Sunday, 28 February 2010

An epic picture and some Myst.

okay, I have been a bad blogger recently, I’ll take that. This is partly because of real life commitments and party because of another writing project i am working on (can’t go into that right now, sorry) but i did go to the launch event for the new ATI graphics card that was at Eclipse Computer store in Coventry. imagine my shock when i ended up on their web page.


I’m the grownup (not the random passing child) its just a shame that the real Predator and Alien where booked that day and we had to make do with statues made of motorcycle parts (really!)


This post is not all self congratulating randomness its also to let anyone who does not know that Myst Online is back!


Its back, its free and its still pretty! so go and play it you don’t know what your missing (says I, who has not had chance to play it yet!)

Anyway, I’ll be blogging again properly soon and hopefully won’t miss anything that i cant catch up on, like a one day only Guild Wars level 21 day of something.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

404 Radio #42, “Panda has a poo ”



404 Radio #42, “Panda has a poo ”

This week we wait while panda goes to the toilet, we love cryptic again, everyone thinks Hex loves too much when he hates on the closure of original Xbox live network. we also pass some hate to apple and talk about myst online

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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

404 Radio #41, “Global Agenda Love”


Hex and Panda talk in depth about how great global agenda is, and about out our 404 Global Agenda Agency. other than that we talk a little more about the current Cryptic vibe and the dawn of Spellborn V2 and we tell you about the WoW season 8 screenshots

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Friday, 5 February 2010

Guild Wars Bard: Recognition! (woot)


Hey guys as most of you know i have run the Guild Wars Bard Blog for a while now and it would seem that its fairly well received, anyway this is really just a woot post as if you look at the bellow link you will find that my little blog has had a little shout out on Guild Wars Community news.

the section that makes me woot is this bit:

“We’re always on the lookout for new Guild Wars blogs, and this one hit our inboxes via Twitter. Guild Wars Bard, written by Laird (@HexDSL), features tutorials, commentary, and discussions about the game and community.  Laird, an experienced podcaster, currently brings listeners the 404 Radio podcast and the One True Cast podcast, and plans to expand to podcasting about Guild Wars 2 in the future.”

so, anyway woot.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Global Agenda – day 2


Its day 2 for the live servers in Global Agenda, and what do we know so far?

people who play as a team win, this is a fact that is self evident, and playing as a team does not require VoIP planning or charts of game plans, its involves playing your class properly.

The Medics should heal and stay in cover and heal without getting shot. they should never heal a cloaked Recon, is jsut shows everyone where he is. Do  not pretend to be cowboys, yes you have a nice pistol but no your not Billy the kid.


The Recon should be pop-out doom for the enemy, they literally should be invisible, if you see one you should die shortly after. its that simple, if your a good recon the enemy shouldn’t even know your playing.invisible-everything 

The Robotics class should put shields in perfect places, in doorways so there's not a single angle a recon sniper can use, or in front of a turret or best of all between the assault class and the boss in PvE. that a Robotics player should not do it waste shields and turrets on trash droids or in the middle of a fire fight in PvP, its all about strategy, what we don’t need is a level 1 medical station in the middle of a PvP control point.


Assaults, ahh, just because you look indestructible it does not mean you are Chuck Norris, that being said a good Assault player can literally kill anything, its all about managing your skills and making more pain than you revive. a grenade launcher behind a shield is the most deadly thing that the game can offer.


Enough about  the Class dynamic’s. The game is going really well, i have finally got my Elf Hood (pre order item) and got my Recon to level 12, the game is really enjoyable and with such well defined class’s its fast becoming my favourite shooter of all time.

forget for a moment the debate as to if its an MMO or not, the fact that you load into a Hub area and do not have to look for servers as you do in other games is fantastic, no messing about, no fiddling with server lists and ping checks. just get in a queue and wait… then a few seconds later its game time.

the servers have had a restart of two over the past few days but as a whole everything has worked and i really think its been a successful launch.

Remember guys if you want to play with myself or BadPanda in the game there is no friends list as such its all about your agency so just search at the agency centre for ‘404’ and that’s us, everyone is welcome