Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Shooting aliens in a revolutionary way?–Vita!


hex Recently, I have played through Resistance 3 and  Killzone 2 on my PS3. Both of these games are high profile Playstation exclusives (granted KZ2 is one from over a year ago). While I played them a thought began to form in my mind (it takes a while). These games have no benefit or advantage from being exclusive to a PS3. Granted there a few moments in Killzone where you have to wiggle your pad in the air to plant bombs but it was pointless and the games could have been quite playable on a PC with little modification from the development team.

That’s where my thought started, then I considered the advantages of a PC for gaming and other than mouse heavy games like Real Time Strategy and some puzzlers there is no real advantage to PC gaming. – Yes, there is the fact that a mouse and keyboard is the greatest control system ever developed but I'm talking about playability not the Pad vs. Mouse conundrum.


Now a PS3 has that alluring Playstation Move setup that you can get (not tried it but I will get to it, I assure you). The Xbox has that kinneckt, Connect, Kinextz, Kinect nonsense and the Wii as we all know started this terrible waggle generation with their Wii Remotes.

It comes to my mind that there is no advantage or benefit from any gaming platform, The whole argument balances out by personal preference, it’s like this now and it will be like this in a years time and it will be like this well into the next generation of gaming. 

This is where my thought erupted into an actual opinion, I can in fact see where the Sony Vita market is. It is in the realm of console gaming that the only true ‘differences’ can be found in gaming.


The 3DS has its 3D technology that you may love or hate but it is something that only that one device has. The Vita will have cutting edge graphics (apparently)  and a ‘back-touch’ interface (I am told) as well as its pretty interesting if not financially viable 3G connectivity.

The PC as yet has no real ‘handheld’ solution (I know Razer are working of a sort of super portable thingy but its not really a handheld). As for  smartphones as much as the games are cheap as Mars bars and seriously abundant in number there are as yet no titles available that make you rally want to class your phone as a gaming machine (if you feel the need to say ‘Angry Birds’ while reading this then please go and kill yourself now *not actual advice*).

So if the world needs a handheld gaming market then it is in my opinion a more interesting realm than the ‘home’ gaming one. However, I am a firm believer that the world does not need these devices and in all honestly I was done with it when I had my Sega Game Gear.


PC’s win at gaming here’s why – You need one for life (internet, porn, work, banking, family pictures, Torrents and a myriad of other tasks) so if you spend very little extra you can get a gaming PC, there are more games available for the PC than there is on every console ever made together and multiplied by how many hot dinners you have had (even if your really fat)


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