Friday, 13 April 2012

All in the mind?

Recently I have played the rather good 'Uncharted 2' on my Playstation 3 (I call her Tina). I have never played the first Uncharted game so it strikes me as strange how accepting Nathan Drake is of ancient mechanical structures, super powered purple yeti people and all sorts of other crazy encounters.

As I played through the game I began to question the version of events that where unfolding through the story and realised that they are being shown from the point of view of Nathan Drake, the biggest egomaniac in games since Duke Nukem 3D (notice I specified 3D not Forever) Is it at all possible that Mr Drake's ego is so inflated that it has made him mentally unstable and these massive chasms that he jumps with little consideration are no more than cracks in a trail and those mountainous drops he dangles from with such arrogance are a simple step down?

Maybe when he has a shoot out with ten highly trained merc's he is actually throwing rocks at a dog? Maybe the two women that he spends the whole game flirting with are totally imaginary and they are a way for his ego to ensure that someone see's his feats of awesome?

Oddly, after I came up with this version of events the game became more fun for me. :P

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