Saturday, 14 April 2012

Faded desires?

I once had an X Box, the classic kind of X Box the big black one. Live had just been launched in the UK and a bunch of friends and I where pretty deep into Rainbow Six 3, we played every night and we loved it. Then a few years later we where just as heavily into Ghost Recon Advanced War fighter on the 360, it was lucky we liked it because it was the only game that I had at the time. Eventually, just before my interest in consoles died out we where pretty heavily into Rainbow Six Vegas. 

Eventually my game of choice was Guild War's. I played night and day and loved it. I was in a guild, there was Team Speak and many all night gaming sessions. 

The addiction to that game eventually passed and I ended up playing Lord of the Rings Online. but slowly game addiction faded and now I play all sorts of things. 
Now don't get me wrong my gaming addiction never caused me any problems. My daughter is happy, I never neglected work and I remembered to eat and wash. It was nice to have a plan though. At the end of every day I would have a game to fire up and just waste my evening on. 

I always found having a 'current' gaming obsession to be almost therapeutic. But now I am older and busier but I have a few hours at the end of each day when I can fire up a little something to play but there is no addiction there, there is no community pulling me into the world there is just my desire to play and maybe beat a game. 

I miss addiction and the socialising that usually accompanies that addiction. Sure, I play The Old Republic but its community (at least on my server) is frighteningly weak and silent. My shooter of choice is Killzone 3 but again a silent community that fails to draw me in for more than an hour or so at a time. I want game addiction and desire to play one game above all else. 

I wonder if this is a sign of growing 'up' or 'older' or if it is more to do with the lack of community's within these games. There was a time when you would get so tired of game chat windows streaming past that you may have to filter them just so you could keep up but now there more filled with stat's than chat.

Since playing The Old Republic (launch week) i have not received a single guild invite or random group request. I am okay to play alone but it is strange that the community is such as high profile game is not interested in grouping and forming factions as the old LotRO players did. 

Games are now built for more solo orientated players and the old concept of using difficulty to force grouping is a thing of the past that we really need back. 

To be honest my hope is that when 0X10c is released that we see an active chatting community within its MMO aspects because as far as I can see the 'triple A' titles are not giving people the insensive to communicate.

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hangman said...

I think that, ironically, the problem we have is too much choice. So many play options, that it is difficult to get really drawn into one game, that a few years we would have become completely obsessed with.