’t really do anything to run the site except moan like a monster with a saw head until things get fixes ;)

Welcome to the site.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Thoughts on the Free To play Games

Okay here is my thoughts on the Free To play topic

Free Realms:
This game spawns from a web browser but not browser based. Its kiddie centric and filled with mini games, a great choice for casual gamers and kids. can get expensive if you want outfits and quest unlocks. i did write a fairly comprehensive ‘first impressions’ article over on my blog the games not changed that much since i wrote it so i think it will still be pretty relevant.

Fusion Fall:
This game spawns from a web browser but not browser based. Great for older kids as this game is all about the cartoon network IP and in the long term will work out cheaper than Free Realms as there just an optional subscription no item shop. its a smaller streamign download than Fusion Fall as well.

this is a full game client, its free and supported by an item shop, its pretty grind heavy and very korean but still it looks great fun and looks great even on lowest settings and I think its possible to play the whole game without parting with a single penny.

Runes of Magic:
The download for this game is almost 4 gig with a massive 1.5 gig update after installing. however once its installed its the undisputed king of Free to Play PvE games. looks great, can be a bit heavy on the PC but its worth it. its Very WoW like and this can put people off but its free and fun with plenty of lore and easy game play.i wrote a blog entry 11 hours after the launch of this game the games changed loads but all my points about the micro transactions are still valid.

Atlantica Online:
this is another heavy download but its one of the only good turn based combat MMO’s around, its VERY Korean but in this case it only adds to the games crazy charm. its well worth a play even if it has no long term value. the game is micro transaction supported but you will be playing for ages before this becomes obvious.

Battle Field Heroes:
its not really a battlefield game its a cartoon version of Day of Defeat and its really great but a little show, its browser spawned and you can be loaded into the game in seconds. it is however supported by an item shop that ‘rents’ you outfits.

Quake Live:
An awesome totally free game based on Quake 3 arena, no micro transactions or subscriptions, this is a free to play first person shooter. simple as that, oh and there’s Mac and Linux versions coming soon.

404 Radio #24, 'A Christmas Special'

This week we share our excitement about Aion with our listeners as well as getting excited about Peggle themed WoW and iphone Doom. All in all its a wonderfully bland week for news but as usual we make the best of it with hilarious ramblings.

Links of relevance:

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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Rabbit Hole Express, Amost A first episode.

Uploaded an 'almost episode'of my new podcast today just so I could get the RSS feeds and the mevio accounts setup, its not exactly an epic opening, its more of a hello really.

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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

404 Radio #23, ‘Random Strangers’

This week we are joined by a random stranger (skillmon) and discuss the love hate relationship that the internet has win Mythic and Bioware, we also talk about twitter add-ons for MMO’s and the idea that some times its okay to log out.

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Friday, 3 July 2009

Coming soon from the mind of HexDSL.

***the following post in not game related, sorry***

As many of you know I am an avid reader of many 'alternative media' websites and have some rather controversial opinions of everything from global conspiracy to the lies we are told about H1N1.

For a long time now I have listened to 'Now that's weird, with Ross Hemsworth', 'The Alex Jones show' and 'The Night Before'

with the Night Before now closing its doors for unknown reasons and the issues that have occurred of late with Ross Hemsworths show I am considering, and I do mean only considering doing a monthly 'live' talk show/podcast about alternative views, I know a lot of people are more qualified than I to talk about this subject so I invite them on the show, I will be streaming via Ustream (or other live streaming website) and allowing anyone who has an opinion to call in via Skype. If you are interested in Co-hosting this show or even being a guest/guest host then contact me via this site (or @HexDSL on twitter)

There are certain technical issues to be worked out such as patching skype into the live fead as well as the recording of such a show for MP3.

Anyone interested in helping please contact me.

Oh, BTW, the shows going to be called 'The Rabbit Hole Express' (TRHE)