Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Origin of the dark side



fish[2]I have never really liked EA’s download service, Origin, but is never game me cause to get actually angry at it. Yes it is over priced, yes it is cumbersome and hard to navigate and yes it annoys me that I have to use it to play BF3, even though it has no real use for battlefield. So yesterday I tried to to play the new EA published rpg Kingdoms of Amalur, Reckoning demo. A game that has some pretty impressive people behind it, and it also gets my attention because it isn’t a sequel.

A quick search on steam brings up the game and down the side there is a download demo button. So I did, tried to play the demo it seems to be broken, loaded ok but just got a black screen. After trying several things the other half EA-Origin-Logo-1024x394suggested I try redownloading it off Origin. Heh cue the rage stage left. A search on Origin found the full game (a fiver more than on steam I might add), but there is no demo option. So we go to the website for Kingdoms and there is a big button, download demo on Origin. So we click that, which brings up a browser window, to log into Origin, which then loads Origin application. And still no sign of a demo. Finally the wife finds the demo in the Free Games section of Origin. Sigh, by this time I am pretty irritated, still I click the play/install button, then I am what I can only describe as flabbergasted.

Kingdoms demo just loads, my wife looks at me from her pc and says that Steam says I have just started playing the Kingdoms demo. Yes that’s right, seems that Origin went into Steam and launched the demo for me, Steam overlay and all. I was stunned, lost for words. A direct competitor to EA and EA are using it’s service rather than their own. I will let you draw your own thoughts on my little tale.

Incidentally I got the demo working, the game seems to have all the markings of a very satisfying action rpg, looked great too.


Lady Fleata said...

If you do have the same problem of black screen when playing Kingdoms of Amalur you need to turn off post processing in advanced options.

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