Saturday, 11 February 2012

Not sure I am happy on erm Tera ferma


fish[2]I recently got to play Tera on there sneak peak weekend, so having played it for a couple of hours I thought I would share my impressions. I suppose that I should put in  a disclaimer that the game is not finished and is subject to change.

Right first to things first,  bloody hell is it bloody gorgeous. It really is a beautifully stunning game, that uses the unreal engine at its best, hell it is not even that obvious it is the unreal engine. The environments seem to be varied and enough to prompt a gasp at some of the vistas. Special mention must go to the enemies, it seems to have some the most creative and unsual Dogboymonstrosities I have ever seen. There seems to be a good choice of character and races to pick from,  and if you have a fondness of exposed character flesh you are well catered for.  Personally I made a little pipe smoking dog man thing,  because it made me smile.

The combat was pretty good,  you have the traditional skill bar, however you predominantly attack with right and left mouse clicks, in my characters cases left for Lance attack and right for shield block.  and you hit what you are facing, to the point that if you are ranged you have to shoot at where the target will be.

TERA 2012-02-08 15-15-51-79That's a good chunk of praise isn't is, oh well. There is a reason that I only played for a couple of hours, I got bored. The games quests are dull unmotivating kill/collect quests and the interesting combat could only hold me for a little bit. If it had a strong narrative then this could have been the game for me, and there is still time I guess. However i think this game could fall by the wayside. It reminded me of a prettier Aion, with better combat game-play, if TERA 2012-02-08 15-23-45-40that sounds like a compliment to you then Tera could be the game for you.

I find it interesting that Tera decided to fix mmo game-play but keep the dull questing, and The Old Republic decided to fix the questing and keep the dull combat. Is it too much that we can have both in the same game (keeping my fingers crossed for Guild Wars 2).

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Lady Fleata said...

I started the Beta for TERA Aa few hours before you and so knew after ano hour that this game would have one failing for you and well for me too. and you are totally right EVERY and I mean EVERY quest was go kill 5 of this go kill 10 of that go kill 10 of these for 10 claw/hides/horns w/e and I cant stress this enough EVERY QUEST!! The combat was better the graphics astonishing, but essentially its the same game we have been playing since WoW vanilla, and that is a real shame. I had high hope but yet another WoW clone clambers on top of the WoW Clone wagon. I really dont see why I should pay a monthly sub for a kill / fetch fest when I could log in to LotRO and do exactly that for free.