Monday, 28 June 2010

Doctor Who Blood of the Cybermen


I was a little shocked when I loaded the new offering from BBC Games. not only does the client now run in higher resolutions (not sure when they patched that in to it) but the process on installing the new game was very well done.

I loaded into the game and selected the option to download the new content, this exits the game and opens a web browser directly to the official download page – download and install – re-launch client and as if by magic the new game is there and all your settings are saved.


Once the wonderful introduction sequence is over you are placed in a little cavern when there are some wonderful classic puzzles. eventually you find yourself in a very well designed and larger area.

The game is much better than the first one in every way. There is more atmosphere, better game design, the stealth sequences are much better as well, i played the game in a single sitting with my daughter and honestly i found it very retro but in a good way, it is in many ways like a tribute to older games more than a copy.


I don’t want to write any more because of spoilers but once again there is not combat system (great) and the puzzles are better. All in all there is very little to complain about in this new game. lets hope they keep getting better with this vigour.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Oblivion, and on and on

npc_select_braggrobargRecently in a steam sale i brought Oblivion. its looks good but its a little last gen. It does not have to be this way though. thanks to a wonderful little update called “Qarl's Texture Pack 3”  you can improve the look of the game allot.

83706_1(click the above image to see the before and after full size) the patch does make the game look pretty superb but its not as straight forwards as it could be go get working.

Firstly you need to download the texture pack (above link) and then with your strong Google-Fu you need to find an ‘Oblivion Mod manager’ I am to going to suggest one because there appears to a large choice and i am not sure if i found the better one.

Once you have the Mod manager installed you simply copy your Texture pack into your Oblivion directory and use your mod manager to active it.

congratulations your awesome Oblivion update is working now. Woot for you now go quest hard in glorious graphical glory.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Productive Gaming.


As gamers we continually have the urge to feel productive, i know at first that sounds strange but think about it. Every XP unlock, every finished quest or every Confirmed online kill makes us feel a little bit like we are accomplishing something.

That if we are honest is the hook isn't it, as a veteran gamer you like me, probably started gaming when things where much simpler, back when getting to level 2 or getting a hundred coins/rings/ice creams was enough. then it happened you became a grown-up and your gaming took a back seat while you worked, partied and everything in-between. at some point though the games called you back and you found that those coins/rings/ice reams weren't enough any more.

That was for me the moment that I found guild wars fresh off the press i assume that you all found your MMO/RPG (something with XP) of choice and rekindled your love of gaming.

now a good few years later i still play games (obviously) harder than ever but now i am more aware of why i like them and podcasting/blogging along side my hobby helps me to express my creative urges but i wonder how long before its not enough and i move on to learning languages and gaming on Spanish servers?

does anyone else feel the mask slipping when it comes to artificial progression? as gamers is it our community that keeps us going, the games alone or is it the next level, is it the joy of what's in front that makes us happy?

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

where is that Motion MMO?

With E3 being over and the post show blogs being fired out of the internet i cant help but have a wonder floating about my mind.

Where are the motion controllers for the PC? people where modifying Wii Remotes to work on PC a week after the Wii was launched and no doubt there are some little known motion controllers for the PC based on this technology but where are the official products?

I know that Nintendo are not going to make a Wii-Mote-PC-Edition and i can not see Sony doing Move PC but Microsoft, now they could make Natal connect Kennect Kinect work with the PC, they could even use it to fuel sales of Windows 7, even if it didn’t work with many games the PC audience would love it. thanks to the way MMO’s work i could really see people sitting in a chair in front of the PC motioning for skill/spells to fire off in Raids. anyone else think this could work?

Also with the amount of games that slowly move from 360 to PC i think this peripheral will hold back this tide by not making a PC appearance.

also, motion web browsing could work really well. and with the PC already having the forefront 3D Games i could see all these technologies being combined better on PC than any other platform. and i want to motion gesture to Guild Wars 2 .

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Quest Hard Audio Blog #2

Quest Hard #2 'Quest Harder'
This week we talk about WoW with out Veteran Guest (over 9000 hours! - no really) as well as listening to HexDSL get over excited about Wizard 101 and not so much about Magic the Gathering, we also head about the upcoming Back to the Future game and a DCUO trailer. We do a terrible job of ignoring E3 Thanks to the Warhammer 40k MMO and generally all have a jolly good time.

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FEEBACK WANTED. Come visit our website. Please

edit: links where messed up (thank live writer) all fixed now.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Borderlands - Its like having another soldier on the field.


It has been a long ride to level 50 (well, not that long its been about 62 hours to be honest, however it has taken me since Christmas to reach this level. I know, 62 hours is not really very long at all but i have played about once a week on average with my friend and QH Audio Blog co-host Mr Fish and never alone.


We started playing realising that the game was just more fun with your buddy on Skype where as single player its a tiresome grind feast fairly early on and neither of of loaded the game without the other online.

The game was a favourite for some time and even the glitched audio looping  ‘Its like having another soldier on the field’ being repeated over and over did not become irritating it simply became an amusing catch phrase for our gaming.

there is another glitch that causes whomever is in the ‘gunner’ seat of the car to raise his hands like he is on a roller coaster, again this potentially irritating glitch became an amusing distraction from the mundane grid of the game.

It’s by no means a perfect game though there are serious issues with the code like being ineligible for 90% of the quests if some one else host an online game. 


To cut the long story short this was my favourite game for the last five or six months and even though it was really just endless grinding for XP and loot some how it stayed entertaining and fresh.

Now I have finished it 1.5 times and hit max level i cant wait to get my teeth into the ‘general knoxx’ expansion and grind for another 11 levels. 

for anyone who likes to quest this is a game to go back to.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

LotRO Free play beta.


With this weeks E3 bonanza i have to wonder how many people notices that Lord of the Rings Online has slipped into a beta for its free to play price model.

All the details including the sign up is over on the LotRO website. please remember though that this beta is for Turbine servers, us European players must wait until its out of beta to enjoy middle earth for free.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

E3, Because I am supposed to.


Evert Website on earth that even knows what a video game IS will have written far more about E3 2010 than I ever could.

Its not that I am uninterested in E3 but 99% of the news and posts are about consoles, and as you know here at Quest Hard we like MMO’s and PC’s (because single player games kill time in-between MMO’s) sure i was interested in the news about the 3DS and GoldenEye Wii. I too giggled at the prospect of a new Xbox, that's kind of the same as the old Xbox but has more things that come standard with a PS3.

The things that interested me deeply though where the new DCUO trailer (that’s all over the web now) and the rather wonderful confirmation of the WarHammer 40K MMO, sure we all knew it was coming and they did confirm it was happening officially a while back but the new Video really lets us know its serious.

I’m sure there will be a many few more surprises before E3 is over but I fear that little will interest us MMO junkies. I’m confidant of another Guild Wars 2 trailer before the show is over.

I’m sorry not to have a more excited post but with the openness of the PC Developer culture I think that these shows offer little in the way of shock announcements and really every E3 pushes the uncool PC market a little further out the door.

Anway, fingers crossed for that GW2 Trailer. if you want more E3 news check out great sources like GameSport and Kotaku they are doing a much better job than we here ever could.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Bargain Game - Oblivion


This weekend only the wonderful Oblivion is available on the Steam service for under £7 for anyone who likes to quest (and i know you do) Oblivion of one of the most immersive games since Morrowind (the previous Elder scrolls game, also on sale at the moment)


Its not small thought at 5.7GB its quite a beast of a game but with all that DLC (that comes free with the sale version) its no shock.

Oblivion was released quite some time ago now and was well received (other than that horse armour thing) it also remains one of the largest and most satisfying RPG games ever to be released.

The guys over at Bathesda Software did a great job on improving upon the things that they learned during the Morrowind development and Oblivion was a much more streamlined game and while keeping the fantasy RPG setting that elder scrolls is famous for they made it feel fresh and alive (something that the inevitable Elder Scrolls MMO will benefit from)


Anyway, i highly recommend the game to anyone and at this price if you don’t already own it then now its a great time to get it.

Dr who?

Capture_thumb[2]“Doctor who?” With a question mark is the correct way of writing the name of the show, its not his name, he is not Bob Who, who grew up to be a doctor, its a question, an enigma, a thing that needs an answer.

This is a fact that has faded into the darkness of the history and lore of the show.

As you can probably guess i have again played the Doctor Who Adventure game. and with the help of the Moox (my daughter; 5) i have finished the game and now feel like i should make some meaningful comments.


I still don’t think that its a good game. its actually pretty poor when you consider that the mind behind Broken Sword is behind it. i have no doubt that the quality of the game play was in no small part due to restrictions placed on the team by the BBC’s monster marketing team.

This game however if it is indeed a taste of things to come from the BBC could be just them dipping their toes into the sea of the gamers world.

How to make it better.

The game’s basic control system was flawed, it needed the tried and tested click to move system. the one where you click and the character moved to that location. it worked great for Guild wars, WoW (its in options) fusion fall, City of Heroes and  every Tell Tale game ever made (and those are just the ones that sprung to mind)

The Graphics where nice but i have a 19 inch LCD monitor, i need my native resolution supported. i understand that this game was designed to cater to the masses but its not hard to match the desktop resolution (or slightly lower if graphics card is too old) if you really want to run on anything however, make it 2D. i don’t think the game would have suffered from it.

The game play elements. the game had very little in the way of actual elements of play, so cater to that. why have an inventory at all if your only going to use it three times. why not make it so fluid that you don’t need ANY elements like inventory or ‘alert meter’ if you want minimal, use it. just look at the King Kong game a few years ago, it was a dodgy game yes but it played like a movie and never once broke your emersion with ‘elements’ like a hood or inventory or health.

Dialogue, the conversations in the game where pointless, you had to go through every option or just a key one that progressed the story. very little was gained from the sequences. improve this. make the talk time meaningful time.

Length, the game was short, so short that if you really think about it you could write the plot on a napkin. your going to make 4 games, USE THEM, make it episodic in the way that you have episodes of a single story.

In short i stand by my first impression that it was a mistake not to involve the creative genius behind Tell Tale games. (who are making a back to the future series apparently.. whoop whop whoop)


After all that ranting there is some positive that i must not forget to point out.

the game was free, developed in house by the BBC and of a reasonable size for people to download. all good things.

It brought fresh people to video games (i hope)

Most of all i liked that i got to play a game with my Moox. i like even better that it was an adventure game, and i do love to adventure.

Quest hard.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Game shopping rules?

Capture If you like video games, and i assume you do because, well, your reading this then you probably have issues with either playing too many games or not having time to play them.

Personally i have a few issues with games. I work early every morning so i go to bed early this causes problems let me go into detail about…

The Steam sale issue.

I have used the steam service for a long time now and have many games in my library. many that i have hardly played. but steam has sales twice a week. there is the Mid-week-madness and the weekend sale. this means that twice a week one or two games will be very cheap in deed. often games will be just two or three pounds. when a game is this cheap its hard NOT to just it. so, i end up hitting that buy now button.


they also get me by offering a free game when i pre-order something. i think to myself that i will probably buy it eventually so why not get it while it comes with the freebie?

The Bargain bin issue

Every fortnight i got to the Fort shopping centre with my wife… we have coffee and wonder about the place, then eventually she will visit a clothes shop or a furniture store and i will just pop into ‘Game’ and its a dead cert that they will have a two for one offer or something similar. so ill only spend £5 or £10 but often come out with two games.



The New Hotness issue

Being a bargain seeking (poor) gamer its uncommon for me to lust after the new release game. sure ill sometimes preorder off steam but as a while i try to keep my eyes off the top price rack. but sometimes i see it and just need it… (portal 2 will be the next one no doubt) and ill pay over the odds to secure my copy of the first day.

The result of all this

the result of all this madness is that i have stacks of things to play and never really get to finish anything because i am constantly making time for the new game. then when i eventually have a few weeks without anything new ill go back and think ‘this is great why didn’t i finish this already?’  or a new MMO will turn up (champions at the moment) and sap every spare second, resulting in more gamer guilt.

The Answer

Should us gamers be militant with ourselves and have a time limit between new games? should be restrict our MMO obsessing? or should be not buy one until the last has gone cold?

i know a few people who only have two games installed at any one time to maximise play and minimise new game distraction. they have the MMO of choice and a single player experience. is this they way?

or, should we embrace the sea of play and just go with ‘it’ free of guild. i mean my hobby is still cheaper than going to the pub three times a week or holidays all over the world, and the fact that games get neglected is probably because i go out allot.

do you have rules for game shopping and playing? should i?

Magic the Gathering – Something epic.

headerMagic the Gathering Duels of the planes walkers maybe a stupid name for a game but I won’t hold it against them (much).

Magic the Gathering is a well seasoned card game that is well known among role players and comic book readers (not exclusively but these are the kinds of people i hang out with) its been expanded and redesigned many times and is still one of the most played card games across the globe.

The game however has been out of Xbox Arcade for quite some time, but now thanks to the Steam service its going to be on the PC very soon (any day now, or so i am told, maybe the 15th of this month)

ss_9b3b8a327ac8b5cf78755157eb6ef8f06d6f01c1.600x338The is set to have allot in common with its xbox brother. so i wont bore you with details about the interface or the performance (because i have little to go on) but this flavour of the Magic game is a newer one, Planes Walkers was considered an expansion to the real world game.

ss_010dcd13b490f470cd978c8339d8492c09d1f311.600x338The game has already gotten allot of bad press of forums for not having a deck builder but i think this was partly because of balance for the online modes and partly to keep it accessible for newer players.

the game is just £6.99 on Steam and if you pre-order you will get the first expansion for free upon release (expansions are set to cost between £3 and £5) so assuming the game is your ‘cup of tea’ then its a reasonable deal.


Until its released there is not much more i can really tell you except that the minimum  specification makes me think its going to be a choice game for my ultra portable laptop (okay, its a netbook)

    • OS: Windows XP with Service Pack 3
    • Processor: 2GHz CPU (Pentium 4 or equivalent)
    • Memory: 1GB RAM (2GB for Vista)
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c or later
    • Hard Drive: 700MB
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
    • Video: 256MB VRAM GPU capable of Pixel Shader 2.0c or better

For some reason the card game does seam to have a home with MMO players and bloggers so I hope a few of you will be kicking me in my digital ass when its released (as i have never been good at MtG).

Quest Hard Audio Blog 4 - 'By any other name...'


    This week we talk in detail about our Guild Wars 2 expectations and thoughts, we also talk about inappropriate Lego creations and the possibility of Lego raids and Copyright infringement with blocks. we discuss some interesting trends in Twitch and PvP gaming and generally, although rambly we do impart some great brain workings and more than a dash of Warcraft talk, real names or not!

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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Guild Wars 2 Hype machine - Warrior


Once again the GW 2 Hype machine has had a mighty blast of awesome released with the confirmation and video of the Warrior Class.

CaptureSure we all knew it was coming but now its official. the Warrior is officially announced as a Guild Wars 2 profession. there is even a video to prove that they didn’t just throw this in at the last minuet.

If your want more news about Guild Wars 2 then check out GuildCast podcast (its really the best one out there) or the games official  home page over at

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

DC Universe Online Footage.


Today when I checked my E-mail i had the usual Google alerts. I use Google alerts to scour the internet for interesting MMO related news but today it did me proud and found a wonderful 4 minuet clip of champions online DC Universe online. Anyway hype aside the clip is available here and the official DCUO web page is here

The trailer is mostly an interview with an interesting Public relations brainwashed man but in-between his yammering is some wonderful footage of the game, that, to be honest looks like a very polished and slightly 'more realistic Champions Online. and i mean that in a good way.

Its been a long wait for DCUO and still long to go but its shaping up to be a great game with some really engaging story and game play elements.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Doctor who – Adventure game


Well, well, well…. finally the BBC have recognised that there is a market out there for games. as a good friend of mine pointed out to me thousands of people will have just realised that they can play games on their PC’s.

As an ambassador taking gaming to the masses how does this game stand up?

doctor-who-game1If i was 15 years younger and new to games but loved Doctor Who i would love this game, its an episode of the series mutated into life with mini puzzle bits, stealth bits and some really great quality voice acting. its got everything a Doctor Who fan could want.

However i am not a Serious Doctor who fan (i was, but then they broke it by letting Peter Davidson leave) and now i am a pretty serious gamer.

the game is simplistic, the puzzle bits remind me of Free Realms and the stealth bits are just silly. there is a possibility that i am a little older than the target audience however.

So, let me stick to the facts.


  • Its free
  • Its very faithful to the show
  • Its a light weight game, runs on my net book.
  • looks pretty good really.
  • Easy controls.
  • Long enough to stand up as a story of its own
  • Fantastic voice acting.
  • Puzzles keep game play fresh (if you like puzzles)
  • The client will house all the episodes, making it a easy to keep track
  • Its a game free of actual violence
  • The younger audience will love how easy it is to play


  • If you live outside the UK you can’t have it… that seams nationalistic at best.
  • It does not support ‘descent’ resolutions so it looks a little strange on my 19 inch monitor.
  • It reuses an aged game play style without adding new features.
  • the stealth bits are just crappy.
  • The puzzles are very ‘free realms’ inspired.
  • Controls are clunky.
  • No real challenge.

Granted, i may have missed the point and it should be digested as a Doctor Who story and little more, as that its fantastic but as a game its not.

I can’t help but think that the game play is very similar to the Tales of monkey island series, but they where pretty fantastic games. I think had TellTale Games been behind this then the same basic concepts would have been able to appeal to a wider audience.

All in all, as a concept its great to see the BBC branch out and its even better to see a high quality free game. I'll play them because they are free and my daughter likes to watch but they could have been better.

Global Agenda, Sandstorm


Dear god. where do i start with this one? well here are the patch notes. There …that should do it.

okay, still confused? so am I…. this is sandstorm


What that that actually has to do with the new Global Agenda patch is a mystery to me. Global agenda’s 1.3 patch known as Sandstorm is a three phase upgrade to the game, and so far we have phase 1, and last night i played it.

Its effectively changed the entire system of customising your character and gear by putting it in a blender with a ‘traditional’ MMO and leaving it in the sun for an hour… again, I'm loosing you aren't I.

Now that the patch has dropped you no longer have device points (points used to increase effectiveness of gear) you know have weapons (as items) like you do in a traditional MMO’s and it get a better weapon you don’t drop more points into your weapon ‘skill’ you now just buy a new weapon. as for armour, now you have you appearance armour and your stats armour, that have no real relation to each other as far as i can see. but your appearance armour decides now effective your stats armour is. I’m confused again.


The above picture sums up my confusion with the new system while remaining completely unrelated to anything.

The stats system aside there are high points to the patch, its not all bad, now we have new stores that sell gear for the individual class’s (because one store with assorted vendors would not have been enough… apparently) they are pretty good looking with statues of the relevant armour model outside looking all epic, once you go into the store you can talk to a vender. there are three vendors in each shop, basic gear, Mercenary gear and Conquest gear, the exact availability of the gear for free players is dubious but i assume that's my ignorance more than the games design (yeah, don’t explain anything will you)

Once my confusion was taking it’s toll in the city area i joined a queue to enter a match (that menu had changed as well) and waited for almost 20 minuets with no popup telling me it was ready (last time i played just a week ago i waited only seconds)  so i joined a PvE queue. just 5 minuets later i was offered a team. I joined.

The first shock i had was that my jetpack can now be used by holding the space bar down (Obvious improvement) and i can fire a guy while flying. this is a very good improvement that should have been made ages ago.

then i fired my weapon (a Recon Rifle) and it seemed VERY in effective against… thing with health bars. My sword had suffered a similar fate (now its a Katina not a space sword, sci-fi, glowing, epic thing)

obviously the mission was a disaster for both me personally and the entire team. It would seam that i was nurfed… and not a little but but in an epic and disasterous way.

what now?

confusion_is_a_prelude_to_clarity_tshirt-p235191923484780734qsx0_400 well, now i had to read patch notes properly and pay attention to the chat window. after a few minuets i realised needed some ‘things’ so i got some new and more effective armour (it was expensive so i assume its better) and shopped for some more job specific weapons (got a sniper rifle… one that i had BEFORE the patch anyway) and in the auction house i got some Mod’s (that i STILL DON’T KNOW HOW TO EQUIP!)

I got violated again in PvE and then rage quit the game. (I am so very grown up)

what did i think of the patch?

Well, I’m not impressed but I can say that its the first one of 3 patched that are supposed to completely rework the game. i am going to play again later today but i will try to be more patient.

assuming i have a similar experience as last night i won’t be logging in again until the next patch. if after patch 3 i am still as confused i may see an uninstall screen.

i love this game because i can jump in and play whenever i want with no subscription and i don’t have to mess with any real depth of character evolution, this patch may have killed all the things that i like about the game.

Will i subscribe to the game (even IF they fix it) ?

No. i like the old free to play portion of the game, jump into PvP and kill people, then log out. i did not want an MMO i wanted persistent violence. i am not interested in the depth that they seem to be adding to the game, if i want an MMO i have Guild Wars and LotRO (and Champions now)

Lets hope that more people unlike me love the changes. There is a great game in there some place that deserves to be played. granted the subscription thing was always a mistake this game should have been a one time purchase with an RMT store to support it. lets hope that they don’t ‘develop’ the joy out of this game.

Champions online. 20 hours in.


I was looking forwards to champions online. Then when it was released there was no trial, so did not buy it. When a trial came i was let down by the game and ignored it for a good few months.

Recently i picked it up cheap at my local game store (£5) i installed updated and did not expect to be blown away by it. and then i played for a while (as my Xfire Profile shows)


I was wrong, the game has improved allot since its conception and all those little bugs that ruined the trial for me have been fixed (or at least lots of them have)


The Game is still great looking and very comic book even if not traditionally pretty its still easy on the eyes and runs very fluid (much better than when i ran the trial a few months ago)

For anyone who has not tried champions its worth saying that the game play is both simple and rewarding. You create your unique looking character (in the amazing creator) then go into the very busy feeling world (or tutorial)

you have two types of ability, ones that build ‘power’ and ones that use it. its better played on a pad as the game feels very arcade and i found myself hitting ‘x’ (my PowerBuilder) until the enemy's where half way dead, then finishing them with my ‘Force Blast’ on the ‘Y’ button.


Not exactly LotRO’s level of finesse or refinement when it comes to combat but it is allot of fun to pound the bad guys until the fall down.

I am only 20 hours into the game but at this point i am having a great time zipping about Millennium city and kicking ass. the quests all pander to the games strengths too, the text is written tongue in check and its easy to figure out what you need to do, and to make it easier there are big green circles on the map pointing out ‘Target areas’ for you. usually i would say that this type of quest helper makes things too easy but in the case of Champions its more that is points you to the action than ruins any immersion.

There does seem to be a bug with the game that makes it impossible to play without a router reset once a session (appears to flood the connection) this is an irritation but the reset gives me time to get coffee. its also much more playable with a pad than a mouse and keyboard as the controls feel more responsive and fluid.


In conclusion i would say that the game is fun. not big or clever but fun. will i pay £8.99 a month for it? i don’t know, while i am having fun yes but if it starts to get old then i will stop playing, there is no long term ‘hook’ that i can see but when hitting bad guys is this much fun i don’t worry about the future much.

The Mummy Online


Its not a joke. that was the first thing that i checked then i saw this website. it does appear that the popular Mummy Motion picture franchise has leaked into the gaming genre.

the website is here and right now its little more than a place holder, you can sign up for a news letter or, well, look at the page. i am not sure how long this has been in development but it does appear that it has the full backing of the studio.


The developer’s website has this to say

'”San Francisco, June 3, 2010 – The global market leader in browser-based Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG), Bigpoint, ( today announced that it is developing a browser-based MMOG based upon Universal Pictures’ The Mummy film franchise.” 

Browser based games are the future of MMO’s (or at least i think they are) but is this going to be a serious effort of a game or just a hype generator for another movie?

All that said though, if the game is half as good as the first movie then it will be well worth a play.

Friday, 4 June 2010

LotRO now with 100% more FREE


As strange as this may sound the famed Lord of the Rings Online will be a free to play game within the year.

Every current of past LotRO player has received an E-mail today announcing that the game is switching to a free to play pricing model.

This almost definitely stems from the success of Dungeons and Dragons Online after it became a free to play game. Although both Turbine and Codemasters have been quite secretive about the subscriber numbers its generally believed that LotRO is the second or third most popular subscription based MMO currently being played outside of Asia.

I think its fair to say that this is a bold move on behalf of Turbine and Codemasters. if the game is a success in its new free to play pricing model then i am certain that this will be kick in the backside that other developers need to make more great games free.

As for the exact details of the pricing model not allot is really known. for now we know that there will be free and VIP access as well as an item shop. if Turbine follow the DDO system then certain areas (mostly raids/instances) well be locked and require paid keys to access. there may also be a level cap that requires a few pounds to overcome. it is looking however like you will be able to play the game and all expansions for just a few pounds a month and even then its going to be on your terms.

My only real concern here is how Turbine and Codemasters treat the Lifetime subscribers with this change over. will they ignore them or give them life long VIP access? I’m sure they will be addressed soon though.

All good news and i will update as i have more information. if i can keep my character and carry on playing then i will be very happy. if i get some kind of perk for owning the game and Moria already i will be even happier.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Quest hard Dot Com

AS you may have noticed Quest Hard (formerly lairds lobby) is now a website all of its own (thanks to google’s wonderful services) and we are now available as

There will be updates to the look of the blog and some added features going live very soon. as usual you can keep up with what's going on with the site and myself on twitter @hexdsl

sorry for any confusion or down time but i assure you that this is a good thing.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A Rose by any other name…

As you can see Lairds-Lobby has had a name change, this is to make way for coming events as well as clarify exactly what this site is all about, expect more changes any second, well, day.

At the worst we have the same blogs and the same Author (me, Laird HexDSL) but we have a cool name.

Spread the word and please do update your links