Thursday, 19 January 2012

Follow me as I finished games



fish[2]I have today just finished my first game of the year, Goldeneye Reloaded. And I started to wondering how many games I will finished this year, so I have decided to keep a log. Sigh yes I know it is a bit sad and obsessive, but I am sure you have realised by now that pretty much sums me up. So I guess first thing I need top do is set some ground rules.

I will list every games start and finish date for this year. I still have a pretty large stack of unfinished games from 2011 (and probably before then), and these I will only give the finish date. So for example I complete Goldeneye in January so that GoldenEye_Reloaded_007has a start and end date, but Skyward Sword, which I am heading towards the end of, will only have a finish date. I’ll also do a mini review of each game I finish, or indeed get rid of because it is shit.

I am going to count a game as finished when I see the  end credits or finish the main storyline. So none of this completionist rubbish of finishing every side quest and finding every random achievement token. I am also not going to count multiplayer, which is more or less unfinishable or DLC (unless half-life 2 episode 3 comes out, that is totally getting counted).

So I welcome you all to follow me in this little experiment, I have created a public Google spread sheet which I will update as I go. It hopefully will be interesting, and perhaps prompt me to finish even more games.

My finished list

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