Thursday, 1 March 2012

MMO Load times!

When I want to play Modern Warfare 3 (not very often, I'm not a big fan of it) I can click the load button and be playing a game in about 80 seconds. In fact the speed at which I can leap from wanting to play to actually playing is one of the reasons that I keep the game installed. However this is not the case for most games that I play. Most games have that damned loading screen. 

Most MMO's take an age to load and then once loaded you have to wait for the game  to 'catch up' as scenery pops up and characters fade in. This is tolerated by most gamers as our intended play 'slots' for these games is usually higher than for shooters. 
When I play a shooter I intend to sink maybe two hours into the game but when I load an MMO I usually have my 'game rations' on the desk ready and intend to waste about 4 to 6 hours for a good 'session' 

However, some days I want to log into SWTOR to check my mail and auction status and then go to work. I know this behaviour is a sign of game addiction but I'm a career MMO veteran now and I need to get my fix. 

It frustrates me. However I have vented now and feel better about myself and the world in general.

~ This blog was written while waiting for SWTOR to load. 


Niieh said...

Uch, I'm really frustrated by this too. On our newer pc it's not so bad, but on the older one, it takes about 10 minutes for SWTOR to load. By the time you're good to go, you hardly feel like playing anymore.

Hex DSL said...

SOOOOOOooooo glad im not the only one who has this

hangman said...

I recently got an SSD and while fiddling around with install directories can be a pain, it makes a massive difference on load times. I have found this most noticeable with Skyrim, which now loads in literally seconds. They are a luxury but well worth it.