Tuesday, 17 January 2012



hex Quest Hard is a place to get opinions about video gaming and the lifestyle that goes with that pastime. We are not and never will be a political debate site of any sort however some times you just have to comment…

Many sites all over the internet are going offline tomorrow in protest of SOPA (see below video) and we at Quest Hard Support this action.

SOPA 101

REDDIT feels the same way and are joining a ‘blackout’ (turning off website) in protest of this. We won’t be going offline for the blackout, partly because there's no easy way to turn off the site (and have an informative message show) due to the ‘Blogger’ framework it uses and partly because of real world commitments that make the task difficult to actually do (work and stuff) However do not take this to mean that we support SOPA in any way. We like our internets how they are right now and want governments to stay the hell out of our web-pipe-laws-and-stuff.

SOPA is pretty stupid and gives way too much power to everyone except bloggers like us and readers like you. I'm not convinced it will break the internet as its a fast moving place and there's a good chance that it will all be different by the time the whole thing actually comes into action but the threat of a censored internet is a serious worry to us.

That's all. This post is really just a reason to type the following sentence. SOPA is stupid we don’t like it at all.

I would not like to be someone who is involved with SOPA once Annon get angry about it… not at all. Also, Chuck Norris will not approve!


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