Saturday, 28 January 2012

Play with partner, trust me they will be satisfied



fish[2]I have started playing War in the North with my wife cooperatively on the PS3. It is far from a great game, however it is one of those games that is much better when playing with someone else. Now I am pretty lucky in that she already is a gamer, and is not at all fussed if I want to play games all day, because generally she will be doing the same (she had developed a recent fasination with Settlers Online). However if you are not as lucky as me, how do you get your significant other into games. 

Well in my opinion the couple that games together, stays together, so you RaymanOriginsstart with a cooperative game. I would slowly work up to something like War in the North. In fact the game that would kick it off  would a simple phone/Facebook game like Words with Friends. Something with no real time limit that can be played at your none gaming partners own pace (this goes for males just as much as females).  Moving onto the first "proper", it would have to be Portal 2 or Rayman Origins. They are humorous, have very accessible and simple game mechanic and there is plenty of opportunity for gently murdering each other. From there I would slowly increase the complexity.

Something like Resident Evil 5 or War in the North both feature great action combat, and for the ladies a choice of a strong, none slutty (ish in the case of RE 5) female character. You can then introduce the world of multiplayer to imagesthem. Here you have a few options, the first that springs to mind is either Team Fortress 2 or perhaps Halo.  Both are fast paced, easy to get into and fair in a way a lot off other online games aren't. The other alternative is to introduce a mmo. The first mmo choice would be Lord of the Rings Online.

I would chose LOTRO because it does the basics of a mmo very well, it is set in a very recognised world (which wouldn't be seen as male centric as something like The Old Republic), a good story and again has a good range of realistic looking characters. Plus worst case they don't like it you haven't wasted a fortune, but if they enjoy the game but want something more adult, or brutal, or heh indeed slutty, there are plenty of options.2012-0009c

This may seem like a lot of effort, and maybe you would prefer it if your other half stick to watching Eastenders (or whatever else "normal" people do). However I really believe that putting some effort in would really benefit your relationship, and I am far from suggesting you game exclusively together, because they will inevitably find a gaming passion that they will become immersed in.

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