Saturday, 7 April 2012

My Mom and the other gaming envious.

My Mother plays many of 'those' kinds of internet based games they are often made by Zynga and other companies without souls. The only thing I have ever caught her playing that I have any respect for is Plants vs Zombies. There is one game she plays that's a knock off of Air Control (already a knock off of something else, I'm sure) but with animals and, yes, I face-palmed when I saw it for the first time.

She has a habit of wondering past when I am playing something and stopping for a moment to admire it. When in conversation today she said that she finds the games that I play fascinating but lacks the patience to play them. I wonder why none gamers have this perception that gaming requires patience. I have never really thought of gaming as a chore that requires resolve (Okay, MMO grinding aside) 
If anything, the Zynga generated repetition-fest games that she already plays require far more patience than anything that I play. 

I know that if I get her to try something she will 'not like it' from the start because its different from her usual entertainment sources. If I try her with a PC game she won't take to Keyboard and Mouse controls (WSAD is an odd concept for anyone if we really take a moment to think about it) but if i try her with a Playstation 3 game she will find the controller unfamiliar and it will be a barrier before she starts. 

The only option left is the Wii with its remote style controller and 'safe' reputation, however the console offers few of the strong narrative games that appeal to her. 

I wonder what other perceptual oddities keep people from just sitting down and trying a game. What is it about the act of intentionally loading up a none-casual category game (no better definition comes to mind)  that puts so many people off?

I'll let you know if i get her hooked on Killzone in the future. 

Yes I'm 31 and live with my Mom - There is a back story and reasons. I'm not the WoW dude from Southpark. (at least I don't think I am!)

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