Thursday, 5 January 2012

Old Republic, MW3 and nice cup of coffee.


hex The Old Republic servers are currently undergoing what Reddit has described as unscheduled maintenance, Apparently they are applying a patch. I am not so far down the rabbit hole of addiction with this game that I flew into a fit of rage. I have used my time usefully… when I say usefully, I made a pot of coffee and sat on Reddit for an hour.

I plan on spending the rest of my SWTOR downtime playing MW3 (probably moaning about it until i switch to BF3) and listening to Bowie tracks.


I have spent some more time with MW3 and I really must confess, I don’t see the appeal. The game its self has changed only fractionally since the original Modern Warfare and graphically its a little hindered by its Quake roots (but so is the Source engine if we are honest, yes Valve, we all know your little secret) with decorative trinkets in the scenery being literally indestructible. Earlier this morning I shot a beer bottle with a rocket launcher and its didn’t even knock it over.


When you consider the level of destruction that is offered by alternative real world shooters (BF3) this is a little shameful. If you compare MW1, 2 and 3 you would be hard pressed to see any innovation in the looks department.

imagesWith the technical strides that ‘id Software’ have made with the new Tech 5 engine (see, Rage) you have to wonder if MW3 was a little early to the gate and maybe waiting for a new engine would have been a good move, then you look at the sales charts and realise that actually considering the technical ideals of the developer is not what the MW3 audience does… the MW3 audience shoot stuff and ‘lol’ and in this you must wonder if the cost of new technology would have helped the franchise, in the end it has its dedicated audience.


I even feel a little bad, as a blogger because we almost mock the MW3 gamers as being simpletons but this is just not the case, many of them are not what we would consider ‘serious’ or ‘hard-core’ gamers but they are all gamers who are enjoying a product and usually socially. If anything we should be applauding the development team for cultivating such a following.

The social parallels between the MW series and WoW are striking. Both franchises have a dedicated following made up of both hard-core gamers and people who would usually not game at all.

This  a trick of social interaction. If enough people play something then they basically bully their social group into playing as well. You can join your friends in a new game/trend/fashion or get left behind. If you have enough people you self cultivate your product.

Well looks like the SWTOR servers are back online so I’m off to play a mainstream game that offers little innovation…. the irony is not lost on this blogger.

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