Saturday, 11 February 2012

Pay Monthly, Play once.


hex Have you played Killzone 2? it’s very good. It’s not as good as Killzone 3 and it’s much harder.

Have you seen Attack the Block? it’s a great movie with an exciting plot and adorable fuzzy black dog things.

Have you read the Hunger Games? it’s being released as a movie soon so its finally easy to find in retail stores, you should pick it up!


The above are just three of the things that prevent me from sinking time into The Old Republic. When I add work, parenting, family commitments and Netflix to this combination there is even less time to play TOR.

Thankfully though, the wonderful thing about MMO’s is that they will keep taking my money regardless of how often I actually log in. This is becoming something of an irritation to me.

The conundrum is this: I hate the so called ‘Free To Play’ pricing model but I am resentful of a subscription that I sometimes go a month without using.

In the end though, the subscription is preferable to the crap that the F2P players have to put up with. Armour in item shops, Advertisements on loading screens and whatever other piles of crap they are wading though.


It’s strange how about 2 years ago I was a vocal supporter of the F2P model. I saw it as freedom for frugal gamers, allowing us to play whatever we wanted and sink our pennies into the ‘current’ game we likes as apposed to signing up for a whole month just to play once with our buddies. When LotRO went free to play I began to notice that even though I was a subscriber there where things I needed to spend my money on, not necessities granted but little trinkets and scraps of fun that I wanted and I began paying them my sub AND throwing about £15 a month at the store.

Eventually the advertisements and ‘pay now to unlock this option’ won out and I cancelled my sub. Now I rarely load up LotRO, I wonder if it was still a sub only game would i still play? or at least drop for a month every now and again?

The F2P model attracts many new players to a game that’s true however I wonder about the games of those games, it seams to me that most F2P games have a younger audience. – Resulting in a more irritating one.


I think MMO’s should go with the ‘unlimited trial’ model where you can play the game for free but are locked and can not level beyond a set point. this allows for gamers to try it properly and for companies to showcase it in a fair way, if the product if good then people will subscribe even if only for a short time, but thanks to the unlimited trial can pop back occasionally to see if the alterations that the developers have hopefully made are enough to bring them back for another month or so.

All that said, TF2 is still awesome!

Or, I’m an elitist dick.

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Lady Fleata said...

i dunno after years of playing WoW and sinking £100's of pounds into it, i'm kinda anti sub now. (I must add at the price games are asking) would be more than happy to pay say £4.99 a month rather than £8.99 and also more than happy to see SWTOR and TERA and WoW go F2P or even have lifetime accounts like LotRO did.
I'm adverse to paying monthly for a game I might not play much of now that I am cured of my WoW addiction and don't even want to get back to that stage of 16 hours on WoW value for money yes good for you def not!!
So complain about the advertising and armour in stores. As long as I can play the game for free I can live with that, im not a min maxer and care about Pay 2 Win if its a good PVE game you dont really Win against anything really I can understand about p2w for PVP games but PVE I dont see the whole p2w being an issue its about playing the game and I just wanna play and not pay. call me a stinge but id rather the money be in my pocket than someone elses.