Thursday, 22 March 2012

THIS is why people own consoles!

Today I had an impromptu trip to town where a local store (Home Bargains) had the PC version of Guitar Hero World Tour compete with wireless guitar for the minor sum of £9.99. Obviously with this being the first time I had ever seen a PC guitar in the wild I snapped it up and skipped home excited to become a real life pretend rock star.

The guitar its self is identical to the console version however the button that would usually be marked with a PS logo or a silver and green X is blank, its well made and feels solid.

I installed the game and plugged the wireless dongle. Window detected this instantly and installed the drivers (from the installed game I assume) and clicked the icon. This is where it all goes wrong.

Nothing happened. not a thing. No game at all... I went Google fishing for a solution and here is a kick in the teeth. The game does not load if the guitar is plugged in. :|

I kid you not. If you run this game on a 64bit operating system, no matter what options you tinker with it refuses to load with the guitar active. If you load the game and then plug it in, the game crashes. WTF I hear you cry! yeah.... my thoughts exactly.

This 'minor' issue was NEVER patched. I even tried a crack on the game in-case it was some insane copy protection kicking in and, no. this game is not compatible with the hardware its sold with... madness.

The guitar isn't compatible with my PS3 either, even though its identical hardware its been 'tinkered with by the manufacturer to make sure it does not work on the PS3.

As it turns out the internet was there to help. The open source game Frets on Fire was more than happy to utilise my guitar. I can't help but look at Activision and shout from the roof tops "THIS is why people buy console games!"  


June S said...

You need to buy the Bug Fix dlc for it to work.

Hex DSL said...

Frets On Fire saved the day!