Tuesday, 6 March 2012

I feel bad for enjoying myself



fish[2]I currently subscribe to Love Film,  purely for the pleasure of renting games, predominantly for my PS3.Anyway I currently have Binary Domain, which I have to confess to liking a lot more than I expected.
Binary Domain is a cover based sci-fi third person shooter. Much to my surprise I found myself not only really enjoying the game play, but also being drawn in by the plot and characters. So this is where the remorse kicks in. After about 8 or 9 hours of gameplay I am very near the end (I believe) of a very enjoyable game, yet I have paid the developers/publishers (Sega) nothing at all for this great game. This is not the first time I have felt this way, I had a similar feeling of regret after completing Bayonetta.

Seriously it is pretty awesome

I have since seen Bayonetta for £15, but haven't brought it, as I have no desire to play it through again. I dunno it is kind of like I feel I have essentially stolen images (1)from the developers. I mainly rent games to try them out to see if I am interested in them. So it a game is crap or not to my taste (as in Marvel versus Capcom 3 recently rented, which is a great fighting game, which I am not interested in), I can happily test the waters, without getting my feet wet, so to speak.

And if a game is ok, I can happily play it, and even finish it without regret. A good example of this is SOCOM, which was a perfectly adequate third person shooter. I played it all the way through the single player, which I 257px-SOCOM_4enjoyed without loving it on any level, and tried the multiplayer which was mediocre (I have never liked third person cover base multiplayer, even when done really well). I sent it back and have never given it a second thought. Hell, I can’t even remember what it was about.

This may seem like an odd solution but I would happily, if I could, well, donate a small amount of money to the developers, without getting the actual disc copy that I neither want or need. Perhaps this is partly why my Steam list is so crammed, I pick up games from developers that I admire and trust, regardless of whether I want to play the game or not. The developers Relic are a great case for this. I love the Dawn of War 2 games, so when the company of heroes games popped up on sale I brought them, even though I tried them when they were briefly free to play and I found them hard work. I also brought a PC version of Space Marine despitecompany-of-heroes finishing it on the PS3.

I have to ask myself, if Bayonetta came on Steam for £15 pounds, would I buy it? Yeah I doubt I would even think twice about it. Worse case scenario it would sit in my games list and I wouldn't be able to get rid of it, unlike a disc box, which I fear I would just sell on. Damn another function of Steam, retail therapy, though not in the way most people mean.

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