Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Making a game out of art


fish[2]Draw Something is a craze that is sweeping the nation. For those of you that don't know, it is essentailly Pictonary of smartphones, you draw a image to represent a word and you opponent has to guess the word. Pretty simple and accessible, not to mention hugely successful, as the creators OMGPOP have just been brought for $200 million by Zynga. My house has omgpopnot been immune from it's effects with my wife playing it obsessively on my tablet.

Though she takes a far more artistic approach than most people. She draws backgrounds, sets the scene and then does the details. It is quite impressive to an unartistic soul like me. She would freely admit to enjoying drawing, however she rarely does it. She has done more artistic endevours in Draw Something in the last week, than she has in the year before. Now this gets me to my point, all the game is really doing is giving her a reason, or I guess even an excuse, to do what she already rock_bandlikes, but normally has no motivation to do, in this case drawing. It has gamified the act of creating art, you could say.

So if a little phone game can turn the act of drawing into a game, much like Rock band gamified music and Wii Fit made a game of excercising. So why can't we gamify the less, well, fun aspect of life. Why can't make a game out of work, school and the everyday chores that we have to do. Imagine at work if you had tasks with clear goals and a small reward for the successful completion, not unlike a mmo. Seems to me that is what work should be like, but rarely is, in my experience anyway. Can't see the way we live and work changing significantly in the future, but I can still dream.


Niieh said...

LMAO @ that first picture !

Hex DSL said...

I do this already in some way, I think of my boring tasks at work as 'grinding' and pay day as a Level up!

Niieh said...

We gamify lots of things at work and it makes a huge difference. It's unbelievable how you can make people have fun with boring tasks, or learn new things very easily, just by gamifying them.

I recently read this story and thought it was great - wish my teacher had done this when I was in 6th grade:)

Hex DSL said...

Thanks for Link Niieh, its a good read