Thursday, 2 February 2012

Choose a different path



fish[2]I still clearly remember creating my very first Wow character, not knowing a great deal about mmo's, examining the various classes. Even then I immediately discounted the warrior class as something to chose. I had played the warrior class in Guild Wars and enjoyed it, I had always found it a bit, well, dull. So I entry for the seemingly more exciting Rogue. Ok so now I know that picking a rogue is hardly the most adventurous choice, it is still a big step up on a Warrior.

So basically this blog is an appeal to any mmo (and to a lesser extent rpg) players to not pick the obvious classes. Taking WoW as an example, why play a warrior when you can play a paladin, why play a mage when you could images (1)be a warlock, or indeed why play a rogue when you could be a shaman. Go for the unusual classes, hell go for the ones that you think will be challenging to play, they will be the most satisfying.

What, you maybe thinking,  what if I don't like the odd and unusual class I chose to play? Well in that case the game, and indeed the developers, have failed you, and you should cancel you subscription. Some of you may think I am joking, I AM NOT. If you are paying monthly for a quality game, then everything you try should be awesome. With free to play games it is easier to forgive some weak classes, as there is no monetary loss for giving them a go. However if you are paying a monthly sub, then saying to yourself, "I will play a few more levels, maybe the class will grow on me" is the same as saying I am happy to pay £ 9 a month to not enjoy the game.

Humm I guess it really isn't that surprising that I am not currently playing a mmo. I will pick up the old republic at some point. I think it is a good game, just concern that out won't be good enough for a harsh and unfair ass like me.

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Token said...

Don't be hating on warriors fish, they are not the boring class they appear to be. Don't judge a book by its cover and all that!

Warriors have very satisfying dps mechanics, their tanking style is the most active in the game, and the pvp style is quite crazy with all its stance dancing. In comparison the Paladin was deemed to be an idiot proof button masher by Blizzard and they had to have a bit of complication added. They are still dumb though.