Sunday, 29 January 2012

I only play Purple Rain!–wait what?



Games are split into informative and relevant category's right? Well, I disagree for me if a game is a shooter/RPG/RTS/MMO/Adventure (or whatever else they are using now) is not actually very helpful to me. As a long time gamer I play most things but gravitate to any new idea/concept in a game or a really great story so instead of wasting the packaging space on ‘Genre’ lets put more useful information on it.

Average time to completion (in gameplay hours),

DRM Type (nasty, online only, passive or none),

And finally DLC planned? (a simple Yes or No).

My reasons are simple, when I purchase a game for £25 (a reasonable price for a PC game i think) I want to know if its crazy short or some times even worse, crazy long. After all i do like finishing games (eventually)

As for the DRM i think if publishers where forced to make this nice and public (on the box is pretty public) then we would see a fast shift to more agreeable DRM.

Planned DLC. This is a personal curiosity. Do developers and Publishers think to themselves “we should hold this back so we can get more cash later” or do they not plan on making DLC but end up having some great ideas and maybe unfinished levels that they can release later?


I don’t think i will ever see my new labelling and categorising scheme in place any time soon, or ever but i think this information is way more relevant to gamers that RTS/FPS is. Prince_PurpleRain_single

I think for most gamers the days of “I only play Shooters” are gone and as a whole we just play the games the think will be good. Saying you only play one type of game is like saying “I only watch action movies” you may gravitate towards the hi-octane-gun-opera but some times everyone just want’s to watch Purple Rain.

I foresee gaming in your future



fish[2]After writing my blog about gaming in couples, I got to thinking that perhaps there is literally a gamer inside absolutely every one of us. And people who don't play games either haven't tried the right ones, or worse still reject the notion of playing games entirely.

For instance my mother in law likes to play those Professor Layton games on her DS, but when my wife suggested she tried Settlers Online, she rejected the idea, as she was too busy (she isn't). Now we both thought that this is game that she would enjoy, however I think that sitting down in front of a pc, or indeed a console, 250px-Nintendo-DSi-Bl-Opento play a game still has a strong stigma attached to it. Perhaps that is Nintendo's greatest street and weaknesses. They made playing games socially acceptable to those who are middle aged (and older), however I think that people still see their devices as fun little novelties that aren't to be taken seriously. Consequently despite vast number of Wii's on the market, the game sales have been sluggish aside from dance/exercise games.

So the problem as I see it is twofold, how do you get people to play your games and how do you get people to  take them seriously. For instance Team Fortress 2 is arguably the best multiplayer game available, is free and will run well on any pc purchased in the last 3 or 4 years. So how do you get the billion or so pc owners to take a chance and try it. Bollocks, I have just realised that is the 64, 000 dollar question, that I have no bright answer to.

000169511I suppose the obvious place to look is the comic book industry. Over the last 20 years or so, I believe the "public" perception of comics have changed. Going from being seen cheap and trashy kids entertainment , to reasonably respected medium.  So they have done this my working there way very successfully into other media, films and TV. This not only showed that the “traditional” superhero stuff could be adult and mature, but also there is a whole world of other comics that never touch superheroes, The Walking Dead is probably the best example of this. Now games have had a few stabs at movies, but they have been generally terrible. But so were the early comic book movies, so all I can say is take heart, in 20-30 years absolutely everyone will be a gamer.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Play with partner, trust me they will be satisfied



fish[2]I have started playing War in the North with my wife cooperatively on the PS3. It is far from a great game, however it is one of those games that is much better when playing with someone else. Now I am pretty lucky in that she already is a gamer, and is not at all fussed if I want to play games all day, because generally she will be doing the same (she had developed a recent fasination with Settlers Online). However if you are not as lucky as me, how do you get your significant other into games. 

Well in my opinion the couple that games together, stays together, so you RaymanOriginsstart with a cooperative game. I would slowly work up to something like War in the North. In fact the game that would kick it off  would a simple phone/Facebook game like Words with Friends. Something with no real time limit that can be played at your none gaming partners own pace (this goes for males just as much as females).  Moving onto the first "proper", it would have to be Portal 2 or Rayman Origins. They are humorous, have very accessible and simple game mechanic and there is plenty of opportunity for gently murdering each other. From there I would slowly increase the complexity.

Something like Resident Evil 5 or War in the North both feature great action combat, and for the ladies a choice of a strong, none slutty (ish in the case of RE 5) female character. You can then introduce the world of multiplayer to imagesthem. Here you have a few options, the first that springs to mind is either Team Fortress 2 or perhaps Halo.  Both are fast paced, easy to get into and fair in a way a lot off other online games aren't. The other alternative is to introduce a mmo. The first mmo choice would be Lord of the Rings Online.

I would chose LOTRO because it does the basics of a mmo very well, it is set in a very recognised world (which wouldn't be seen as male centric as something like The Old Republic), a good story and again has a good range of realistic looking characters. Plus worst case they don't like it you haven't wasted a fortune, but if they enjoy the game but want something more adult, or brutal, or heh indeed slutty, there are plenty of options.2012-0009c

This may seem like a lot of effort, and maybe you would prefer it if your other half stick to watching Eastenders (or whatever else "normal" people do). However I really believe that putting some effort in would really benefit your relationship, and I am far from suggesting you game exclusively together, because they will inevitably find a gaming passion that they will become immersed in.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Pineapple Dogs: Best forgotten I think.


hex There was a conversation with some people I work with. The result was a strange idea. That idea eventually took on a life of its own that I don’t think I can be held responsible for. That idea was Pineapple-Dogs something that I think is now best left forgotten. However before it’s forgotten I thought that the below text should be at least posted.

Its not gaming related, sorry about that and I promise I’ll get back to game blogs first thing tomorrow but for now I present to you the unusual and hopefully not sentient enigma that is ‘Pineapple-Dogs, Part one’ (no part two planned)

Pineapple-Dogs: Part one - Hit me Baby one more time.

Eddie was a 43 year old Refuse collector from Birmingham, he had always preferred the title ‘Bin man’ though, for nostalgic reasons. It was late on Friday night when Eddie sat in his Ripped arm chair in front of his old television. He reached for the Remote control with one hand and with the other he opened his can of sweet cider (generic budget brand that just gets the ‘job done’)

There wasn't very much worth watching on the old television so Eddie got slowly drunk to an episode of a nature show on a repeats channel that he got as part of his television subscription. Eddie secretly hated his television because of how is distracted him from his actual life. Eddie was deeper than he pretended and smiled to himself about his hidden depths as he slowly fell asleep watching a wild Dog eat a small rat.... the show was not good.

It was the Screaming that first woke Eddie but the morning light was the next inconvenience he had to face, it was streaming into his living room through the gap in the brown curtain behind the ageing television. He Stood up with a jolt as his hung over brain tried to process the still continuing sound of screaming from outside the window. On television there was a black and white children's show with a wooden donkey on it. Cider cans rolled down eddies legs and left the cold wet nectar all over his lap “For Christ sake!” he exclaimed with the venomous anger that only a hang-over can produce. The low rumble of an engine was now replacing the screaming in Eddie’s fuzzy ears.

He sauntered to the window and pulled back the curtain, There was a child in the street, sitting on the floor screaming and looking up where Eddie was not expecting to see a large black helicopter.

Eddie muttered to himself and closed the curtain in hopes that whatever madness was going out outside would not ruin his already crappy day off work. He used an old shirt to wipe the cider off his legs when an even more irritating sound burst through his living-room door. It was a large man with actual muscles and a military uniform, he was pointing a gun at Eddie and began shouting “Get on the floor now!, hands where I can see them!” Eddie was confused, wet, hung over and pissed off “What the...” he began to curse. Before he could finish his profound sentence the man fell to the floor with a thud and wet red brain matter sprayed Eddies front.

Eddie stood in his living room Looking at the corpse on the floor wondering how he got to this moment when another figure entered his living room, it was a small figure wearing a beige overcoat and a large rim hat. The figure was short and wide set with a cigar handing from one hand, the smoke rose this and wide. Eddie would see a large pistol on the figures other hand.

“I don’t want no trouble mister” spat Eddie with true dread in his voice, the figure looked up at him and stepped into the light. The figure was not what Eddie expected, it was a man, but his face was covered with what he could only assume was a mask, he man looked like a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. “What the.... ”Eddie began again but the dog man interrupted “Looked Eddie, I don’t have time to explain everything but I need you to get the pineapple from your kitchen. We have trip that we must make” The dog man took a long drag on his cigar and then slowly said “Before you ask, yeah, I’m serious”

Eddie was somewhere in-between shock and an acid flashback, he walked to his kitchen, not taking his eyes off the dog man, when he got the the kitchen door he stepped backwards and reached for his now out of date pineapple never once taking a moment to even blink. The dog man nodded with great pleasure when he saw the pineapple, he slid his gun into his shoulder holster and pulled a small black remote from his pocket, he then pressed a button.

There was a white flash an in a blink Eddie was standing somewhere new. He was on a metal platform inside some kind of military building, The dog man was next to him “Come on” he said and walked briskly out of the metal sliding door.

Eddie Followed because there was simply no other option. His mind was fracturing more and more as he walked past soldiers and office staff in the corridors of this place, Every one with a dogs head.

He followed the hatted dog man down another corridor and into a large room. That’s when Eddie saw a window and realised that this building he was in was not building at all, out of the window he could see the cold blackness of space and a blue bright ball bellow Eddie was in orbit of Earth... “That’s unexpected” he began to mutter as he put his hand on the large window. This time he was interrupted by a smooth and commanding voice “Hello Eddie” He turned to see a very short man with hair all over, this man was some kind of Jack Russel. He knew this face, it was the face of his old Dog ‘Sandy’ but that wasn't possible Sandy was hit by a car years earlier. Eddie shook his head and simply sat on the floor looking at ‘Sandy’ and wondering what substance he had abused in his sleep.

‘Sandy’ smiled and sat next to Eddie on the floor, he waved for the hatted Staffy to leave. “Eddie, I assume your pretty confused” he said, Eddie ignored him and began thinking that it maybe the result of a brain tumour or gas leak, Sandy continued “Look, Eddie, we don’t have much time so I’ll just hit you with the short version. All dogs on your planet are the avatars of us, the K9 continuum, we are a race of time travelling dog priests” Eddie turned and looked at Sandy with literally no thoughts in his mind other than a desire to go back to sleep. Sandy spoke again “Your the first human we have ever contacted personally. We need you to deliver your Pineapple to an alien race called the Trilbians, If you don’t your whole reality may become fractured” Eddie blinked and looked at his Pineapple. Sandy Stood up and walked to a terminal that was on the wall, he tapped a few button and said “This should help you understand” that’s when the music started. ‘Britney spears, Baby one more time’ was playing very loudly through a small vent in the ceiling “When you understand, meet me in the Time chamber, I have your Bone waiting” and with that Sandy left.... Eddie looked at his Pineapple yet again, then at the window, then at the vent... Britney spears still playing “Well that happened!” Eddie exclaimed to himself.

~ Yeah.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Origin of the dark side



fish[2]I have never really liked EA’s download service, Origin, but is never game me cause to get actually angry at it. Yes it is over priced, yes it is cumbersome and hard to navigate and yes it annoys me that I have to use it to play BF3, even though it has no real use for battlefield. So yesterday I tried to to play the new EA published rpg Kingdoms of Amalur, Reckoning demo. A game that has some pretty impressive people behind it, and it also gets my attention because it isn’t a sequel.

A quick search on steam brings up the game and down the side there is a download demo button. So I did, tried to play the demo it seems to be broken, loaded ok but just got a black screen. After trying several things the other half EA-Origin-Logo-1024x394suggested I try redownloading it off Origin. Heh cue the rage stage left. A search on Origin found the full game (a fiver more than on steam I might add), but there is no demo option. So we go to the website for Kingdoms and there is a big button, download demo on Origin. So we click that, which brings up a browser window, to log into Origin, which then loads Origin application. And still no sign of a demo. Finally the wife finds the demo in the Free Games section of Origin. Sigh, by this time I am pretty irritated, still I click the play/install button, then I am what I can only describe as flabbergasted.

Kingdoms demo just loads, my wife looks at me from her pc and says that Steam says I have just started playing the Kingdoms demo. Yes that’s right, seems that Origin went into Steam and launched the demo for me, Steam overlay and all. I was stunned, lost for words. A direct competitor to EA and EA are using it’s service rather than their own. I will let you draw your own thoughts on my little tale.

Incidentally I got the demo working, the game seems to have all the markings of a very satisfying action rpg, looked great too.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Follow me as I finished games



fish[2]I have today just finished my first game of the year, Goldeneye Reloaded. And I started to wondering how many games I will finished this year, so I have decided to keep a log. Sigh yes I know it is a bit sad and obsessive, but I am sure you have realised by now that pretty much sums me up. So I guess first thing I need top do is set some ground rules.

I will list every games start and finish date for this year. I still have a pretty large stack of unfinished games from 2011 (and probably before then), and these I will only give the finish date. So for example I complete Goldeneye in January so that GoldenEye_Reloaded_007has a start and end date, but Skyward Sword, which I am heading towards the end of, will only have a finish date. I’ll also do a mini review of each game I finish, or indeed get rid of because it is shit.

I am going to count a game as finished when I see the  end credits or finish the main storyline. So none of this completionist rubbish of finishing every side quest and finding every random achievement token. I am also not going to count multiplayer, which is more or less unfinishable or DLC (unless half-life 2 episode 3 comes out, that is totally getting counted).

So I welcome you all to follow me in this little experiment, I have created a public Google spread sheet which I will update as I go. It hopefully will be interesting, and perhaps prompt me to finish even more games.

My finished list

Tuesday, 17 January 2012



hex Quest Hard is a place to get opinions about video gaming and the lifestyle that goes with that pastime. We are not and never will be a political debate site of any sort however some times you just have to comment…

Many sites all over the internet are going offline tomorrow in protest of SOPA (see below video) and we at Quest Hard Support this action.

SOPA 101

REDDIT feels the same way and are joining a ‘blackout’ (turning off website) in protest of this. We won’t be going offline for the blackout, partly because there's no easy way to turn off the site (and have an informative message show) due to the ‘Blogger’ framework it uses and partly because of real world commitments that make the task difficult to actually do (work and stuff) However do not take this to mean that we support SOPA in any way. We like our internets how they are right now and want governments to stay the hell out of our web-pipe-laws-and-stuff.

SOPA is pretty stupid and gives way too much power to everyone except bloggers like us and readers like you. I'm not convinced it will break the internet as its a fast moving place and there's a good chance that it will all be different by the time the whole thing actually comes into action but the threat of a censored internet is a serious worry to us.

That's all. This post is really just a reason to type the following sentence. SOPA is stupid we don’t like it at all.

I would not like to be someone who is involved with SOPA once Annon get angry about it… not at all. Also, Chuck Norris will not approve!


Monday, 16 January 2012

I love to watch a good game



fish[2]I have just read Hex's blog, erm moaning, about games becoming too cinematic, to the detriment of the actually game. Now I am not denying that sometimes the effort to make a game like a film can really be to the damage of the game, Battlefield 3's terrible single player is a prime example.

However when done right, such as in Uncharted 2, which does, I will be honest, take the whole cinematic thing to an extreme, I find it very enjoyable. I think our difference of opinions is more down to who we are and what we like. uncharted-fightHex watches a different film at least once a day, and has a humongous DVD collection (and a rapidly expanding Blu-ray selection). However I watch a couple of films a month. Hell I get restless watching tv shows, heh yesterday the wife actually ordered me to sit down and watch the last half of a 40 minute TV show, as I was getting twitchy.

So if a game, like the brilliant Red Dead Redemption wants to have a well screenlg2voice acted, interesting and good looking in game cut scene for a couple of minutes before a mission, then I will happily watch that. Heh with my attention span I wish TV adverts had more of a narrative to them.

What does annoy me are the lovely fully rendered videos that companies like Blur excel at. The videos themselves aren't the cause of the annoyance, more the way that marketers use them to imply that is what the game is like.  Something two massive mmo's, Warcraft and The Old Republic are both guilty of. I mean I like pretty videos as much as the next guy, but let me see the game, not a swish promotional video.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

I am me because, not despite, games


fish[2]I have been wondering something. Have, after many years of playing video games, they had a good or bad effect on me? I have been playing games since I got a Commodore 16 for one Christmas with a copy of Centipede. I must have been approximately 8 or 9 years old.

This thinking had been inspired by a book I got for Christmas, Reality is Broken by Jane McGonigal, which explains how games have a positive effect on us and how game design ideas can be applied to the world as a whole. The book so far has been pretty interesting, if a little only the dry side, and I can see me in a lot of the positives that come out of gaming, however there is one thing that really stands out.

That is that games can help the introverted be more socially active and open. This may come as a surprise to you that this blogger is actually, by nature, an introvert. I don’t crave attention, I don’t have that many friends and I struggle to to make connections with people that some others do with ease. And yet here I am, telling you all, perfect strangers, about my weaknesses and foibles. The more I think of it the more I believe that games have truly helped me be a, if not a better person, then certainly a more sociable one.

Previously in social situations it was always a case of people would have to approach me to start a conversation, but that has changed over the years. I think that, despite it’s many flaws, my time in WoW really helped. Being in a guild, sitting on ventrilo, trying to communicate with people I have never ventrilospoken to before, it really made me open up. I am grateful to games for that.

The other thing that struck a cord is satisfaction that comes from gaming. That sweet moment when you get a little swelling of pride and joy when you complete a level, beat a boss, finally manage to destroy a tank with C4 in Battlefield 3 (ok the last one is personal to me). I think as a gamer I have somewhat come to take that feeling for granted, even though it was good emotion. Obviously this feeling can occur from all sorts of lesiure activities, but when I look at people I know, like my in-laws for instance, they must only get that feeling 2 or 3 times a year, me I get it on a nearly daily basis. Heh if gamers can be said to be addicted to anything it is that feeling.

I think games have definitely made me a better person, more sociable, more intelligent and more fulfilled. There are those that might say the satisfaction I get is a false one. To them I would say I would rather be false happy than real unhappy.

The truth is that I lied



fish[2]Ok fine I admit it, I may have not been entirely honest with you, or indeed myself. About a week ago I wrte a blog about how I didn't really care about where or who a game was made by, as long as it was good. Now despite buying the last couple of indie bundles, I have pretty much just played Skyward Sword and Saints Row the Third.

www.totalvideogames.com_74390_saints-row-3Now seeing as I was apparently quite two faced about my preferences, I thought I would take a look at why. My first thought is that it is a size factor, oo er, sorry I went a bit carry on. Much as I love a good indie game they tend to be very, well if not short, definitely broken up into small chunks that can be completed in minutes. This largely goes against my nature to game for, well several hours.

It is also telling that the only indie game I have paid any great amount of recently is Gemini Rue, which actually has a pretty good narrative. I think this 6a00d834515f9b69e2015435bc1a10970c-800wiis another thing that stops me from playing the many indie games I own. A lot of them have slight to none existant story, like the truly excellent puzzler, Spacechem, which I really need to play more off.

Perhaps it is that some indie games simple require more of a learning curve than something like a Zelda game, which is essentially unchanged in 25 years. The aforementioned Space Chem involved watching a you tube video and considerable head scratching just to figure out what I am doing, and it had better presentation than some.

And if I am really being honest sometimes when I am playing a game, I just want one I can jump into with a minimum amount of learning. I think maybe that is why the likes of FIFA and Modern Warfare are so popular, the player can pick up a new version, and then only learn one or two new feature, and instantly feel comfortable.

Well whatever the reason I felt I should apologies for my unintentional deception.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Authenticators: So, that happened.


hex MMO’s are great, we all play them allot (except Mr Fish, he’s not found one to call home since he and WoW split up.)  I'm pretty sold on The Old Republic at the moment. so much so that I have signed up for a pretty long subscription and brought a physical authenticator.


Authenticators are strange little devices. I have never owned one before. It’s basically a little number generator that was set to match a master database the day that it was born (or pixie magic, I'm unsure about the actual science/voodoo behind it) It cost me about £9 and will only ever work with SWTOR (as far as I understand.) what irritates me though is that I had to pay EA for a device to make my account more secure because they can’t.

Blizzards World of Warcraft first popularised the concept after hacking and account theft reached critical mass. Riff also has authenticators and so do a few upcoming MMO’s


As gamers we like them because they protect our accounts from the evil forces of the Empire and publishers like them for the same reason but i am forced to wonder why with a title as large as SWTOR they weren't shipped as standard.


It is true that there are mobile phone applications that allow you to authenticate for free but often my phone and gaming chair are not near each other.  Also the stress that could be caused if I lost my phone would be increased. with this in mind the £9 keyring seams like a good deal.

I would however like it if my authenticator could be linked to my entire EA account and Origin log in.

I came to a sad realisation that my SWTOR account is more secure than my bank account.

Why do my games want to be movies?


hex I cant help but notice that my games are getting more cinematic, The type of cinematic that happens in game is fine, I like a flowing narrative as much as the next man but some of the games I have played lately are letting me watch a great movie then dropping me into play just as I’m getting into it.

Recently I picked up some budget PS3 games, Red Dead Redemption and Uncharted two both of them in my opinion are good games however commit the same crime.

In the case of Red Dead I started a game and began enjoying an awesome western movie then it was ruined by a game, now I like games. I like films but when I put a bluray on I don’t expect to have to shoot the alien menace myself. When I put a game on I want to shoot those aliens.

Uncharted two does this even worse by constantly dropping you out of the game for little video type sequence that are so well done and engaging that the actual game gets in the way of them. This is true in reverse too, if I’m really into the game the video basically pisses me off.

Then There is the most recent perpetrator of this crime, The Old Republic. A game that I believe to be technically the best MMO since WoW and for me the most fun since LotRO. Its fantastic but it has an even more fantastic opening video segment or two that is so well done that the game actually strikes you as an anti-climax.

SWTOR however seams to understand this when its not doing over the top video glory, the transition between conversation and action is flawless.

SWTOR intro Video is great but what then?

valve is godAs usual though Valve know this and have fixed the methodology by having the video type narratives actually happen in game like in HL2 episode one where Dog Comes to the rescue, its thrilling but is an in game event that you can if you are silly enough wonder off and ignore. Trust in the Valve, the Valve is good.

I wonder if I am the only gamer who wants his games and movies more separate.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

My philosophy of games



fish[2]I have come to a conclusion about what, for me at least, makes a game great. There are two components to every game that matter. The first is the story, the actually narrative that you play through. Now there are a good number of games that have a good story (though not that many that have a great story). It is for me, in a lot of cases, the narrative that draws me in and makes me want to continue.

The other factor is the actual gameplay mechanism. What I mean by this is the way the game is actually played. Be it a platform game, first person shooter or a racing game. Taking this at it's purest form, lets have a look at Bejewelled banner_zoom(or one of it's many clones). The gameplay mechanism is essentially matching lines of the same colour gems on a grid, to make them disappear. This is one of the simplest game mechanics, however can easily be as satisfying as building civilisations or blowing up space nazis.

I am sure you realise that a game like bejeweled is completely without a narrative, but it is still a great game. Hell Tetris, one off the most famous games ever made,  is gaming at it's purest form. So clearly a good mechanism doesn't need a good story. One of my favourite shooters, Far Cry 2, has a very poor story, but that open world options and satisfying shooting makes up for it. On the polar opposite Dragon Age Origins and the Witcher 2 neither feature combat that was great, but had a fascinating story.

downloadOf course some games manage to marry the two together, then you get something special. Half-life 2, the Uncharted series and Mass Effect spring to mind. I think it is these games that, if not necessarily being the best games, are the games that find a place in my heart.

I think that this is perhaps why I am no longer interested in most mmo's, the basic game mechanic are not that satisfying. A case of clicking on an enemy and then pressing a series of number keys. Wow that sounds boring, however it was more or less the same mechanic in both Dragon Age games, and I loved those. But the primary difference is that the Dragon Age games had a great story, something that is sorely missing from most mmo’s. Hell I was really enjoying WoW when I went back to it for Cataclysm, because they significantly bolstered the narrative behind the quests. However when I hit max level, I was back looking at the gameplay without the narrative, and hey presto I lost interest. Maybe I should try The Old Republic, maybe the stories it has can compensate for the “traditional” gameplay.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Why did nobody see the (bullet)storm


fish[2]I have no intention of doing one of those crappy best games of 2011 type lists, however I feel there is one game that does need highlighting. For me this is the best shooter of 2011 be a long shot (pun absolutely intended). This is a game published by hated EA, not given the marketing push it deserved and sank quickly without a trace.

The game I am telling about is Bulletstorm. Bulletstorm’s single player had more fun, wow moments and visual flair in than Battlefield 3, Modern WarfareBulletStorm 3 and Crysis 2 put together. Not only that, it actually offered new ideas and innovation, something that the three mentioned games (and many others) completely failed to do.

It is a game that have you a cool tool set of weapons and abilities and actively encouraged you be inventive. In a world where most shooters give you a selection of very similar guns and tell you to kill the same looking enemies, Bulletstorm was a breath of fresh, err lead. A lot of modern shooters have just become an evolved version of the carnival shooting game, a target pops up, you shoot it, it pops down. Why not slide along the ground, kicking them into a man eating plant instead, or use your leash (basically an electric lasso) to pull an enemy into the path of other enemies fire. It is these, and many many other silly fun events that made me love it. The fact that you gain higher scores for extravagant kills, only further inspired you to new creative in the massacre.

2092831Ok the plot is fairly slight, but is told with such sweary charm that you just don't care. Oh it is gorgeous as well, the unreal engine at it's colourful best, there are certainly more powerful engines, but none utilises with such ingenuity and scope to create a beautiful sun drenched world..

Somewhat wisely (though possibly to the detriment to sales) the developers, People Can Fly under heavy supervision by Epic, only included one online mode, a 4 player wave battle. It differed from the traditional hoard modes in that to move onto the next wave you would have to get a certain number of points, really encouraging some creative co-op carnage.

You can pick it up cheaply now. If you like shooters, and especially if you are bored of the generic Call of Battlefield, then it has my seal of approval.
See, looks awesome right?