Tuesday, 10 April 2012

My money, let me give it to you.

 Last week, Fallout was free on GoG.com for just 48 hours. I didn’t have a GoG account yet, although I knew about the site. Immediately, I went to GoG, registered, and downloaded Fallout. To be honest, I probably won’t even play the game that much, but I just love getting free stuff! And GoG is pretty smart, because now I love them, and the chance of me buying a game in their shop has increased a lot by giving me a free game. The next time that I want to buy a good old game, I’ll check GoG first, before Desura, Gamersgate or any of the other shops that I normally use.

If you don’t want to give me stuff for free, you might want to consider giving me a discount. I’m one of those people that just can’t resist a good deal. During the weekend, SOE did a 50% promotion on Station Cash, the currency used in their MMOs. I have an EQ2 sub, which means that I don’t have any gameplay restrictions, and I also get 500 free station cash points a month to buy cool fluff in the marketplace. I still had 1200 free station cash on my account, but still I could hardly resist buying some more. Fortunately for me, and unfortunately for SOE, there was nothing in the marketplace that I really wanted, so I didn’t buy extra cash, and didn’t even spend the cash on my account. So dear game publishers, here’s a 3rd  tip for getting my money: always make sure your cash shops are full of useless crap that I really want. 

I think SOE is doing a great job: they combine giving me free stuff and offering me nice discounts every once in a while, and they have new items in the marketplace almost every week. There's one thing that I'd love them to add to their shop: 'offline' items. Wouldn't it be cool to buy NPC garden gnomes, figurines of your characters or bed sheets with images from Norrath? They could also add the Everquest 2 comics, hats, t-shirts and guidebooks to the shop - everything in one place, fun to browse through, and lots of different options. I would definitely shop till I drop.

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