Sunday, 27 May 2012

Passion is always a good thing



fish[2]I have just gotten back from the MCM Expo in London, I am totally shattered but had a truly wonderful time. My wife won tickets from a games website, and even though London is a fair distance from us, we decided to go. For those of you that don't know this is the London Comic Con, not  anywhere near the size of the American con's, but probably the biggest affair in Britain (and probably Europe). Like Hex, I too am a pretty big comic fan, and have been for fair bit longer than he has.

DSCF1279I don't intend to blog about comics now or in the future,  there were however, some games at the expo. I got a decent look at Aliens: Colonial Marines, which I am pretty excited about, and saw a few other bits of game stuff; Steel Battalion, Lollipop Chainsaw, to name a few. However that’s not what I wanted to tell you about. What really amazed me was the Cosplayers. Having been to the Birmingham Comic Con last year I expected there to be a few DSCF1234cosplayers in London, however I was unprepared for the sheer number of them. It is no exaggeration to say there were hundreds of them, I would say about a third of people had dressed up. These costumes ranged from the fairly simple, there were at least 5 pairs of Ash and Misty from Pokemon and tons of Pikachu, My Little Pony outfits, to the horrifically complicated and awesome.

We were so in awe of these people, that after we had gone around the floor in the morning (OK yes I may have spent some money), that we spent the afternoon outside chatting to people, enjoying the sights and sounds. I should point out that, as my sunburn will confirm, it was a really hot day but even this DSCF1237didn’t quell the enthusiasm shown by the cosplayers. I felt a little shamed by my lack of effort (jeans, a flash t-shirt and my superman converse), so in the morning I purchased a pair of goggles and wore them all day Digimon style, like a boss!

All these cosplayers, from the field of anime, games and films to Steampunk, were all there because they had a passion. Some people might write them off as geeks and nerds, and I am sure a few of them wouldn’t deny it. However, to those people I would say, What have you got in life that you are passionate about? What do you have that you are willing to put time and money and effort into, not for some monetary reward or prize, just for the joy of it?

I know that I asked myself these questions and I thought that doing this blog was me making an effort to be creative and express myself. However when I looked around on that sunny afternoon, it felt inadequate at best. I will tell you this for a certainty, I will be there next year, and I intend to wear something a bit more elaborate than jeans and a t-shirt. The Wife too!

For many many more pictures click here, warning there are some of me and the wife.

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