Monday, 2 January 2012

More reasons to hate retail!


hex Today I found myself in one of those high street video game stores where I was pleased to stumble on Deadspace for £2.98 (PC, obviously) so, I ventured to the fortress of idiots (the checkout as you may know it) where I had the following conversation with a polite young lady behind the counted

Me: *Hands over Deadspace and ferrets about pocket for golden nuggets of monies.*

Store service Droid: “Hello, didn’t you see anything else in the store you wanted?”

Me: *blinks for a moment* “no. Had I seen anything I would have brought it to the till wouldn’t I?”

Store service Droid: “Oh, okay, if you have anything to trade in…..”

Me: “NO THANK YOU” *Pays and leaves*

Why the questions? Why can’t I walk into a store and buy a gosh darn game without being spoken to like I am an idiot?

As a side note this same store is the one that has taken to using security tabs on books so you can’t flick through them before you buy.

I’m not going to make any judgements here, I think the evidence speaks for its self.

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