Saturday, 7 January 2012

Why did nobody see the (bullet)storm


fish[2]I have no intention of doing one of those crappy best games of 2011 type lists, however I feel there is one game that does need highlighting. For me this is the best shooter of 2011 be a long shot (pun absolutely intended). This is a game published by hated EA, not given the marketing push it deserved and sank quickly without a trace.

The game I am telling about is Bulletstorm. Bulletstorm’s single player had more fun, wow moments and visual flair in than Battlefield 3, Modern WarfareBulletStorm 3 and Crysis 2 put together. Not only that, it actually offered new ideas and innovation, something that the three mentioned games (and many others) completely failed to do.

It is a game that have you a cool tool set of weapons and abilities and actively encouraged you be inventive. In a world where most shooters give you a selection of very similar guns and tell you to kill the same looking enemies, Bulletstorm was a breath of fresh, err lead. A lot of modern shooters have just become an evolved version of the carnival shooting game, a target pops up, you shoot it, it pops down. Why not slide along the ground, kicking them into a man eating plant instead, or use your leash (basically an electric lasso) to pull an enemy into the path of other enemies fire. It is these, and many many other silly fun events that made me love it. The fact that you gain higher scores for extravagant kills, only further inspired you to new creative in the massacre.

2092831Ok the plot is fairly slight, but is told with such sweary charm that you just don't care. Oh it is gorgeous as well, the unreal engine at it's colourful best, there are certainly more powerful engines, but none utilises with such ingenuity and scope to create a beautiful sun drenched world..

Somewhat wisely (though possibly to the detriment to sales) the developers, People Can Fly under heavy supervision by Epic, only included one online mode, a 4 player wave battle. It differed from the traditional hoard modes in that to move onto the next wave you would have to get a certain number of points, really encouraging some creative co-op carnage.

You can pick it up cheaply now. If you like shooters, and especially if you are bored of the generic Call of Battlefield, then it has my seal of approval.
See, looks awesome right?

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