Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Addicted to 8bit?


hex Some times you play a game really hard and feel okay about the time you have sunk into it. Recently however I have sunk an unhealthy amount of time into Minecraft. I have been left with it dominating my thought and occasionally taking the role of the ‘miner’ in dreams. After a long stint in the game I find it hard to focus on things outside the game and end up in an almost trance like state.

video game addiction6-thumb-500x384

This is not healthy. I made the decision only to play once or twice a week and never for more than an hour and half. This got me remembering all those games that I got hooked on when I was younger. Back then if I got game addiction I would just lock my self in a room and play until I was ‘satisfied’ (that sounds wrong, I was just playing video games I promise!) two of the games i got hooked on where ‘X-com: Enemy unknown’ (but that game had about ten titles in Europe) and ‘Police quest’ (finished it 6 times one summer)


As I have become a ‘proper’ grown up I have not been struck with a serious game junkie attack in some time and often I have thought that this is a result of being a more mature gamer but while playing Minecraft I have wondered if games can only be truly addictive if they are simple and modern games are too complicated to capture  that ‘x’ factor that makes them taunt you in your dreams. 


Does anyone get truly addicted to modern AAA MMO’s the way they did when they played Mario Bros 3 or mega man as a kid? Is it age that frees us from this or is it the rhythmic simplicity of the 8bit that embodies the digital crack?

Lara Croft and the unfinished game



fish My and my lovely other half the Lady Fleata both have a fondness of tomb raider games, and are always looking out for co-op games we can play together. So when Lara Croft and the Guardian of light popped up on Steam we thought great. It very clearly states that there is online and offline co-op. So we each pre-ordered it, as you got Tomb Raider Legend for free.

Now it became playable last night so we both booted it up and tried to join our online game. Oh wait hang on, where is the online option, you click multiplayer and all you get is the option to add a second pad. Humm we think, that's weird, so we check the steam description and lo and behold the world online has magically disappeared.

So we check the forums and lo and behold there is a crap load of hating for Crystal Dynamics (the games makers) for not getting the game finished. It is interesting because this game came out on the Xbox a month ago, and they said they would patch in the online co-op when the game releases on the pc and PS3. Now they have said the co-op is to be patched in “soon”, whatever the hell that means. Incidentally I have just check my ps3 and there is no sign of the game.

Now me and Fleata decided to out put the game to the telly and play it that way. This worked, though it took ages to get the controls mapped to be useful, because the default setting, even with an Xbox pad is unusable. Also at one point it said to press a button to get into the menu. I did this and the game locked up.

It is really frustrating as there is a pretty good game in there once we got it all sorted. A really nice mix of action and simple puzzle solving. Just that is in need of patching urgently.

What has annoyed me further is that they are already discussing DLC, even 6mar2007_offline through they haven’t managed to get the online co-op finished. I believe that they said this feature would be ready for when the Xbox version was ready, but it wasn’t. So then they said it would be ready for when the PC/PS3 version launches, but it wasn’t. Now I am not convinced it will ever come.

To anybody thinking of buying this game, it is good but I strongly urge your to wait until it is finished.

Sorry about the rant but we brought 2 copies of a game, when it seems we currently only need 1 in our house. Got me pretty damn angry.

Monday, 27 September 2010

One True Cast - Waffel On

Another week of no F2P update over on the EU server. So this week we have a bit of a waffle about every thing and nothing.

We talk about the Defrag tool for Lotro

Hobbit Branded Beer Mugs from Tavern Craft. I want one but hexs wan...

I make Hex very hungry while talking about RL Lotro food recipes.

We also talk about a cool new RP website thats just been launced

And we also talk about the Bree Land times some thing that we think...

Also chat about the March on Bree by players in protest of no new u...

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Return to the Wars


hex I have been a very vocal advocate of Guild Wars for a very long time and with all the hype surrounding the upcoming sequel I thought it a good time to drop back into old habit’s and load up guild wars again.

I have not seriously played Guild Wars for quite some time; in fact I’ve only loaded into the game very occasionally to check for birthday gifts for my characters (The game rewards your character with a mini-pet every 12 month) and can say with all honesty that I have recently began to miss the ‘old’ community I had in the game.

I logged in fully intending to sink a few evenings of play into grinding out titles on my main character. To my surprise there were very few people playing in the European servers, the US servers where still quite busy though, this is fine, I don’t mind who I play with, granted I prefer playing with other Europeans as we have similar time zones so I can find regular groups but I have no real preference other than that.

What I do mind however is how the Guild Wars community has turned elitist in its old age. My main character is a very well kitted out Mesmer with a wide pool of skills available (including every key skill from every secondary profession) so you can imagine my surprise when I was told that I was not welcome in a group because my build was (and this is a quote) ‘too n00b for words’. My build at the time was an all illusion magic ‘drain build’ with an AOE skill from the dwarf title track, after some debate I realised that this person did not recognise my build from the ‘wiki’ and as such assumed it to be weak.

I have never used Wiki builds because I find them far too specific (this build for farming this are. That built for that mission) I like to have a more personal build based on my play style rather than a million cookie cutter choices.

If this was an isolated incident I would have ignored it but Guild Wars has become very competitive and the spirit of cooperation that I loved has gone from the game for the most part.

I assume that this is partly because I am not playing in regular groups any more and am being more exposed to the harsh reality of the PUG, none the less it did leave a bad taste in my mouth. I grabbed a party of Henchmen and re-acquainted myself with some areas I love.

The game has aged well and still looks great, the newer areas from ‘Eye of the North’ look the best (as expected) but even the early areas look great. It’s less populated now than when I first began playing but with the age of the game this is no massive shock.

The lack of a truly persistent world is not something that bothers me even now, once you are running about killing monsters you hardly remember that there’s no one else in your instance and if you’re in a large guild the chat box is just as full as when you are in any other MMO. GW1logo

Even after a binge in many other MMO’s there is something wonderful about the world that Arena net has crafted in Guild Wars and I can not help but admire the longevity of it. When you consider that they have never taken a penny in subscription it really is a wonderful feat.

Guild Wars 2 looks amazing, your going to hate it



fish I was chatting with my fellow blogger about Guild Wars 2, which looks amazing, and I came to the conclusion that he is probably going to hate it. Now Hex is a massive fan of the first Guild Wars, however they seem to be making a lot of changes in the sequel, all good in my opinion.

But every change they seem to announce, seems to take a further step away from the traditional mmo model, that has been in place since Everquest was launched. Now personally I find this immensely exciting, the idea of playing a game with no kill quests, generated missions, a unique take on healing and no tanks. I am getting a grin on my face just thinking about it.

But as I have said previously, I am not really a mmo player, more of a general gamer. I think a lot of the mmo players out there are very used to having these things that I have mentioned, to the point that they are something of a crutch that they rely upon. I believe that if you take them away, especially all in one go, they will shy away from your game.

I think it is telling that, in my opinion, the other biggest release coming up, The Oldstar-wars-the-old-republic-20090615053419653 Republic is relying very heavily on these crutches. When The Old Republic was first announce, I genuinely thought, wow that game is going to be awesome, Bioware write the best role-play games bare none. So they put their amazing writing into a mmo in the Star Wars universe, surely that will be the best game ever. However the more I see of The Old Republic, the less excited I get, as they seem to be relying on the old mmo crutches as much as every other mmo maker has in the past.

I wasn’t sure if to write this blog or not, as I realise a lot of you probably won’t agree with me. However I can’t help but think that in 6 to 12 months I will be playing Guild Wars 2 and have a amazing time, and Hex and others will be telling me that they don’t like it because there are no tanks.

Friday, 24 September 2010

The death and rebirth of the bedroom gamer



fish About 8 or 9 years ago a bunch of university friends coded a little hacking game from there houses and managed to actually get it published. Those programmers called themselves Introversion and that game was called Uplink. Now at the time they proudly declared themselves the last of the bedroom coders, and for quite some time they have proved themselves right.

However in the last year to 18 months it seems things are slowly changing, and this can only be a good thing for us, the gamers. I am off course talking about Minecraft, which is fab and has gotten a fair bit of press. However it isn’t just Minecraft, it has even entered the mmo world, with Love. Both games created solely by people with a passion for games and a great idea.

What is even more impressive is that these games, even though they are still in lovescreens-1 development, have been able to take what they have and make money off it. If your game is novel enough the get people to pay for it before it has even been finished, then you are onto a winner. And I would imagine that both of these developer, while perhaps not becoming stinking rich, have certainly made enough to cover a good chunk of development time.

I think there are several reasons why bedroom coders have been able to succeed. Obviously the first being the fact that pretty much everyone and their moms has broadband now, and this in turn making obtaining servers pretty inexpensive. I also think that the rapid spread of specialised game review/news sites has helped immeasurable. However there is still a lot to be said for word of mouth, though in this modern age of twitter and facebook, word of mouth goes a hell of a lot farther than it use to.

I am force to wonder if Realtime Worlds had started with smaller ambitions and a much smaller budget, would they still be trading today.

I for one know that I would much rather spend my cash on a novel little game, where the proceeds go to the continued developed  the game further, than to spend money a sequel that is remarkably similar to the last one for a big publisher.


Continued adventures of the mine


hex I like Minecraft, I like it lots. there is a good chance however that you have tried Minecraft and didn’t have a damned clue what to do. this is normal, I was confused my first hour then I did the YouTube search that changed my experience of the game ‘how do I play
Minecraft’. I won’t go into any depth about the actual game play because anything less than a tutorial video just doesn’t cut it.


The first thing you have to know about the game is that its in Alpha. yeah you are paying a little over £8 for an Alpha. i know, that sounds crazy. the game is playable, very much so and there is lots more game to come. but for know you can really get your teeth into Single Player survival mode. there are variation and other modes entirely running on many servers (All visible from the games website) there are also many features planned for the game in the near future.  Minecraft is an evolving game that I’m happy to pay £8 to be part of this early on.

when you load a new game (world) you have nothing, no tools or weapons or armour, literally nothing, you have to then combine wood and stone and whatever else you can find (depending on how good your spawn point is) to create tools to dig or build a shelter. once you have a shelter you must illuminate it with torches to keep yourself safe for nightfall. At night the monsters come. the zombies and spiders and all other such things come looking for you, then in the light of the new day the zombies burn and the skeletons hide leaving you with just the Spiders (and sneaky green exploding things) to worry about if you have a sword and some armour (crafted from dropped cow hides) you can kill those spiders to turn the string it drops into the key components for your bow, then a few sticks and feathers later your arrows are ready.


you can eventually make powered mine-carts and bookshelves as well as swimming pools and lava pits. the game is very open to creative urges and while it looks odd and square its very pretty in a retro kind of way.

the multiplayer aspect is very open to expansion and every server it its own persistent world (almost an MMO on larger busier servers) where the game community build and create wonderful and strange things.


if you have not tried Minecraft your missing out on the dawn of something special, much like the wonderful ‘Love’ MMO i think that this game is going to be looked back on as an important step in gaming history. The basement coder has returned and taken my mind off big budget releases and proved once again that that triple A titles is nothing to the power of a great idea and a little creativity.

Monday, 20 September 2010

One Small Step Closer to Mordor


Mára aurë
The continuing story of my LotRO experience.

So continuing on from my first steps into Middle Earth this is my next blog about my encounters in Middle Earth. In the first of these blogs I had just stepped into the realm of Middle Earth with my optimistic drum beating Minstrel, with all my expectations, fears and ready comparisons to WoW of which I have clocked up to 10k hours on.
dont_follow_me_signI’m level 39 just hit this yesterday and I’m at a bit of a loss at where to go now. After completing most of Everdim and Trollshaws quests (well the ones I can solo) I haven’t really been given any quests to go elsewhere. My problem is that there are quite a number of fellowship quests (understatement there are loads) and not a lot of people willing to do them. I’m on the RP server of Laurelin and I’ve seen many people running around about my level in each area, however when you ask in the area chat people seem very unwilling to group together for those harder fellowship quests; which has made levelling somewhat difficult, especially when I have completed all the normal quests and run out of quests with a load of fellowship quests clogging up my Quest Log of which I try and fail at doing solo.

Now I can hear you cry that's what a guild/ Kinship is for and yes I agree, but coming from the knowledge of being an officer and guild master in WoW, I header-logo know what’s like when you have a noob continually asking for help on quests group or not. It’s ok to start but quickly gets annoying;  so I try not to ask much if at all. I’ve asked kinfolk my level if they wish to group for fellowship quests and again I get not much response or a sure ok and then not really much in the way of actually questing going on. moan over. SO what’s the issue with all the fellowship quests and should they be downgraded to normal now that the initial influx of low level new players have dwindled and those like me are struggling to find a person to group with?

Servant of Sauron?
927428c707917388I am still loving LotRO and playing it quite a bit each week as well as other games  like Dragon Age:Origins and the new DLC and playing with various mods as discussed in Hangman’s blog. He does make a very good point tho, I’ve just completed my 30th Please go kill 10 bears quest, its a grind I tell you a pure unadulterated grind; now, coming from WoW I’m used to these sort of quests, they are Wow's bread and butter, and I understand why they are in there. But come on 30 quests to kill Bears let alone the 30 or so quests to kill Boars, Wolves, Spiders, (ok all spiders can die and I do honestly usually have to kill big ones with my eyes closed as much as poss) and don’t forget the eagles and I’m only lvl 39 how many more genocidal quests for the various Middle Earth wildlife species am I going to get before I get to 65? What did these poor animals do to warrant sure extinction?
This aside the world is lovely still and as Swift travel is free I’ve been exploring AAAAC8cLDmEAAAAAAE3OaAsome of the lower lvl parts of the realm, heading to Thorin’s Gate last night and taking a few screenshots. 
Disappointingly the dwarf place looks identical to the location of WoW’s Ironforge; very snowy mountain side fortress, none the less it’s an awesome site when you first round the corner and enter to witness the majesty of the opening chamber and huge dwarf statue bathed in light. So get your trust swift travel on on and get riding around the world as its free atm and go see some sites you would normally miss.

funny-pictures-cat-is-lost So where do I go now people Misty Mountains seems a little to high as the first creature I encountered travelling from Rivendell looked a mighty unfriendly Red and the quests I have left in Trollshaws are for beasties that like to smash my singing face and drum beating arms into the ground.
Are there any good LotRO sites and guides out there that you know of for noobs like me that are a good source of information that you would like to share?
oh and just a quick random WoW comment: PvZ in Warcraft Cataclysm looks awesome!! I can’t wait for Cataclysm. Fail of the Lichking wasn’t a patch on Burning Crusade.

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See Hang I didn’t mention Codies abysmal LotRO F2P delay and subsequent unknown release date at all….. D’oh

Quest Hard #8 'Weaponized Horses?'


This episode we talk about the closure of APB, the up coming World of Darkness game (and other games based on Pen and Paper Role-play) as well as our adventures in Age of Conan and Lord of the Rings Online. HexDSL also spouts the joys MineCraft (or MineCrack depending on point of view) the game that ate his sunday

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Sunday, 19 September 2010

MineCraft, my first time.


hex  Today i played the fantastic Indie game MineCraft, its free all weekend so i gave it a go. its hard to describe so i made this video. i have not shown any crafting tutorials of anything like that its just a walk around the ‘hole’ i have created in my first few hours of playing.

for anyone who does not know MineCraft is a came of creative survival.  All you really have to do is mine and craft (as title shows) anything else you do really is optional.

I have not tried the multiplayer as with the servers being down over the freeplay weekend i can not experience it. i assume creating something strange or wonderful and then inviting all your mates to come and play can only bee a good thing and it is a definite move into the same territory as the MMO Love but a lot more accessible, but not an MMO (yet)

Anyway, here is the video of what i created in my first session.

I hope that eventually this game does pick up an MMO style server but whatever they do fir the $10ish the game costs its stacks of fun and a really nice example of what the Indie scene is all about.

it appears to have grabbed the attention of Penny arcade too, i assume that will have attracted some new players.

Is there an APB out on none fantasy/sci-fi MMO’s



fish Having just read Hex’s blog about the closure of APB, it got me thinking about that mmo’s out there, and that they are pretty much all fantasy settings, with the odd sci-fi game. Now I am not going to blame APB’s failure on it’s setting, it failed because they spent way to much money on a game that wasn’t very good.

However, what does concern me is that with the fairly spectacular failure of the none fantasy/sci-fi mmo, does this mean that it will be a very long time, if ever, before we see another game that doesn’t have elves, swords or laser blasters in. Now anybody who has been reading my blogs may have notice a certain, erm,  negativity towards the lack of originality in the mmo field. While this has been generally been aimed at the way they play, but also down to the fact that in most mmo’s you can run around hitting things with a sword, regardless of setting.

I do feel that there is a market out there for a none fantasy/sci-fi mmo, personally I would love to see a wild west mmo. And perhaps had APB been a better games it may well have survived, though there are rumours that Epic are looking at buying it. I hope that APB does survive, because I fear that if it does die, so does my hope for a novel set mmo.

The only original mmo incoming I can think of that that has a pretty original concept is World of Tanks, which I really really hope will be good. Not because I especially want to play it, purely because it is different and I really hope is succeeds.

Wow that was negative, I think I am going to stop now before I make myself cry.

APB: All Players, Bye.


hex Firstly, I never played APB, i know, i should have done, i would probably have liked it. its sad when any MMO dies and with one so young with so much potential its even worse. as some one who has never found time to play it i know very little about the meat of the game.

  • I know that it has an interesting Payment model where you buy hours to ‘spend’ in the game.
  • I know its a Cops v Robbers style team game.
  • I know that its very pretty.
  • I know that it coast a serious amount of beans to develop (or pounds, whatever they used for cash)

Real world style games don't often interest me as I like to visit strange worlds with massive amounts of random things to enjoy and explore. Right or wrong I assumed this to be something like the infamous GTA series of games and as such instantly lost interest in it. I know allot of people enjoyed it and its a real shame its closing.

mmo-money-online-games-210x146I do wonder though why some games fail while some grow and  flourish. Is it the initial cost of development that sets a game up to fail or is the cost of maintaining it that’s the burden that leads to demise? Either way with the saturation of the MMO-Market i wonder if we will be seeing more games have life cycles as short as APB in the future. How many gamers do not want to invest in new MMO’s because they ‘might close too soon’ ?

If too many games close too early i think many developers will loose interest in the MMO scene leaving us with long standing games and some interesting Indie titles. I can’t see developers continuing to invest the massive sums of money that they do now without more success story’s.

is this a good thing or a bad thing for MMO’s in the long term? i guess only time will tell but with games like Love doing well i think we may see the Indie developer make a serious come back in the MMO and MMO-inspired gaming genre and that will result in some seriously great gaming experiences.

lets hope for the best and wish all games long and prosperous lives. (see how well i did not to bring up Tabula Rasa there?)

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Lets talk about sex baby



fish I think it is safe to say the over the last 5 to ten years video games have become more and more accepted, and less and less view as just something for kids. However I think that in some ways it is still stuck in the dark ages, and that is the depiction of adult and sexual acts. Now the fact that I am even going to talk about this may cause some controversy (oh I do hope so), but I think it needs discussing.

What got me started thinking about this is that lovely lady Fleata, our sometime podcast guest, was showing me a couple of mods she had found for Dragon Age:Origins “romance” scenes. Now in Dragon Age you can romance your companions and even get a sex scene. However in the vanilla game the sex scene is basically the two characters cuddling with their underwear on, as shown below.

Now that is pretty tame really, especially considering that the game is an 18 certificate and the sex scene is nothing more explicit than you would see on a TV show. So these mods she installed turned the romance scenes into, well sex scenes. So the question I have is why didn’t this game, or indeed any other adult story driven game have the balls (pun very much intended) to go the whole way. I mean we are all adults and it, as much as violence, is a useful story telling tool. However the sex taboo still very much exists in games, even though it have faded in most other fields.

This was further shown when the games Privates, which is a game made to educated under 18s about sex and STD’s, was stopped from going onto the Xbox live arcade because of it’s sexual nature. I should point out that it does not have any actual sex acts in it. You can gets Privates on the PC for free here.

I guess what I am saying is that as much as we like to think that games have matured and evolved, until they can deal with sex in a rational and adult fashion, games will always lag behind other medium.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

What bugs you about games

love-hatefish I was thinking the other day about all those little annoyance that pop up when playing games, particularly online. Now when playing online games, and mmo’s in particular, there is one thing that other players do that bugs the hell out of me. I will tell you this, and you can hopefully share the similar pet hates that you have.

Now this one hate I have discovered I have found predominately in WoW, but pops up else where. A new player goes into a game, creates their character and has to name it. So they think I know, I will name it after my favourite film/tv/game character. So they type the name in and the game says that name is already taken. So the new player instead of trying to come up with a new name, they decide to just spell the name incorrectly.

Now the worse offenses I have seen of this are variations on Gandalf and Legolas, with random h’s and l’s shoved in until they have butchered the name enough that nobody is stupid enough to choose it. Then then think, ah that will do and continue on to play a game that they may be playing for months, perhaps even years.

Well that is my pet hate in mmo’s, please share yours.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

The One True Cast – Crafting.


Welcome one and all for the not quite ‘Bree’ (Free) version of OTC as we have not had the big f2p patch drop in Europe yet. we planned on talking about all our new re-launch thoughts and the adventures found there in but this week we have found ourselves at a loss bout what to discuss.

In anticipation for all those new players we settled on the topic of crafting and what it means for new players.

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Create your own MMO



fish I had a brilliant idea for the best, most amazing mmo ever made. Then I realised that nobody in there right mind would make it. It was inspired by, in my opinion, the pc’s best gaming function, the fact that games can be modified. So I thought wouldn’t it be fantastic is someone released a basic fantasy mmo, and then released all the tools people needed to change it.

Now I realise that some games have already played with this, City of Heroes and Ryzom both have mission creators I believe, and I know there is all sorts of weird stuff in Second Life. However I don’t think these go far enough. This was inspired when I saw the lovely Lady Fleata installing a texture mod to Dragon Age:Origins, which made the game look prettier.

Just imagine for a second a MMO, perhaps one like WoW or LOTRO, where players could add items, levels, quests, monsters or perhaps even dungeons. I know for a fact the the gaming community is full of really clever, inventive people who would probably be able to come up with ideas in a couple of months that no other mmo Creativity_504x428 developer had ever thought of (or had the balls to implement).

Admittedly you would probably have to have a few moderators running around, just to make sure the game world was not overwhelmed by penis monsters. But just thinking of the weird and inventive crap that would pop up is exciting in itself.

Unfortunately their is no way this game would ever exist, because you would never get the funding to make it and it would probably be difficult to make money off it. Ah well I can dream I suppose.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Unrelated Video is unrelated

hex I blog, i podcast, and in my own time i write short story’s.  it was only a matter of time before i made a Vlog, the wait is over, here it is.

Please remember, this was not a serious venture. and the quality is terrible, ill get it sorted next time i do one, maybe about tea bags, who knows….

QH Audio Blog – God Damn it Codemasters


Quest Hard #7 'God damn it Codemasters’
This week week with all the LotRO news here in the EU we have invited our good friend Bad Panda (One True Cast, Panda Cast, 404 Radio) to join us and have a but of a rant. so we cover all the LotRO EU news as well as some talk about random news items we found floating about the web.

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Friday, 10 September 2010

Homeward bound?


hex When Warhammer online was release GOA where responsible for server and account management in Europe, while EA where responsible for it in the US. we have a similar sate of affairs with LotRO where in the EU its run by CodeMasters and on the US its Turbine who look after players.

In the case of Warhammer online the game was eventually ‘taken back’ by EA due to in most part to the fundamental differences in the two companies management styles.

In the case of LotRO however Codies (as they are affectionately known) and Turbine have lived in apparent harmony for years now. Yes there been some missed release dates and occasional price differences but as a whole the two organisations have delivered a very similar service, apart from the social network that turbine offer known as ‘My LotRO’ I can not say if this service is massively worthwhile or not as I do not have access to it.

Of late however there have been some changes in the US website including offering a radio button that allows selection of ‘region’ even thought at the moment there is only one option is does imply that there is realistic chance of Europe being added as an option. This would give EU player access to all the social tools our cousins over the sea’s have including My LotRO and the superior Forum setup.

The other thing thought is that CodeMasters have made it known that they can not implement these features due to the very different implementations of servers that they have. So, if Turbine are looking at adding the EU to the social network tools does that mean that there is a real chance that Turbine are claiming back their game in the same way that they did with DDO?

I have no objection to the way CodeMasters run our serves but saying that I never minded GOA when I played Warhammer.

Alternatively this is pure speculation with no grounding in fact and deserves to be ignored, however with a 75 page forum thread ranting about Codies missing the F2P launch date there are a lot of people out there that would be happy with a ‘recall’