Thursday, 22 March 2012

Ok that was unexpected



fish[2]Somewhat to both my annoyance and joy, Sega have confirmed that they are bringing Binary Domain to my beloved PC. Having recently proffessed my admiration for the game, stating that had it been on the PC, I probably would have brought it. Apparently Sega want me to put my money were my mouth is.

I have to say I was very surprised by decision to port it over. Unlike the recent, alan_wake_collectors_edition_pcexcellent, Alan Wake PC port, Binary Domain sold pretty badly on the consoles. One of those decent games that didn't get a big enough push or came out at the wrong time. I was reminded of Rayman Origins, another game that was ported to the PC a few months after a, pretty poor, sales reception on the consoles. Both games sold poorly, despite, especially in Rayman's case, positive critical reception. It seems odd that the developers decided to spend more rescources on porting it over to the PC. I am not complaining, the more the merrier I say, still seemed like a questionable bdbusiness decisions.

Then it occurs to me, I saw that Binary Domain was coming to the PC on a Kotaku news article, and most of the other big gaming sites had similar posts on their front page. So Sega, with one quick press release, have suddenly got people seeing the name of their game all over the gaming web. It seems that pc conversions are news, as Alan Wake shows, and I wouldn't be surprised if this prompted sales of the console versions as well as the upcoming PC version. Essentially getting a soft relaunch. As a marketing tool it is cheap and effective. Hell you only have to look at the stupor that the potential Dark Souls PC port has currently got the internet into.

dark-souls-pc-release-is-coming-probablyI am certainly glad that we are getting these games,  but I would rather get them as the same time as the console version,  than stuck waiting to see if it it happens.  The PC is already known for getting versions after the consoles, the Assassins Creed series has been notorious for this, for example. I guess we with have to put up with a few more of the "look PC gaming isn't dead because  Developer X is bringing big game console game Y to the PC" headlines for a while to come.

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