Friday, 13 January 2012

Authenticators: So, that happened.


hex MMO’s are great, we all play them allot (except Mr Fish, he’s not found one to call home since he and WoW split up.)  I'm pretty sold on The Old Republic at the moment. so much so that I have signed up for a pretty long subscription and brought a physical authenticator.


Authenticators are strange little devices. I have never owned one before. It’s basically a little number generator that was set to match a master database the day that it was born (or pixie magic, I'm unsure about the actual science/voodoo behind it) It cost me about £9 and will only ever work with SWTOR (as far as I understand.) what irritates me though is that I had to pay EA for a device to make my account more secure because they can’t.

Blizzards World of Warcraft first popularised the concept after hacking and account theft reached critical mass. Riff also has authenticators and so do a few upcoming MMO’s


As gamers we like them because they protect our accounts from the evil forces of the Empire and publishers like them for the same reason but i am forced to wonder why with a title as large as SWTOR they weren't shipped as standard.


It is true that there are mobile phone applications that allow you to authenticate for free but often my phone and gaming chair are not near each other.  Also the stress that could be caused if I lost my phone would be increased. with this in mind the £9 keyring seams like a good deal.

I would however like it if my authenticator could be linked to my entire EA account and Origin log in.

I came to a sad realisation that my SWTOR account is more secure than my bank account.

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