Saturday, 4 February 2012

If you want to shoot straight through a mmo



fish[2]So I am playing Skyrim and i find myself wondering why when (if) i play a MMO, why can't I just wander of in the direction I feel like. These massive worlds that we inhabit, and when we play them, they very firmly make us go from point a to point b. And if you go off the beaten path? Well then the mmo either makes it pointless to do so, or more likely you will run into a higher level enemy and you are force to either run away or die.

But my question is, if the Elder Scrolls series has been doing what they do for years, why do mmo's still make us move from area to area in a fixed way. What harm would there be in letting the player wander and explore the world as they see fit, with the game scaling the enemies to the players experience level. I suppose the problem would be that you could have several players all in the same area, all at different levels.

While that is true, Blizzards phasing mechanic, which has been used by other mmo's since, has proved that this is not really a problem. So you are faced with a choice, which would you prefer, a game that lets you have a great deal of freedom, but it would be difficult to play with random stranger, or a fixed linear world were everyone in the same area is at the same level and experience. I certianly know which I would find more interesting.

However I am jaded at best regarding mmo's, i am still waiting for that one game that I would fall in love with again. However I have yet to see it. I hope to have a look a Tera soon, which is a game that is making big promises. I am not getting my hopes up yet, like I said I am pretty damn jaded.

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