Monday, 11 June 2012

Just playing the games.

Some times I go through phases where all I want to do is share my opinions about games in the form of blogs (that's how QuestHard was born) when I am in this mood I literally begin forming thoughts about a game as it loads and have even been known to jot down first impressions as I play through something but then, like now, I go through phases of just wanting to play stuff and give no real thought to its technical or stylish choices or performance. 

Oddly I think that I got into this mood by playing Diablo 3. Everyone was talking about it when I picked it up and I began to feel like there was nothing new that I could offer in the way of opinions. I did however throw my thoughts out there but felt like I was doing it out of habit more than desire. 
When get into the mood to play and enjoy without blogging I find myself gravitating to the simple games 'Bit Trip Runner' is one that I have spent for more time than expected with. Mirecraft on half my screen and a movie on the other half is also a current indulgence when I'm not watching a movie and playing Angry Birds Space (the best of all the Angry Birds)

What I have noticed though is that I haven't been logging into MMO's either while I have been in this mood,  maybe the moment I fire up TOR my eyes will roll back and I'll scream "screw Bit Trip, I need to write about EA Customer services!" 

for the moment though I'll just enjoy those simpler titles and wondering about in my pants (Too much information?) 

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