Wednesday, 1 February 2012

My life of

Hello to all the Quest Hard hits out there.

Let me begin by saying that China is still blocking Google blogs. This makes it inconvenient for me to view and post to the blog. Its not difficult really, its just an interruption of other things, I must connect through a service, taking a large hit to my bandwidth and latency until I disconnect. The list of things the Chinese firewall blocks is rather small, although it feels quite large. Facebook, twitter and youtube, blip, justintv and ustream are all blocked, and although I can gain access to them the experience is often less than desirable.

The bright spot is that they do not block, which is great because it is becoming a very special destination for gamers. These days I like to have a channel on in the background, perhaps gamebreaker, or a professional gamer or tournament. For the last few days ESL tv has looping an excellent documentary on pro-gamer Grubby, his career and even how he met his steaming hot Asian wife.

A few years ago I was watching the EVE alliance tournament, but when I mentioned it on vent there was a strong reaction. I remember some jock wannabe telling me that watching pro-gaming was a ridiculous waste of time and that watching 'football' might be a more meaningful activity. I hope the popularity of twitch signals a change in attitudes. Here's a bowl of beef noodles.

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