Saturday, 25 February 2012

Well played Sony, well played.

fish[2]It is no big secret the we here at Quest Hard are fond of the PS3 shooter Killzone 3. However Killzone 3 has now been out 12 months to this very day (24/02/2011 release date), and dispite DLC maps, the game has in all probablity run its course. I know that I personally haven't touched it, despite owning all the DLC, for months. So, bearing in mind my last blog about the drop of in sales, Sony have decided to do something quite interesting.

They are giving away the entire multiplayer component, including the DLC psnmaps for free. You can download it off the PSN and jump in without paying a penny. Killzone, much like every shooter these days, has a levelling system. And the free version has a reasonably low level cap , beyond which you would need the pay to unlock it. You also need to unlock the ability to get Trohpies (if you are interested in them). However Killzone 3 is a fairly well balanced game and not having masses of unlocks doesn't really put you at a disadvantage. So you can play for free, and pay $15 to get the full version if you like it.

I must admit it is a clever idea, one possibly heavily inspired by the success Valve have had with Team Fortress 2, of getting some more money for a imagesgame that is probably now bringing in very little revenue. It should also have the bonus for the regular players of reinvigorating the player base. Ok yeah it is a little galling for me, as I brought the, admittedly not very expensive, DLC, but I was impressed yet again by Sony's efforts to make money by giving people a good deal.

Furthermore if Sony make money on this venture, and I can't really see how they won't, I can see this happening a lot more. People moan about games being expensive compared to films. However people seem to forget that films have a continual revenue stream, cinema, to DVD/Blu-ray, to premium movie channels and then finally normal TV. Games have the box brought brand new and whatever DLC they can sell after launch (I would be surprise if more than half of a games owner brought DLC for that game).

So while I should be a bit annoyed that loads of people are going to enjoy a game for free that I paid £39.99 for 12 months ago (one of the very few full price console game I have brought), all it actually does it raise a smile that more people are going to try a great game that deserves to be played.

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