Sunday, 13 May 2012

My disappointment is no Secret

Following on from my last post, thanks to some serious effort by my wife, I  got into the Secret World beta. I have been looking forward to trying the game. They have been making some bold claims about an unique modern day setting, puzzles to solve and a level free experience system. So the question I have is after just a couple of hours play, why do neither me or my wife want to play any more?

I think it is largely down to the game's attempts to create an atmosphere. The beginning is quite interesting, playing as a Templar (there are 3 factions, Templars, Illuminati and Dragons) it puts you in a reasonably attractive and stylised version of London. It is here that you get to choose your skillset. Essentially you pick a weapon or magic type, and the more you use it, the more skills you unlock. This is essentially the levelling in the game. From what I could see there was no reason why you couldn't level up multiple different skill sets. Up to this point everything seemed ok, if unspectacular, even the voice acting (of which there is a decent amount, but not everything is voiced) was pretty good.

We are given our first mission, to go and investigate a mysterious outbreak in a town called Kingsmouth in New England. We take the secret magical passageway (OK that was pretty cool) there, and we discover a small fishing town besieged by zombies and similar monsters. It was at this point that any hope I had that Secret Worlds would be different shrivelled up and started crying in the corner. We fought to the centre of the town (groups of zombies attacked us and we clicked on the zombie and pressed number keys until it was dead), and found the sheriff (quest giver) and her men hold up in the police station (quest hub). So we picked up the quests which were little more than go to a place and find something or kill something.
We continued on and found that we had different quests to each other. We discovered that you can only have 4 quests (despite plenty being on offer) at a time and if you pick up a new one it abandons an old one. In fact the whole interface was a little cumbersome, though I assume there is time to fix things. We persisted  for another hour until we admitted to each other that we were bored. It seemed such a shame, as clearly a lot of attention had gone into creating this town. It looked great and had a wonderfully creepy vibe to it, one that was largely ruined by zombies running up to you every minute. Maybe I am being harsh but yet again I have hoped for something a bit different and here I am, with that same disappointed/slightly sad feeling.

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Lady Fleata said...

I truly was disappointed with it after having such an excited week before of battling in the secret war to get beta access for myself. Actually playing the Beta left me really rather cold and well bored. The setting is good the premise is good, but the execution just seemed tab - target- dead, tab - target - dead, tab etc....
after coming from Bioware's SWTOR which is by no means flawless, I just felt the non interaction with NPC's the, no really feeling of this is MY story really felt like a chasm that needed filling.
I can forgive SWTOR for its shit MMO and Generic hotkey combat because of the stories and interaction with NPCS and decent quests that really make it feel like my bad ass, damn evil kill you soon as look at you Sith Sorceress is my own.
I cant forgive funcoms generic hotkey combat and non npc interaction and lack of MY story just because there is no lvling and its set in a modern day world.
Same as I coudnt forgive TERA amazing twitch combat because of its really shit non exsistant story, no nps interaction
and go here kill 10x or 10x for 5y quests.

Its story and npc interaction that drives me, thats why I loved Dragon Age: Origins (not DA2) and ME2 (and not ME3).
Why cant I have a TERA style combat with a SWTOR story and NPC interaction AND TSW's non lvling /skill system MMORPG or better yet RPGMMO.
I hold out no hopes for TESO after seeing the first few screenshots of a very WoW looking game generic game.

I still have hopes for GW2