Sunday, 11 March 2012

You can never go home



fish[2]Despite the continual moaning i brought The Old Republic and played about 3 hours of it last night. I must confess, I had a very enjoyable time and I do like it. However that is a subject for another blog, now I am going to talk about why I brought it. I finished up playing Skyrim, which is a giant consuming game with hundreds of things to do, that I had played for over a hundred hours. But when I had done all the quest lines, the main story and everything else of note, I had to leave it there.

But that left me feeling a little sad, I realised I rather liked have one massive all world-of-warcraft-freeconsuming game to play, and this got me thinking of when I used to play World of Warcraft. The fact that it has been in the news recently (hell even on this site), made my desire to play it stronger. So I activated a trial on my WoW account, and created a new character, and played for a couple of hours. Then I got bored. Despite endless amounts of patching and updates, it is still very much the game I fell in love with 5 years ago.  Unfortunately, much like an old ex girlfriend, WoW is comfortable but not exciting in any way. The thought of playing through the familiar, even with the Cataclysm changes, was the opposite of enticing.

I keep going back to WoW, but that was the last time. I think it is a case that it is simply too familiar, even content I have never seen before. I am at heart a explorer, and Blizzard simply have nothing I am eager to see any more.

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