Sunday, 18 March 2012

I am enjoying my TOR of the galaxy



fish[2]Ok fine, I guess it is time to talk about The Old Republic. My Sith Warrior is now level 14, I have cleared the first planet and have covered a good chunk of the second. In previous blogs, and twitters, and emails and conversations I have been fairly critical of TOR's lack of innovation in the mmo space. And you know what, I am entirely correct. However this doesn't stop it from being a great game.

In The Old Republic the narrative is king. Every single quest has a reason behind it, all, usually, excellently voice acted. They are pretty varied, though there are still some basic kill quests, these are largely for bonus xp and unnecessary. Hell in one case I actually managed to talk my way out of violent situation. In fact there have been several quests that have multiple conclusion options. I am trying to play a nice Sith, which entertains me greatly. I haven't sith-warriortried the good guy side, the republic, yet but I love the back stabbing and in fighting of the Imperial story line.

The combat doesn't stray too far from the mmo norm but is very well done, making you feel powerful early on and regularly taking on groups of 3 or 4 rather than the usual one on one. I love my Sith Warrior's approach of jumping into a group from miles away and doing a force stomp. Ok yeah I am still essentially pressing number keys but fun none the less. I have even done a flashpoint, instanced senarios equivelent to other games dungeons. They are, unsurprisingly, very story focused and very involving.

The one thing I noticed myself doing, which is an exception of me for an mmo, though not a Bioware game, is running around, following the story and tor_classes_546xcompletely forgetting about the leveling process. Every now and then I level up and I say, oh yeah it's an mmo, go get my training and then forget about levelling again. So I am in the odd situation of being excited about an mmo for the first time in ages, I kind of like it.

However my brain is still trying to ruin it for me. It keeps questioning what will happen when the story runs out. The combat is good,  it looks nice, hell I even like what they have done with the crafting, but if the story stops I am not sure there is much to keep me playing.

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Lady Fleata said...

I agree entirely on all fronts. liking TOR alot, but my mind keeps telling me that its just a bog standard MMO and I should be disappointed in the game itself, but i find myself with a 17 sith sorceress and a lvl 16 rep trooper and a 13 rep trooper so far.

will I play for long when i reach max lvl and the story runs out prob not, will I enjoy the journey there hell yeah!