Sunday, 15 January 2012

The truth is that I lied



fish[2]Ok fine I admit it, I may have not been entirely honest with you, or indeed myself. About a week ago I wrte a blog about how I didn't really care about where or who a game was made by, as long as it was good. Now despite buying the last couple of indie bundles, I have pretty much just played Skyward Sword and Saints Row the Third.

www.totalvideogames.com_74390_saints-row-3Now seeing as I was apparently quite two faced about my preferences, I thought I would take a look at why. My first thought is that it is a size factor, oo er, sorry I went a bit carry on. Much as I love a good indie game they tend to be very, well if not short, definitely broken up into small chunks that can be completed in minutes. This largely goes against my nature to game for, well several hours.

It is also telling that the only indie game I have paid any great amount of recently is Gemini Rue, which actually has a pretty good narrative. I think this 6a00d834515f9b69e2015435bc1a10970c-800wiis another thing that stops me from playing the many indie games I own. A lot of them have slight to none existant story, like the truly excellent puzzler, Spacechem, which I really need to play more off.

Perhaps it is that some indie games simple require more of a learning curve than something like a Zelda game, which is essentially unchanged in 25 years. The aforementioned Space Chem involved watching a you tube video and considerable head scratching just to figure out what I am doing, and it had better presentation than some.

And if I am really being honest sometimes when I am playing a game, I just want one I can jump into with a minimum amount of learning. I think maybe that is why the likes of FIFA and Modern Warfare are so popular, the player can pick up a new version, and then only learn one or two new feature, and instantly feel comfortable.

Well whatever the reason I felt I should apologies for my unintentional deception.

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