Monday, 16 January 2012

I love to watch a good game



fish[2]I have just read Hex's blog, erm moaning, about games becoming too cinematic, to the detriment of the actually game. Now I am not denying that sometimes the effort to make a game like a film can really be to the damage of the game, Battlefield 3's terrible single player is a prime example.

However when done right, such as in Uncharted 2, which does, I will be honest, take the whole cinematic thing to an extreme, I find it very enjoyable. I think our difference of opinions is more down to who we are and what we like. uncharted-fightHex watches a different film at least once a day, and has a humongous DVD collection (and a rapidly expanding Blu-ray selection). However I watch a couple of films a month. Hell I get restless watching tv shows, heh yesterday the wife actually ordered me to sit down and watch the last half of a 40 minute TV show, as I was getting twitchy.

So if a game, like the brilliant Red Dead Redemption wants to have a well screenlg2voice acted, interesting and good looking in game cut scene for a couple of minutes before a mission, then I will happily watch that. Heh with my attention span I wish TV adverts had more of a narrative to them.

What does annoy me are the lovely fully rendered videos that companies like Blur excel at. The videos themselves aren't the cause of the annoyance, more the way that marketers use them to imply that is what the game is like.  Something two massive mmo's, Warcraft and The Old Republic are both guilty of. I mean I like pretty videos as much as the next guy, but let me see the game, not a swish promotional video.

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