Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Wow Trial

As I stumbled across the new and improved world of Warcraft Scroll of resurrection I was honestly shocked at how good the deal is. Now, I am not a fan of WoW but I have to admit this offer negates some of my reasons for not playing the game. If I get a buddy to send me the scroll I can level up to 80 and change realm to join them, immediately.  this mean that there is no level grind, there is no waiting, there is no re-rolling. 

This is a good offer, granted it means that there would be a huge chunk of content skipped but I could go back to that content with a new character while enjoying a level 80 toon to socialise with my WoW veteran friends. 
The link for the offer is here (yeah, click that). The strange thing about this is just how good an offer it is. In many ways Blizzard are saying 'skip the shite and play the raids' but at the same time it address so many of the reasons many players don't currently subscribe. It's a fantastic business strategy.

If I had shelled out for Cataclysm I would not be as impressed , saying that though a free mount is a good way of making up for the sour feelings. 

I have to wonder if this is a direct result of the Bioware/EA's Star Wars the Old Republic being so successful or if it's just a good time for Blizzard to 'pump the numbers' a little. we all know that WoW is at the latter half of its lifespan and life breathing moves like this can really help the games population stay stable.

Will we see similar moves like this from Turbine with LotRO or DDO? how about Champions and STO having a few offers to encourage subscriptions/store spends?  - again lets hope so! 

With The Old Republic now asking for players to invite their friends I have to conclude that its a direct response, and a damn good one.


Niieh said...

Wow (see what I did there ;)), that IS a really good deal. I don't even play WoW and I'm tempted by it ;-)

The SWTOR offer is a bit lame. 7 days is nothing for people with a busy life. I'd rather see them offer a free trial for friends, unlimited in time but only up to level 5 or 7 or so.

hangman said...

I saw this and it seems like an odd idea. I understand they are trying to make it easier to play with exsisting players. However it seems to be them accepting the fact that their pre level 80 contact is poor (which is both true and untrue).