Thursday, 5 April 2012

Blackwell Legacy

I have before on this blog discussed ranted about my love of point and click adventures and how they are a dying breed. I write this post however correcting this notion. It appears that the Point and click adventure is very much live in the Indie field, in fact Desura is packed to the brim with them. Last night I sat down with a cup of coffee, a bag of snacks and played my merry way through the first Blackwell game, Blackwell: Legacy.

I picked up the Blackwell Trilogy in the Christmas Indie Royale collection but had not found time to sit and 'properly' play it. After recently finishing LA Noire I had an urge to play a good adventure game and Blackwell was at the top of my list.

The game is now fully voice acted, and pretty well. It looks great (depending on how you feel about the more retro aesthetic) The game history is well documented on Wikipedia. It has was developed using the Adventure Game Studio tool and has been successful for this type of title.

I don't want to offer any spoilers for future players but its a great story that is well told with likeable characters. The game has a slow but intriguing pace and I didn't find it a chore at all, even when I was combining random names together in a note book to further the story.

The plot follows Rosa who is a freelance journalist as she suddenly inherits the 'family ghost' after her aunt dies. there is a conversation with a doctor early in the game that implies that Rosa maybe insane. I have no doubt that this will be mentioned again in the later games.

Joey, the Family ghost is vague about his origin but is quite clear that if Rosa does not help him send restless spirits 'on their way' she will indeed go insane. The premise of story would make a fantastic novel (if it's not already one) and is far more satisfying than you would expect from a 'smaller' title like this one.

The game took me just under three hours from start to finish, I played it in one sitting and enjoyed every moment of it. I have been left wanting to know more about Rosa and Joey. I am looking forward to finding time to play the next one in the series.

If your looking to get the game I would recommend Desura as a good place to grab it, the Trilogy is currently retailing for £12.00 and although I paid far less for it as part of a bundle I think that £12.99 is a reasonable price for such a lovingly crafted story.

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