Tuesday, 14 February 2012

When good games get difficult.


hex As a long time player of pretty much every genre of games it is rare that I get to a point that a game becomes too difficult for me to continue. In fact other than games designed to be like this (mega man springs to mind as well as IWTBTG) I can’t really think of anything I have stopped playing because its too difficult.

Last night this almost changed though. Killzone 2 is difficult, not consistently so but there are moments as I played through that I just had to question my own skills. Difficulty spikes like none I have seen. The last mission in fact being so difficult that I actually considered giving up.

After I would say 4 hours of repeating a ‘killbox’ sequence and each time getting a littler closer to victory (memorising movements of the bad guys) I eventually got to check point that meant to didn’t have to fight three hordes of Helghast again.

Eventually I was shoving a shotgun into the mouth of their mighty general and then watching a rather nice ending video.

The thing is that the difficulty of the ending did not add to my enjoyment of the game. it frustrated me. An ending to a game should feel epic but not be so hard that half the players will give up. An ending should be a reward for the journey not a punishment for getting this far.


If anything an ending should be your characters moment, the moment when he/she shines and simply walks through a sea of enemies without a scratch, the moments when your excellence shows. At the end of Killzone 2 I felt lucky to have gotten through alive, no doubt the feeling that the developers where going for but still not a reward for all the players that would have given up.

It is possible that I suck as games. Smile


Lady Fleata said...

it's a pain aint it. some games have some points that are so difficult you can't continue (god of was I) and some like KoA or Skyrim that I feel are just not difficult enough (blasting thru Hard/Master difficulty with barely a scratch)

I know there has to be away for a game to assess you play style and aptitude and change the games difficulty accordingly I just no there has to be.

hangman said...

I reckon you only stuck with Killzone 2 because I said that I couldn't finish it.

Hex DSL said...

@hangman - yes.