Wednesday, 30 December 2009

the White wolf secrets.


Over the Xmas period I have spent allot of time thinking about hidden information, I wont bore you with how i got on this track but it started when I tripped over a picture of Saturn's moon Mimas


As you can see there are similarity's within popular science fiction. of as I said when I first saw a photo of it from this angle "ITS A DEATHSTAR!"

Being a person who follows the trail of clues where ever I find them I began to read up on these apparent coincidences and eventually remembered something I read in a 'role playing game book' called 'Mage: The Ascension' by White Wolf Publishing


Wikipedia has this to say "The basic premise of Mage: The Ascension is that everyone has the capacity, at some level, to shape reality. This capacity, personified as a mysterious alter-ego called the Avatar, is dormant in most people, who are known as sleepers, whereas Mages (and/or their Avatars) are said to be Awakened. Because they're awakened, Mages can consciously affect changes to reality via willpower, beliefs, and specific magical techniques."

The game is very complex and also enjoyable, i played it briefly when i was in my pen and paper role playing phase a few years ago. at the time i was hooked on the concepts that the game put forward.

The game is based on the idea that consciousness is supreme in all things and that although it is bound by the rules of existence it can overcome those rules by bending them enough to accomplish impossible feats.

A we know for some of the writing from many of the most well known theorists and alternate thinkers who populate the internet, reality is indeed a hologram or an energy field and imagination is the projector.

The Mage role-playing game (Book) puts this idea across in a wonderful way and it worth reading for anyone who is interested in the nature of reality, however the thing i find interesting that that a book that is basically aimed at imaginative teenagers has encoded into it some of the most controversial and enlightening ideas that have ever been discussed, granted they are simplified and twisted but the idea's are there.

how did this information end up encoded in a book (that was only written in 1993) and stay so covertly under the radar of so many people?

Is this the work of an elusive white Brotherhood who is trying to ascend and educate the world or is it another case of the forces often called the Illuminati embedding the secrets of the world in places that devaluate them?

Aside from this book there are so many other places in popular culture that clues have been left that you could never list them all, even if you saw every motion picture ever made the clue are so distorted that they offer no real enlightenment but if you are already a seeker of knowledge and new idea's then there are many worth watching.

The Matrix Trilogy is obviously filled with symbolism of this kind and is a wonderful metaphor for the way reality works on so many levels, its so overt and lavish in this film that i am shocked there are not religions based on its teachings., there are so many other movies to think about but I'm sure anyone reading this post blog already knows that.

my point as a whole though is that however this information gets into our minds, it is in there, and we owe it to ourselves to pursue it and evolve from it. there are many wonderful blogs and websites that will explain for more eloquently than I can, you just need to look.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

MMO Voices Guest spot.


For anyone who did not know i did a guest spot on the MMO Voices podcast the other day,

Is now released and can be found here

I mostly talked about Guild Wars and the coming sequel, then i rambled about feeling sick…. anyway if you care its all at the above link.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Its almost over (2009 edition)


So one and all its almost the end of 2009, there are no more games to come before this year is out.

I wont try and list them but there have been so many great games out this year, so many games that we will all be playing for a good while to come. personally i never managed to pickup half of the titles i wanted but the i cant deny that this years quality was the best we have seen in an age.

For me there where two stand out titles that i will be playing for proberby years to come.

Left 4 Dead 2


Left 4 dead 2 had a rocky start with a legion of boycotters proclaiming it spawn of the devil and claiming they would never play it, and that was before it was even out. As my good friend Mr Fish (Hangman to some) rightly points out, ‘if you like left 4 dead why you you not like left 4 dead 2? even if you do have to pay for it’

Its easy enough to see that the boycotters attracted more attention to the title than they drove away and almost all of them where on steam playing it moment after the release hit.

personally i think that L4D2 (that’s what the cool kids call it) is an improvement on the first game and its challenging enough to keep you coming back, even if you are scared.

yep, this for me was the top of this years pile.

Plants Vs Zombies


PvZ was the shock hit of the year, no one expected a game from Popcap to be anything more than a distraction, but PvZ is the definitive Tower defence style game with a wonderful sense of humour. best of all it was less than £7 and i got the frighteningly subpar ‘Heavy weapon’ for free with it.

i think what struck people about PvZ was how refined it is. every ‘unit’ has its purpose and the game is perfectly balanced, no one expects this level of detail and thought from the people that brought us peggle, even though maybe we should.

also, lets not forget that song

Honourable mentions

Another one of the games that has left a lasting mark for me this year has been the episodic Tales of Monkey Island series from Tell Tale games.


I brought this game from Steam and every month i got a new episode for 5 months, each was as good as the last and never failed to make me giggle, even thought they where short i will no doubt be returning to them again in the coming year (and if your only issue with a game is that it ends then its not really an issue at all)

I have yet to pickup Borderlands and Dragon Age but I’m sure they will be some long lasting gifts from this year that will keep me going into the next.

The only disappointment I have about this years game line up has been that there has been no new MMO that has hooked me in. That’s not to say that there have not been some great game but there hasn't been one for me this year. better not worry too much though, Global Agenda is only a few months away.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

RHE: Another planet you say?


Interestingly enough scientists (yes those nameless and faceless people known simply by job description) have found an earth like planet.


The full article is here:

apparently the super earth is 2.4 times larger than our own and orbits a smaller sun, the planet was discovered using a 16inch telescope on the ground not the Hubble monolith. so, this discovery could have been made years ago, but wasn't…

my question is this, are we going to hear of more and more earth like planets that are closer and closer? is the idea that we are alone in the universe simply going to fade away and is this the tiniest step in the direction of disclosure?

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

404 Radio #37, “Jump”


Unfortunately we where all in rather random moods so this cast got all silly in parts but we are quite sure its entertaining. We defended the liberty of the Australian gamers, talk about zombies in great depth and Gh0sty apparently wont play games that don’t have a jump key (I’m guessing he’s not a fan of burnout)

Get us over at:

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Friday, 4 December 2009

GW BARD: its time to forge new legends?


yes, there is a new Guild Wars 2 trailer out. and yes it IS epic.

being something of a purist i have to say i will be playing human and my main will be a Mesmer (or equivalent)

the scope of this game is astounding.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

RHE: Be paranoid, Be safe.



okay, i know you use the internet. i know you do. do you know that your computer even WITH a fire wall will basically tell everyone who asks all about what your downloading?

i know, i sound like one of those information giving commercials but if you ever visit sites that offer Torrents (even legitimate ones) then you should look at this little gem i found.

the above link is for a program that blocks specific things from your intent connection, like P2P spies, and government agencies.

if people like us who are interested in our freedom we should have the tools to protect ourselves.

its not as easy to set up as they make out but if you dig about that website i linked you will have all the information you need to be more secure on the internet.