Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sigh what a bonus

Still playing TOR and still really enjoying it. However I have notice one thing that is really getting on my nerves. A lot of missions ask you to go to a place for one well explained and voice acted reason or another. So you get to the area and you tackle the enemies in your way. And magically a little bit of text pops up that there is a bonus to this mission, of killing so many of the enemy. Generally the number you have to kill is very close to, or under the number you would have to kill to complete your objective anyway.

It is not the fact that I have to defeat enemied that annoys me, it is the fact that it is still a requirement, even though it is optional. For a game that focuses so strongly on narrative and role playing, it is quite immersion breaking. You never play Dragon Age, or Witcher, or Sykrim or indeed Mass Effect, and have it suggest that as you are here anyway, you might as well kill exactly 12 enemies. Yes I understand that I will probably end up having to kill those 12 enemies anyway, so why are you suggesting that I do it, it makes no sense. Everytime a bonus kill count pops up, I suddenly feel a lot less like a awesome sith warrior exploring the galaxy and more like a dude playing a video game in his pants (pants are optional).

I know creating immersion in an mmo is always going to be a bit of an uphill struggle, but it is little things like this that don't do the game any favours. Other than that still very much enjoying the game, having gained 12 levels since the last blog. I have really grown to love the companion system and have been working hard at making my favourite companion like me. There are minor benefits to them liking you, but I have been doing it purely because the companion character has been so lovingly crafted I feel genuinely invested in their well being. That is a side were Bioware have succeeded in meshing the mmo and the rpg with far better results.

But I am still fearful that come the end of the class quests (that being the end, not hitting the max level of the character), the game will become significantly less interesting. Though given the competition around in the mmo market, The Old Republic still stands well above it's competitors. With another 3 or 4 high profile mmo's around the corner (though I certainly don't think it has anything to fear from Tera), I don't think that Bioware can be as slow with the updates as they have been. They need to be giving their subscribers constant reasons to keep logging in and playing. Adding raids and pvp is all well and good, but from a personal point of view, they need to keep adding more story.

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