Friday, 13 January 2012

Why do my games want to be movies?


hex I cant help but notice that my games are getting more cinematic, The type of cinematic that happens in game is fine, I like a flowing narrative as much as the next man but some of the games I have played lately are letting me watch a great movie then dropping me into play just as I’m getting into it.

Recently I picked up some budget PS3 games, Red Dead Redemption and Uncharted two both of them in my opinion are good games however commit the same crime.

In the case of Red Dead I started a game and began enjoying an awesome western movie then it was ruined by a game, now I like games. I like films but when I put a bluray on I don’t expect to have to shoot the alien menace myself. When I put a game on I want to shoot those aliens.

Uncharted two does this even worse by constantly dropping you out of the game for little video type sequence that are so well done and engaging that the actual game gets in the way of them. This is true in reverse too, if I’m really into the game the video basically pisses me off.

Then There is the most recent perpetrator of this crime, The Old Republic. A game that I believe to be technically the best MMO since WoW and for me the most fun since LotRO. Its fantastic but it has an even more fantastic opening video segment or two that is so well done that the game actually strikes you as an anti-climax.

SWTOR however seams to understand this when its not doing over the top video glory, the transition between conversation and action is flawless.

SWTOR intro Video is great but what then?

valve is godAs usual though Valve know this and have fixed the methodology by having the video type narratives actually happen in game like in HL2 episode one where Dog Comes to the rescue, its thrilling but is an in game event that you can if you are silly enough wonder off and ignore. Trust in the Valve, the Valve is good.

I wonder if I am the only gamer who wants his games and movies more separate.

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