Monday, 2 April 2012

ALL the indie games

After picking up the 'Indie Gala two' bundle this morning it occurred to me that I don't play many of the indie games that I purchase. The reason for this is that when I buy a bundle I am usually only interested in one game but the bundle is cheaper than the single game is on Steam/Desura. The result is that I have a stack of games that I have no interest in playing.

Even if I'm not particularly interested in the whole pack, if there is one titles that I think maybe fun for an hour I'll buy it. The idea that by buying games from these bundles I am also giving money to indie developers as well as charity's makes me in some small way feel like my need to obtain new things to play is also helping the industry this and who doesn't want a stack of new games for $5? 
Sure, there have been bundles that I have not brought, only when there is literally not a single game that I want to play in it but for the most part these indie packs have a good range of games in the pack. 

For those of you who are new to the idea of an Indie Bundle please let me explain: 
Indie is short for 'independent' and refers to game developers or studios that are not attached to a large publishing house or subsidiary company's. They are just dudes who make games. 

The bundle websites get a bunch of Indie games and sell them really cheap (usually a 'pay what you want' scheme') they split the cash fairly between the parties by letting you use a slider to show where you want the cash going, Website/Developer/Charity so if you want to give cash to charity you can literally move the slider all the way or like me just split up your payment evenly. 

You usually get codes you can redeem on services like Steam or Desura as well as a direct download link for those of you who for some reason don't use those services (WHY?!?!?!?!) and more recently with the Humble Bundle you also get Android versions of the games.

There have  been some surprises with them too when I have brought a pack for a single game and another turns out to be really great, a good example of this is the recent humble bundle where I purchased the pack for 'Swords and Soldiers' but 'Canabalt' turned out to be pretty fantastic on android. 

With the way these packs have seen so much success on the PC (and more recently thanks to 'Humble' they have moved to my Android device) I wonder why the console market places have not seen similar deals cropping up. 

If you haven't sunk any cash into these offers then I think your really missing out on some great indie games you may not otherwise play. You'll also end up with a stack of games that you have never loaded. :| 

Links? yeah, I got links:

If you know of any more schemes please post in comments. 

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