Saturday, 31 July 2010

Global Agenda, an empty shell?



hex I keep finding myself writing posts that start with me making sure people know that i am a fan of the game, then going on to bash it. so as you can imagine, it was a shock to me when i sat down with the intent to summarise the state of play, and the only word i could come up with was ‘empty shell of former victory’. i was so upset with myself that i loaded the game and spent a good half hour making sure i was not missing something.

You see, its Saturday evening and for once i have had free time so you can imagine my surprise when the new open zone of Global agenda was empty. well, not empty, there was one other person (a Robotics class) wondering about the zone.

Its wonderful that Hi-Rez Studios are still working hard on the game but this new zone has served in my opinion to not add content to the game but to work away from its strengths and highlight its flaws.

the thing that people seemed to like about global agenda (before the developers began monkeying about with it) was that it was a fun class based third person shooter that was more about team work than ‘ubber-skillz’ a team with good communication could always take a high powered team of assault guys.

Now with all that monkeying I mentioned there have been important game balances and a PvE zone added and even the subscription model has gone to let us enjoy the game in its full glory. All things that should make it better but, its not, and i know why.

Global Agenda was a great game when it was launched, sure it had some issues but it was a great PvP Arena and now its trying to be an MMO, in the traditional sense, this has, as i mentioned earlier highlighted its flaws, you now notice how the AI runs from you when you start shooting (designed to gather support from other AI) you notice how the skills you have all feel under powered and you realise in the end that you are standing in a big empty desert with one little tiny outpost and a handful on NPC’s that you just gone care about.

if you have a good story in your game then that’s great and most player will love it, but if you get a story and recklessly bolt it on to an already established arena game then people see through you, they see that the story is rushed and has no soul.

they should have taken a leaf out of the LotRO hand book and done what Turbine did in the Ettinmoors and had an open PvP area with quests so as you battle the inept AI you also get attacked by other Players. everyone has a quest and a reason to kill everyone else, keeping it fresh and active.

anther reason that the new area is not holding me is that i can see how similar it is the the ill fated Tabula Rasa, but its like a pale and washed out impersonation of the charming world that the insane Richard Garriott built for us to explore in his game. with so little going for the new environment i can see why its empty.

as it is though, i think most players are ignoring the soulless desert waist land in favour of the arena PvP that they already love. in all, the epic update as really made very little difference to the game.

How can they fix it? i don’t know, and at this point I’m not sure how many more times i will feel like logging in. I really hope they surprise me and make some good choices in the end though as I loved the game at launch and I’m still sure that there's a wonderful gaming experience in there under the rubble of so called improvements

This BETA be good


It has just been announce that people buying the limited edition version of the new Medal of honour (to hell with the yanks I am spelling it properly) will get exclusive access to the battlefield 3 beta when it launches next year.

battlefield 3 beta to come with Medal of Honor Limited Edition


Now I have never made it a secret that I am a bit of a DICE fan boy and I an certainly happy that they have finally said something concrete about Battlefield 3 (it has been rumoured for a good couple of years). However I am going to have a bit of a moan about pre-order/special offer beta bonuses.  This is not that first time that EA have done this (if you buy Bad Company 2 now you can get into the MOH beta), or indeed other companies. I think we all know Crackdown sold way more than expected because of the Halo 3 beta.

My beef is that games companies have to run beta’s, they don’t really have any choice not to. So when the hell did they become a promotional offer. Essentially they are saying buy this game, and we will let you test our unfinished product for free, though we would have to give it out to be test anyway. We might as well make some money from schmucks first.

So essentially you are buying into a product this is incomplete, and getting a game you might not want (and could be crap) with it. My advice is always this, don’t drop money on a game until you have seen a source that you trust rate it, be it a friend, a magazine or a website.

We all make rush judgements on games and often we regret it (note, don’t buy Blacklight:Tango Down off steam, its crap).

Consider yourselves told

PS DICE When the fuck is Battlefield 1943 coming to the PC??????

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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Getting Lost

fish As I mentioned on the audio Blog, I have been playing a lot of Age of Conan since the launch of the Rise of the Godslayer expansion. I picked up where i left of with my level 33 necromancer. Now I will freely admit that while I like AoC, there are still a lot of things I don’t quite get.

AgeOfConan_Logo So one of my guildies invited me to do a dungeon, which i was more than happy at. Unfortunately I had no idea where this dungeon was. So about an hour and a lot of help later  I was only just beginning to figure out were I was going (I will be the first to Admit my sense of direction sucks). Maybe it is just me but AoC World Map doesn’t make it very clear where things are and how they are connected.

So after an hour I had died a couple of time (once form a fall and once from massive bunch of rather stabby enemies), and the group had fallen apart. It is safe to say I was a bit pissed off. Then I got to thinking that I had never really been lost, not properly, in a game before. Even the big MMO’ s it is really hard to do.

At the time it was pretty god damn frustrating, but in hindsight I kinda of liked it. In my humble opinion getting lost is actually quite a lot like getting to know a place, even if it is unintentional. I have been lost in the real world loads of times, and chances are you usually discover something you didn’t even know was there.

So my recommendation of the week, pick a game and head off into the wilds with no particular destination in mind, just to see what you find.

Good luck my brave adventurers. (Too much?)

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Starting a new game

hex in the spirit of sharing i thought i would make public my intent to play the Homestar Runner games starting this evening. as usual from tell tale games there are five episodes and i am expecting them to take just over three hours each to finish.homestarI know nothing about these games and brought them because they where on steam sale for £3.99. a bargain for a game from this developer I am sure.

So, ill check back soon and give you some thoughts.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Love your Casual Brothers


hexYour a gamer, I know you are because your reading this, and as a ‘real’ gamers you have casual gamers, or think of them as a bit silly. most gamers go. but i bet you have played one or two great casual games, hey, that's okay because your a gamer, you can enjoy any game.

pacmanThis divide we have experienced has come from gamers labelling themselves, one of my favourite games of all time is Pac Man. i love Pac Man. most ‘hardcore’ gamers have a love for the ultra Retro titles. however thing for a moment, then Space invaders was released its home was coffee shops and bars way before the arcade revolution. so back at the age old inception of gaming everyone was casual. i have even seen the point raised that as Nintendo created the first true home consoles with titles like Donkey Kong then casual games are ‘proper’ games and the more hardcore ones are the 'flash in the pan success.

imagesThink about the success of the classic Gameboy, was it aimed at the  Hard core gamer? no it was aimed at people who liked games and Nintendo was careful to make sure there was a wide selection of genres on it, so any gamer casual or not (but there was no segregation back then) could find a game to enjoy.

Even the most hardcore games out there, the MMO’s are having to  be come a little more accessible (casual minded) to keep players. this is because eventually the hardcore gamer will burn out on a game and the casual player won’t.

plants-vs-zombiesPlants Vs Zombie’s was one of the best games of the last few years and its a casual game. its a simple to play elegant tower defence game.

Think about the things that make a game casual, its accessibility, addictiveness (Jewel quest/Book Worm style) and price.

Now think about hardcore games, Inaccessible (you need to have experience/enjoy the learning curve), Higher price (£30 average compared to the £15 casual price point) and continued DLC/Subscription cost’s if its a success. 265261-video_games__c11751589_super

Now, look back at my 2 paragraphs, who have the best games? who have the best deals? who is the more sensible gamer?

Maybe we should stop whining about casual and free play gamers ruining gaming and start enjoying fun games no matter what the ‘target audience’ also, is there a down side to gaming being absorbed by society as a worthy pass time?

Episodic gaming and the rise of DLC


characters I recently brought Sam and Max on sale off steam, and I got me thinking of 4 or 5 years ago when episodic gaming was being hailed as the future of gaming. As it turns out this was not the case (GOD DAMN YOU VALVE), ahem, and the only people to actually put out episodic games on anything like a schedule is Telltale games (Sam and max’s makers).
So if episodic gaming is dead, why do we keep buying new content for games we already own. I am of course talking about what seems to be the new ultimate buzzword for developers and publishers, Downloadable content.
So my question is, is DLC a genuine attempt by a developer to make their game better, or to just cash in a bit more. There have been several dubious pieces of DLC in the past, including the versus mode for RE5 and the Sinclair Solution’s extension for Bioshock 2.
I don’t want to appear to be raging on DLC, because I have just played through the Zombie island of Dr.Ned for Borderland, and it is a great piece of DLC. It is one of the few bits of DLC I have tried that seems to get it, that it should give you more of what you want in a decent size chunk. Unlike say the Dragon age DLC, which while enjoyable is only a couple of hours long each at best. As Hex has said before, he likes to get a £1 per hour out of his games, and from what I have seen most DLC falls flat on that.

I know what you are thinking, what about multiplayer maps, and my questions is always, why do we need to pay for more, when some companies, like Valve and Dice (Bite me, I am an fan boy of these two) seem to be able to release maps for free. Now I am not going to mention MW2, cause I am not that big a fan of it (I do own and have played a fair amount), all I am going to say is that I can see the overprice map packs continuing for years.

Humm so am I against DLC?  Yeah I think I am, I would rather the developer of a game I love, start making a new game for me to look forward to, instead of adding some unneeded extras to an already good game. On that note I will leave it with one final message for an developers that may read this (What??! it could happen).


PS. Hex check it out two blogs in 3 days, pull your finger out.

Mr Fish Made a post!

warcraft-quest-icons-papercraft As strange as this may appear, my co-host and fellow Quest Hard founder Mr Fish has made a post on the site for the first time. Over here on Quest Hard it has always just been myself posting the epic and not so epic content that you have enjoyed so, now there are more of us and maybe even more soon, i thought that this would be a good time to introduce some contributor headers. as you can see from previous posts you get little more than a name at the bottom and this does not really draw your eyes, so, i made these.

One for My posts:


One for Mr Fish’s posts:


Hopefully this will serve two purposes, firstly making it clear who wrote a post (so the praise goes to the proper thought scribe) and secondly to make sure that the hate mail reaches me on time ;)

I hope you all like them as you will be seeing them on every none podcast post from now on.

Also if anyone wants to link back to us, here is the little button we have for this purpose:


Saturday, 24 July 2010

QH Podcast 4, ‘By any other name…’



    This week we talk in detail about our Guild Wars 2 expectations and thoughts, we also talk about inappropriate Lego creations and the possibility of Lego raids and Copyright infringement with blocks. we discuss some interesting trends in Twitch and PvP gaming and generally, although rambly we do impart some great brain workings and more than a dash of Warcraft talk, real names or not!

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Friday, 23 July 2010

Steam is great right?

Hey all (I am going to assume someone is going to read this). This is my first of hopefully many blogs.

I will jump straight in with my first thoughts. This week I had a bit of a mild panic, when I my Steam install seemed to be broken, where I couldn't get a game to load without Steam crashing. Don't get me wrong I love steam, it is a great service and I have now managed to sort my problem, but it got me thinking.

What happens if, in the pretty unlikely case, that Steam servers explode and Valve goes under. I am suddenly stunned by the amount of faith that i has put in a service to safeguard the vast majority of my game collection. It kinda make me nostalgic for the good old days when we all purchase a DVD (or hell, cds and floppies if you are old school). At least that way you aren't trapped by having an internet linked service to have to play your game.

Now obviously Ubisoft have recently taken a lot of shit for there consistently online anti piracy measure, not that I have had a problem with them. I am just concerned that my games are sort of becoming less my games and more I am leasing them from online service. This is probably even more annoying considering that the majority of online services aren't really cheaper than retail (yeah I know, I spent a lot on recent steam sale too).

The convenience of these services make up for the fact that they are all basically ways from stopping use from truly owning things that we purchased. Though despite any protests, I can't see this changing in the future, unless everyone crosses there hearts and hopes to die that they will never pirate a game again. I guess this is also down to the impulse factor, as pc games sections in games shops continue to dwindle, when a new game pops up offering quick easy access, well it is not easy to say no.

Humm I guess I just realised I don't think I have a point, maybe I am feeling nostalgic for when I could look at a shelf and see dozens of games, which I knew where mine and nobody could take away from me. Yeah it was a bit of a pain to swap discs but I wasn't reliant on some service (also they looked purty).

Well just a bit of brain thinking food and i sure as hell am not going to stop downloading games from Steam, its just that I couldn't think of any other service that i use that has me so locked into them. It is impressive that I simply could not stop using steam, because I would have to say goodbye to, well a good few hundred pounds worth of games. Considering that every other service, from electricity, water and dvd rentals, I am perfectly open to try other services. Holy crap I think I just found my point. On that note i will run for the exit before it goes again.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Bad Company 2 is actually really great company


With my current MMO being for the most part Global agenda (that until tomorrow night when the update happens is a bit pants) i have been playing allot of Bad company 2 with my best buddy Mr Fish (who has been playing allot of age of Conan) 


I won’t bore you MMO playing readers with a review or any deep thoughts but its got to be worth saying that its interesting how when we are between MMO’s we gravitate to games that are far from MMO’s maybe that is why more twitch based massive worlds have little appeal. because when we are in one we are in the mood for a less FPS like experience. the opposite however does not seem to be true.

More and more i find myself noticing Role play elements in FPS games. sometime i wonder if it was inevitable that this would happen as FPS was the only role-play free genre for a long time. RTS and even sports games have had level ups and unlocks for ages. 

Maybe Role play IS gaming and it just took us a while to notice.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Speaking the unspoken: TOR vs. the Elephant.

CaptureThe Old republic is going to be a big game, we are all going to buy it and play it hard, we are going to play it really hard.

After watching the multiplayer combat footage a few weeks ago I have felt like there is an elephant in the room and no one has seen it, or at least have not pointed it out to each other.

Okay, strap yourselves in, get ready to be in awe of my truth nuggets. The Old Republic is not going to change the world.

Now I’ve said it I can’t unsay it. Are you okay? Really? You need a drink or some air?

The reason I am speaking the unspoken here is that I really think its going to be a good game but lets be honest all of the in game footage we have had has been pretty standard stuff, its not a WoW clone, I hate that phrase at the best of times but on this occasion it’s what I would call a ‘Traditional MMO’ not a different type of experience. This is probably a good thing because so far the alternative experiences have not done so well, people like the Traditional MMO because there it allot of game-play to be had with very little learning curve.

I veteran MMO gamer once used the phrase ‘Jumped the shark’ to describe his feelings about loading warhammer for the first time. I think I know how he felt when I saw the TOR footage. Its not that there is anything wrong with the game it looks great and very easy to play with allot going on, but its just another MMO, granted it will be a good one but its not the game that will break the genre and create it anew.

I think that it will raise the bar for voice work and conversational game-play but that’s as much as it will change.

I think that there are more new ideas in Guild Wars 2 than in TOR with ease. And I think that more ideas from GW2 will stick in the long term. This is because it’s offering traditional game play but its going to do it in a new way (did that make sense?)

Also I think that launching another subscription based game this late in the day is a mistake, a box purchase followed by an item shop is very much the way to go at the moment for so many reasons.

Maybe I am wrong, but I just thought some one should say it. TOR, it’s going to be good but not as good as they think its going to be. You will be clicking skills and checking your inventory. You will be doing all the things you have been doing for your whole MMO playing life so far, you just maybe having a little more fun doing it with a Star Wars theme.

Missing – The indie spirit.



Whatever happened to the independent game? I know there are ‘Indie’ Studios all over the world creating some fantastic games at great prices but on this occasion I am not talking about them.

I’m talking about truly independent games, like the Multi User Dungeons that came before the MMO, and the text adventures that where knocked out by the basement programmer.


The open source software movement has gained allot of steam over the last few years, Linux is blooming (finally, thanks Ubuntu), ClamAV is a great example of useful software and GIMP gives us a free and truly independent solution for graphic design so it is a shock to me that there’s no stand out free/open source and independent game that’s dominating the internet.

When you consider that without the kind of spirit that created the MUD there would be no path that would lead to modern MMO’s I wonder if the reason that MMO’s have been so stagnant of recent years is because there are no new idea’s coming in from the hobbyist developer.


Even the much anticipated ‘The Old Republic’ is looking more and more like a Star wars Mod for WoW as we see more footage so I think we owe it to ourselves as gamers to support games like ‘Love’ and ‘Wurm Online’ even though they can lack polish or real direction at least they are doing new things in new ways. Take a look at ‘sleep is death’ for a game that is doing something new.


It’s important to remember that it’s the gamers that define new gaming trends with the purchases we make, if we keep buying games based on stale idea’s then that’s what publishers will offer us. Remember Mirrors Edge? How about Dead Space? Both of those games where released an a golden year (and not too long ago) by EA, the company that has been pushing the same Madden game for years and charging full price for what really is a tiny Tiger Woods upgrade every year.  The year they released Mirrors Edge and Dead Space (two truly fresh games) was the same year that they made the largest staff cuts in the company’s history. Was it our fault for not buying two copies of the game each? No of course not, but if we where buying less of the recycled crap like Madden and voting with our wallets responsibly them maybe we would see more games like Mirrors Edge (I know there is a Sequel on the way)


This brings me to the reason that we do not see basement programmers making great games any more. Its because the industry has money to offer them, making games makes money for all involved. This is a good thing because it means we see more games of a higher quality and there is no solution for this. People should not start refusing jobs because they want to stay true to an artistic vision but maybe subscription services like OnLive will have more options available to produce games as they can use them to flesh out the service. With the abilities people have now to create and distribute (Xbox Indie, steam, Personal Websites, Wii Ware, Pandora, Java games) there are more ways than ever to share your work (thanks internet) but with the potential to make more money than ever there is less reason to make that open source multi player master work.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Guild Wars 2, Some questions.


With the launch of Guild Wars 2 on the very real horizon now there has been a good many posts all cross the internet speculating about the mechanics and story of the new game. With all this buzz and interest I have waited to write my thoughts on the whole topic. So, I have prepared the following ramblings that really is designed to raise questions about they day to day experience…

There are going to be many changes to the Guild Wars game play, this includes everything from the skill bar selection method to the lack of healers and tanks to the new death penalties and all the undisclosed stuff in-between.

I am sure that the game will be a great improvement upon the first, I mean no disrespect to the first game as it was one of the best gaming experiences I have ever had but its getting a little old now and most of us serious players have finished all of the content at least once and there are some things missing from the game that are standard in newer games.

However with all this said there are specific nuggets of information that I am interested in that have not yet been disclosed.

Even though ArenaNet have spoken in some detail about persistence and such like, they have not addressed the method they are using to accomplish this, will the outposts and cities still be separate zones/instances or will the be in the centre of the instance? Sounds like a small question I know but the dynamics of this effect a great deal how the day to day travel and socialising will work.

Will I be able to ‘map’ somewhere in the same way I can with with the first game or will I be relying on mounts like in other games? If I am going to need a mount or something similar will there also be fast travel routes?

Will I be able to switch instance like I can now to play with a friend or is my server choice going to be more restrictive than that? In a lot of new games like Champions online there is a limit to about 100 people in a single instance will this be the same with Guild Wars 2?

Will there still be hard mode, will this be a hard mode instance/server that I have to switch to or will I be able to make the choice when out in the wilderness?

Will there still be a structure like the hall of Monuments that is a personal instance or will this be expanded to player housing?

I have already mentioned my concern about server choices restricting who you can play with but will this new game have a buddy system that lets me play with anyone I like or will the new levelling system already account for this in some way that we have not yet thought of?

Will the game have social tools like Twitter or Face book integration of any kind, I know it may not ‘fit’ a fantasy MMO but if LotRO can have a player blog system (my.LotRO) then I think the options are a little wider than they used to be. I for one would like to be able to see a twitter feed in every game I play.

Will your characters ‘stats’ be available on a website like the WoW Armoury system? Even if not at launch is this planned at some point?

Will the friends list offer more information than online and offline, will I be able to see character details and titles for people who are offline?

I know that they have used the phrase ‘Guild Wars pricing model’ but what exactly does that mean? At the moment we can buy unlocks, costumes and character slots in the store and campaigns come in massive chunks in the future however will we be buying campaigns or area’s. Will the campaigns come with new slots and races or classes or are all these things going to be separate?

As you can see I have some pretty specific questions about the game that so far have not been directly addressed. So, I am letting the more skilled news outlets tell us about classes and lore while I wait for the quality of life stuff to surface.

I am sure that ArenaNet will make the sequel that we all desire so badly, I’m even sure that it will live up to expectations. I just hope that the tools to build a community will be there.

LotRO Free Play – Still waiting


I want to play Lord of the Rings Online again, I really have the urge to play however with it about to switch to a free to play game I am unwilling to spend that month’s subscription money on the game until the new model has been released and/or confirmed in detail.

The fact that I am not giving CodeMasters my money because of future actions is a massive failure on the part of the marketing team.

I think however it’s safe to say that I will be option for the VIP membership once the game has made the switch. That is assuming I have not lost my existing characters in the transition.

I think its safe to bet that VIP status will cost no more than the current monthly subscription and will have other benefits that will help me when playing.

I truly hope that Turbine/CodeMasters pull off a simple and drama free switch over making old players and current player feel like they have not lost out. I also hope that the new pricing model does not push away players or cost them more money than they spend at the moment.

I wish Turbine the best of luck with this move and I really do think that the subscription model is a dead method for gathering revenue. I just hope its done properly.

Puzzle Agent, Final Verdict


After about 4 hours I have finished Tell tale games wonderful Puzzle agent. As I said in my previous post regarding this game. It has very successfully combined Puzzles with story without either one suffering. However there are some issues with the game that only appear after completion.

Once you finish the game there is not way to experience the plot sequences again without starting a new game. This is an irritation as the games strength is its story. There also appears to be no way of redeeming yourself and resetting stats on puzzles without starting again.

Another strange thing is that I completed the story of the game without encountering 3 or 4 of the puzzles, they only appeared after I had finished and with the game being so short I would have thought it would be more logical to make sure the player experience all of the content before letting them finish the final sequence.

The Plot in the end feels like a first episode of a TV show, I think the game may have been originally planned as an episodic release with this being the first and second combined.


There is no denying that I enjoyed the game a great deal and think its well worth experiencing for any gamer however it fails my test of value for a game, anything I buy should be enjoyed more than one hour for ever pound ( £1) I spend so at £6.25 this game should have given me at least 6 hours of enjoyment.

I am not sure that I will be going back to it now its finished thought as the puzzles are scripted and not randomly generated so once you have done it one there is very little challenge in pulling the answer from your memory.

I would like to see more Puzzle Agent games if only for the characters and art style but the next one would work better as a more whole story delivered in episodes. Repayable puzzles possibly with timers would definitely add to the game though.

Also, I really have a distrust of gnomes now.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Sunday Meme: Double rainbow Song

In the theme of keeping things interesting we are starting a new tradition here on Quest Hard, every Sunday we will be posting an interesting/amusing meme video (assuming there is one, maybe youtube will run out one day) but don’t worry its strictly once a week.

so, if you check youtube there is a video titles double rainbow, but when you have some talent and an auto tuner it can be something much more

see, i knew you would like that. ;)

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Puzzle Agent. Strange and great


Over the past few few weeks there has been many bargains on
Steam (my choice of gaming store) but a game has popped up that i really wanted, price was little to do with it. I have wanted puzzle Agent since i saw the trailer (Below)

As you can see, the game has a strange David Lynch vide to it. the trailer however does not show game play but for the £6 and a few pence that Steam launched it for i could not resist.

It is thankfully exactly what i expected a crazy story that links together odd but classical puzzles (much like Professor Layton games do but what i expected would make this game stand out it the magic hat Tell Tall always bring to games. its hard to say what they do but some how they turn simple ideas and amusing stories that would usually be little more than that into memorable chuckle filled gaming evenings.


This game delivers the crazy juice very early on and the first puzzle is a very easy jigsaw image, the solution spells the name of the town you must visit. the game continually gives you puzzles that are relevant to the plot. this makes the game feel like more than a sham to hide pointless challenges, you almost feel like you are helping the agent on his way.


Very quickly the plot becomes twin peaks style tense but with a strange sense of humour that makes it unique. the fully voice acted scenes in-between clicking and puzzling are also superbly done and never go on too long. the puzzles do range in difficulty quite a but keeping things fresh, but also catering to different tastes. so far i have not felt like i have been repeating anything.


Thanks to the enigma of little red Nordic gnomes i will spend many an hour to come solving the case and think that i have had something of a bargain, the game is worth much more than the £6.25 i paid for it. all thumbs up, tell tale have done it again.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Quest Hard Audio Blog Episode 3



Quest Hard #3 'sad realisations'

This week Mr Fish and HexDSL have a sad realisation that Chronicles of Spellbourn is not coming, ever as well as information about the much desired old republic game as well as the wonderful trend of games mutating into free to play ones. we also talk over the lack of truly brilliant MMO's this year. oh yes, there's also that wallet milking steam sale.

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Sunday, 4 July 2010

For Shame.


As gamers we buy games regularly, and as adults we have been buying games for a long time.

Today however i was looking at friends steam accounts comparing achievements and unlocks and things when i stumbled across my own complete games list on steam…

Here it is

Remembering that i have been using the steam service since launch and often have grabbed games for 70% off in sales but its still a large list.

when you consider that my most played games (MMO’s) are not even on this list then its a statement about PC gamers. we can’t trade in most of out games (and none on steam) so this is the kind of list we end up with.

i wonder how this list would look if i could trade away games that i was ‘done with’ in the same way console players can.

so what’s the same? the shame is that over half of this list i have acquired is obsolete, the kind of games that i won’t install ever again because they are either too old to stand up to modern titles or i have finished and have little to no desire to play again

i wish i could gift away these titles to friends who would enjoy them. much like an old friend once passed me the wing commander CD’s and a Tribes Vengeance disk. i could like to be able to ‘share’ those truly memorable experiences by letting others enjoy parts of my collection. That’s the down site of digital purchases though isn't it.