Friday, 4 May 2012

Elder Scrolls Online

Well, this first trailer for Elder Scrolls Online doesn't give away alot of information does it. I must admit though I do have high hopes for this game to bring something a little different to the MMO table.

I was always a fan of Morrowind but I must confess to loosing a little interest when Oblivion took the open world an laid a little more structure down in it. By the nature of an MMO though this game should play more like Morrowind.

The idea of a game like Morrowind or Skyrim but in an MMO format does do quite a bit to tickle my interest and to be honest I find it hard to see how they can put a foot wrong with this one.

Also, The title image to this post was an intentional action but i can see how you could confuse the two, they are after all artistically so similar (lol)

Lets hope we see more information soon.

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