Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Damn the game I was playing got cancelled

As it stands it looks like we are going to go probably at least another couple of years without a new xbox or PS3. My question is are we being conned if we now decide to buy some of the earlier console games. Let me explain. I play, using the word loosely, EA Sports Active 2 a lot. It, along with the Wii Fit before it, helped me lose a fair amount of weight.

As an exercise routine I find that it pushes me and provides me with what i need.However when I brought is a couple of years ago (it was released in 2010, it also offered a full online support package. Essentially it took all the information it collected, heart rate, calories burnt etc and put them on my own website to look at. Being honest I didn’t use the website very often, but when I turned on EA Sports Active the other day, I had a message that said the online service had been turned off.

I was struck how a feature of a game, that is still fully available for purchase, can be just turned off. So many of the games we play are reliant now on some form of online service, which are very much at the whim of the publisher. Yes we probably are in the minority that use these online services but still promises are being made by the game box on the shelf, regardless of the current user base. Is it unfair? yeah I think it is

I guess that there isn’t a fat lot that any gamer can do about it, just have to be careful about the choices that we make.

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