Friday, 20 April 2012

I am an ass, there, I said it.

For the first time in about forever, me and Hex are both playing and enjoying the same mmo, The Old Republic. So when he suggests that we start a new charcter together, why not I say. Me and Hex quite often play video games and chat over skype, usually a shooter like Left 4 Dead or Battlefield.

After about 20 minutes of playing, I realise that Hex is really beginning to annoy me. This happened the last time we tried to play a mmo together, which was Lord of the Rings Online. At the time I didn't really give it that much consideration, I didn't really like LOTRO and I think I chalked up my irritation to that. The question I had to ask myself was why was a mmo different to a shooter, or even a rts, which we have happily played.

I think, to steal a phrase, it was not Hex, it was me. I love the rpg elements in TOR, and even in LOTRO to a lesser extent, however I always got the impression that Hex was happier just running around, exploring and getting into fights. So while I was trying to explore the character and the world, Hex was, unintentionally bugging me. Ah damn I feel like a prick now. So when we are playing something like L4D the running around getting into fights is the same thing we both enjoy.

The other bonus is that when playing Battlefield or similar, we probably don't give it half the concentration that we would an mmo. So when playing a shooter we can happily have full blown conversations and disregard the game, aside from the occasional swearing when we get shot. In fact I am pretty sure the decision to form QuestHard arose after a particularly lengthy Bad Company 2 session, something that would never happened when playing an mmo.

So Hex I will happily shoot zombies and destroy tanks with you all day long, just don’t ask me to play an mmo, because you will get on my nerves (totally not your fault).


Roger Edwards said...

I think you'll find this is quite a common occurrence. MMOs are more complex than other genres of games and everyone plays them differently.

I tend to work through quests in a methodical linear fashion. I may explore or do other stuff but there's usually a process and a logic to my actions.

When grouped with friends it becomes quickly apparent that they do things their way. It's not "wrong", it is simply the manner they like to do stuff.

However, the chaotic approach of some of my colleagues can lead to friction eventually. From simple stuff like folk not reading the quest instructions to team members wondering off to do stuff or getting lost or through not paying attention pulling a crap ton of aggro.

This is why I tend to solo stuff a lot more. Raiding and such like is different but by and large the standard stuff I do best on my own.

Hex DSL said...

It's interesting because I don't view my in game behaviour like this at all.

I assure you I am not the distracted child that I am described to be in this post.

It is true that I do enjoy the shooty-shooty quests and it's also true that I have at times been accused of 'trash-talking' to the Mob's but I finished every quest in every area before moving on and I enjoy the plot of games.

I would like to think that I am an accomplished veteran MMO player with excellent attention to both game Lore and play mechanics.... but in the end I like beating up trash mob's the most.

June S said...

I have a theory that the less challenging a multiplayer experience is, the more time you have to disagree with the gaming style of your mates. Whereas in a more difficult experience you have to be attentive of your own actions, and only focus on improving your mates abilities.